Captain's Log — 2008

December 2008

War has come again to the Dyson’s Sphere, known as Hope One. The Kharian Empire has declared war on and attacked the newly discovered Lacosian people. The Jovhan Democratic Cooperative is overtly concerned with protecting themselves, but covertly wishes to broaden the conflict to include the Federation, there by causing all their enemies and intruders within the Sphere to annihilate themselves leaving the Jovhans to sole occupants of the Sphere.

Brigadier General John Henry Bearkiller has had to organize and mobilize all available resources to protect and defend Federation interests inside and outside the Sphere. He has promoted and assigned Commander Selak of Vulcan to the position of Commanding Officer, of Sentinel Station. Major Jonathan Matthews, has been assigned to the position of Executive Officer as part of the Joint Forces Command Program. Colonel Lars Hutchinson has been assigned to Command a Task Force of Starfleet ships and Marine Corps units tasked with maintaining the safety and security of the civilian shipping lanes to and from the Sphere.

Character Notes

I am going to be playing Commander Selak of Vulcan as my primary character on Hope One for the next year, in a story arc that will span the year and will end on January 3rd 2010. I am doing this to honor my friend Andy. It has been a year since his death in Iraq . He will be missed and I would like to honor his memory by having Commander Selak of Vulcan have a turn in the ‘Big Chair’ for old time sake. “Andrew, I hope I will do Selak justice.” And “Please lord, don’t let me screw this up!”

Selak of Vulcan
Commander, Starfleet
Commanding Officer, Sentinel Station
Outpost Hope One

"I am leaving this message for you because it appears I must leave sooner than I intended. I would have preferred to say this in person, but since I cannot, let me say it here."
—G'Kar, Babylon 5

"Oh and I don't want to die for you, but if dying's asked of me;
I'll bear that cross with honor, 'cause freedom don't come free."
—American Soldier, Toby Keith

In Loving Memory of Andrew Olmstead
Major, United States Army
Killed In Action: January 3rd, 2008
Diyala Province, Iraq

November 2008

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October 2008

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September 2008

On it's return to the Dyson Sphere (that is Hope One) a Planet suddenly appeared just outside the sphere and The USS Hunter sent Marines to the planet's surface to investigate. Over the first night, those on the "Dark Side" died mysteriously, and Marines on the Daylit side had no problems. While the nature of the deaths was medically easy to determine, the actual cause remains unknown. The players have been tasked with investigating the "new" planet to determine it's nature.

The Cardassians and Romulans have been complicating matters for the Federation. Hope One's CO declared the planet under Quarantine, but 200 Cardassian Colonists (Bound originally for Copernicus Station in the sphere) were were unceremoniously dumped on it's surface by a Ferengi transport captain, who was spooked by a Romulan Vessel that had "only come by" to assist their Fereration counterparts in enforcing the Quarantine.

The earlier loss of all lives of a Marine Platoon on the "Dark Side" of the planet, Has spurred a Scientific Investigation to determine the true cause of the odd deaths.

Federation News Service Bulletin

Just hours ago the Chhashra I'tauk, or Prank Fleet, left Hope 1, reportedly looking for a new group to prank. The Chhashra have been tormenting Hope 1 and its inhabitants for months, utilizing some sort of Phased-Cloaking Devices and Folded-Space Transporters to bypass any and all Security measures and play practical jokes on anyone and everyone.

No serious injuries were reported, although the use of Counseling Services increased by several thousand percent as hundreds if not thousands required psychiatric assistance in dealing with the aftermath of these cruel jokes.

The Chhashra's indiscriminate targeting of all beings within the Sphere brought the various inhabitants together in a temporary alliance to persuade the Chhashra to leave. That alliance has now apparently been successful.

Residents were shocked when the alliance's efforts abruptly decloaked the Chhashra I'tauk, revealing the previously unseen presence of 3,482 Chhashra ships, carrying an unknown number of pranksters. Alliance ships were noted darting among the I'tauk, emitting powerful energy signatures, but the exact method used to persuade the Chhashra to depart remains undisclosed.

Nonetheless, the I'tauk was seen to depart, phasing through the outer wall of the sphere before jumping to Warp. The residents of Hope 1 breathed a sigh of relief as the nightmare of humor ended.

Lieutenant Commander Hrath, Executive Officer of Sentinel Station, made the following statement for the press: "The Chhashra departure was the result of a joint operation by Starfleet, our Romulan allies, and the Cardassian contingent of Hope 1. We also received valuable aid from Bio-Gen Delta, Copernicus Corporation, and Syntax Enterprises. We at Sentinel Station are glad to put this difficult and bizarre period behind us, and we hope that this successful joint operation will strengthen the ties between the Federation and other groups here at Hope 1." The Commander declined to answer any questions.


