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Located near the Delta Quadrant terminus of the Geroch Wormhole lies one of the Federation's greatest centers of scientific and engineering research. Sentinel Station hovers above one aperture of the Hope One Dyson Sphere; an ancient construct enclosing a white dwarf star and having an interior surface equivalent to millions of worlds. No greater engineering marvel has ever been known.

Based on a combination of myth and historical records, the star at it's heart, Saepio (a name of Johvan origin), disappeared from the sky approximately 2,500 years ago. A species known as the Builders consumed all of the planetary matter within the star system to build the sphere. The sphere is inhabited by at least three distinct species: Johvan, Kharian and Lacosian. All were species native to planets now lost to time and utilized in the construction of the sphere. The original Builders departed the sphere 2,500 years ago with no clear explanation of the purpose for their great work or...where they went.

The original station, founded in 2393 under Captain Rhianna Bard, established the United Federation of Planets as a leader in scientific study in the Delta Quadrant. The current Sentinel Station is an older Watchtower-class facility with the singular goal of coordinating the study of the sphere, it's inhabitants, and it's construction.

The United Federation of Planets, however, is not alone in exploring the Delta Quadrant. Elements of the Romulan Star Empire, Klingon Empire, Orion Syndicate and other Alpha and Beta Quadrant jurisdictions also actively explore and colonize the Delta Quadrant. The Delta Freedom Alliance is modeled on the original Federation Charter of peaceful exploration that includes Delta Quadrant natives, persons of Federation origin and others that feel the DFA is the best hope for a peaceful, prosperous society. Although much diminished, the Nal'Gaharay remain a subversive terrorist organization with a mandate to expel those not native to the Delta Quadrant.

Star Trek: Borderlands is a play-by-email roleplaying community started in 1993. For more than 20 years, fans of Star Trek have come together to write their own stories of exploration, conflict, friendship, victory and defeat. Outpost Hope One welcomes anyone looking to explore the edge of human understanding in the fields of engineering, physical sciences and humanities.

SS Seiklon Axel

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Seiklon Axel is a privately operated cargo transport ship. Employed in the vicinity of Outpost Hope One, it's crew spends time aboard Sentinel Station. Seiklon Axel and her crew are occassionally employed by Starfleet to perform a variety of tasks unsuitable to a ship-of-the-line.The ability to hold a tractor beam and extend it's warp field allow transport of large objects at low warp; a unique capability amongst transport vessels.

Seiklon Axel is a fellow member of Star Trek Borderlands, one of several duty stations. The crew of Axel spend some of their time aboard Sentinel Station.

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