We had a change of command this month and have gone about making a few overdue promotions and position changes for our players. Our former CO and XO are both on LOA's and will return to play in the future. A seperate sub plot is brewing for them to explain their re-appearance later on, along with the stories those vets invent and bring home to Hope One when they can. Overall we are a healthy little group, enjoying the dynamics of game-play.

August 2008

The relentless Chhashra continued to play practical jokes of all kinds on the inhabitants of Hope 1. United by a common anger the Federation, Romulan, Cardassian and civilian residents joined in an attempt to rid themselves of these pests, but a great deal of effort yielded little progress.

Then the Lacosians revealed themselves. A maintainence race for the long-gone Builders, the Lacosians maintain the sphere, but suffer from a deadly genetic defect that is wiping out their species. Two representatives came covertly to Sentinel Station seeking aid, and found that their prior encounter with the Chhashra and knowledge of the Sphere gave them something to trade.

Utilizing their diverse abilities, those concerned with the Chhashra quickly rallied, spreading out to divert Chhashra attention and collect information on the aliens' cloaking frequencies. Meanwhile the Lacosians gave the residents access to sphere systems necessary to emit an energy burst from the Sphere sun (Saepio) of the proper size and frequency to disrupt the Chhashra cloak. In a cunning plan, the residents acquired an aerosol from Bio-Gen Delta - one specially formulated to act as a depressant on the ebulient Chhashra. The plan is to transport large amounts of the gas aboard the decloaked Chhashra ships, in effect pranking them back and proving that the residents of Hope 1 DO in fact have a sense of humor. The hope is that this will cause the Chhashra to search for new victims...but will the plan succeed?

July 2008

Sentinel Station has come together with the Cardassian Ambassador and the representatives of Copernicus Corporation and Syntax Enterprises to find a way to stop the Chhashra and their wave of practical jokes. Meanwhile, the reclusive Lacosians, created by the Builders as the maintenance-workers of the sphere, have emerged from their isolation to ask for help with a genetic defect they suffer from called the Rasp. General Bearkiller has declared First Contact Protocols for both encounters, although most personnel are looking much more benevolently upon the Lacosians than the Chhashra, as everyone has been the victim of a number of practical jokes.

June 2008

The practical jokes that have been plaguing the station have increased in severity, it started out just as items being suddenly gone to the sonic showers colouring the crew in all different colours. Recently it have taken a turn for the worse again, the gravity plating have been affected and also other major systems like the transporters, universal translators and replicators. The source of the practical jokes have still not been discovered but the crew are working as fast as they can and trying not to get stuck in some awkward situation.

There is also a major project in the works on Sentinel Station, with the Formation of the Sphere Consultive and Advisory Council the fruits of this cooperations is starting to show, and all the participants are working on this project.

May 2008

The crew finished repairing the damage to the sphere's Solar Energy Transfer Beam and returned to their stations for some down-time. The non-Federation merchants and ambassadors of Hope 1 have been busy cooking up business deals and relationships, while the Federation personnel welcomed the returning General Bearkiller after his highly-secret mission. Plans have begun to circulate in the Command Staff regarding building a ship to house and test the newly discovered Builder Drive. Unfortunately, the peace has been marred by a series of notably humorless practical jokes. The XO has begun cracking down on this unprofessional conduct, but the jokes have become more and more elaborate, many beginning to relate to high-level maintenance and computer security systems. Moreover, Internal Sensor evidence seems to show a high level of technical sophistication at work. Many are beginning to wonder if these are in fact simple pranks...

April 2008

As the residents of Hope 1 resumed their daily routines they were unaware that mercenaries with shadowy employres had entered the inner depths of the sphere. Routine was broken when the mercenaries failed in their mission to gain control of sphere systems, and instead scrambled the beam-down coordinates of the sphere's energy transfer beams, resulting in death raining from the sky. A diverse Away Team assembled to solve what they believed was a mere mechanical problem, but they were rudely disabused of that notion when the mercenaries detonated a bomb meant to kill them all. Fortunately emergency sphere systems teleported everyone out safely, but the scrambled computer sent them out in pairs separated by variable distances. Lost and isolated the various pairs had to deal with mercenaries attempting to hunt them down, hunger, thirst, and the security systems of a sphere that now erroneously labeled them enemies. Two security officers were lost, but most of the Away Team managed to reunite and is preparing to repair and leave the sphere. In addition, several officers are reporting having made amazing discoveries: a record of the Exodus path taken by the Builders when they left…and a working copy of the engine they used to travel unprecedented distances.

March 2008

The pace slowed down somewhat on Hope 1 as the crew relaxed after a rough anti-piracy mission. Relationships were developed and new friendships were formed. The break was capped by a promotion ceremony that affected Hope 1 veterans and newcomers alike. Elated the crew proceeded to celebrate in a long-planned party that rocked the Promenade (and ended with several crewmembers in beds not their own.) The party over the crew slowly recovered from the consumption of too much real alcohol, and is proceeding back to normal operations.

Federation News Service Bulletin

At a joint press conference announced only hours ago, representatives of all major powers currently in the Sphere (designated Hope 1 by the Federation) have announced that a Secret Emergency Summit meeting had been called following the recent Kharian-Johvani conflict. The Summit brought together representatives from the United Federation of Planets, the Johvani Democratic Cooperative, the Romulan Star Empire, the Cardassian Union and the Kharian Empire. In their press release the representatives announced the formation of a Sphere Consultive and Advisory Council, a body that will allow the governments of the various powers to communicate formally regarding relations within the sphere, as well as negotiate items of contention in the area.

Additionally the Council has been authorized by the various governments to conduct research into the technology and workings of the sphere. Due to past hostilities, the research will be conducted by private corporations, with contract terms determined and negotiated by the Council. The contracts will be funded by the United Federation of Planets, as it holds legal sovereignty over the area. However, all information except that the UFP deems vital to Sphere security will be released to the Johvani Democratic Cooperative, and a wide variety of data will be routinely declassified and distributed to the various member governments of the Council. The representatives declined to comment on whether private corporations would be given control of key sphere systems such as the Sphere doors or sun shields.

Experts have speculated that this move signals a resignation by the various governments of claims to universal jurisdiction over the sphere and its contents. However, the majority of the representatives at the conference declined to comment on this, and the JDC representative explicitly denied that it could be interpreted as such.

The Federation representative, Ambassador Rachel Mawksly, was secretly brought all the way from the Alpha Quadrant by fast courier to participate in these negotiations. She hailed the agreement as a precursor to a new era of peace and cooperation in the sphere. "Now that we have a venue for discussion of problems I'm confident that all items of contention can be worked out in a way that is beneficial to all parties." She also gave a good deal of credit to Ambassador Du Lac, former CO of Sentinel Station, the Federation Outpost in the area. "Ambassador Du Lac laid the ground-work for what we were able to achieve here today, and I know she will be overjoyed to learn of this agreement."

The Cardassian representative, Ambassador Kota Magar also saw the agreement as issuing in a new balance within the sphere. "The Cardassian people look forward to a both mutually beneficial and harmonious co-existence with the other powers." The Romulan, Johvani and Kharian representatives were not available for comment. Speculation is rife that Johvani Prime Minister Sorr was forced to that table by the recent wave of protests sparked by his attack on the Kharian ship KIN'VAELYN, an attack that resulted in the destruction of the Johvani Defense Fleet. Sorr negotiated in secret, and brought the Summit agreement to the Johvani Senate immediately before the press conference, where they approved his decision with a good deal of fanfare. Experts have opined that Sorr's position, although weakened by the recent unrest, was shored-up by his decision to broker a peace-deal. They point to the recent bill he pushed through the Senate, which authorized the rebuilding and modernization of the Johvani Defense Fleet, as proof that Sorr's grip on power is still firm.

As the new Sphere Consultive Council begins to create contracts to investigate the sphere and its technology, private corporations have begun preparing to bid on these contracts. In particular there is speculation that Copernicus Corporation and Bio-Gen Ltd.; the two major corporations with a significant presence in the sphere, may end up vying for the lucrative contracts. Bio-Gen Delta CEO Angelina Sharapova announced "Today we have been presented with the opportunity to bid on lucrative contracts within the Sphere itself. In an attempt to keep non-human interest from a monopoly on such contracts, Bio-Gen Delta Quadrant will take part in the procedure. It is our expressed hope to further the development of Genetic solutions to human problems by participating in this unique opportunity." It is unknown if Bio-Gen is referring only to contracts regarding Builder genetic engineering technology, or if this move heralds a shift of the focus of the company. Copernicus Corportation representatives could not be reached for comment.

February 2008

The battle for the pirate base comes to an end, with the Shivers leaving before they get destroyed and the Hunter cleaning up the rest of the pirates. In the Sphere the Kharian vessel finally makes itself known, with various reactions from the different factions in the sphere. It ends out with the newly created Jovhan fleet attacking the Kharian vessel. Shivers and Hunter return to the sphere and reunite with the crew on the station.

January 2008

The USS Hunter mission continues, the away mission managed to capture the pirate ship and renamed it SS Shivers. They found plans on the pirate base and a plan to attack it was created. The Hunter rescued the civilian freighter, handed it over to the Orion owners and then met up with the Shivers.

On the station a party is in the plannings, it is a joint cooperation between Starfleet/Marine Corp and the Copernicus Corperation. The Cardassians are still causing trouble and the Romulans has gone AWOL (not really, but they only left a battalion of legionaries in the embassy).

Also the Kharians have revealed themself again, planning on making their move against the Sphere.