Captain's Log — 2011

December 2011

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November 2011

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October 2011

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September 2011

The Gerosh wormhole has reappeared in the space between Talaxian and Kazon territory. On Sentinal Station, Maine, Sloan and their new Romulan ally T'Lallhave continue their work on upgrading the satellite systems on the station. The Francis Drake ran into some Kazon resistance which ended in a destructive fire fight and have answered the distress call of General John Henry Bearkiller. The USS Hunter has encountered a Borg damaged Kazon ship and is on route to join Federation assistance to the Romulans in fighting Borg.

August 2011

The USS Francis Drake and USS Hunter have left the station in search on the worm hole. General John Henry Bearkiller among the people trapped inside. Modified class 8 probes are to be used to search for the wormhole and also any other ships in the area searching. As informed by the Romulans, Commander Harrison is expecting Borg and/or Species 8472 interference. The crew from the Cromwell are starting to settle on Hope One, but current Starfleet officers remain skeptical.

July 2011

The Gerosh Wormhole has disappeared. 50 years before expected by Starfleet Command which makes Cmdr. Maines job has become increasingly more important. Col. Mathews has been sent on a mission by Starfleet Command and command of the Station has been given to newly promoted Commander Harrison. The wormholes disappearance is taken differently by everyone, some a lot more worried than others. The Romulans have offered their help to the Station but Cmdr. Harrison remains sceptical. Their are plans to send ships to investigate the wormhole area.


July has been an extraordinary month for Hope One in regards to new characters and unbelievable posting figures. The figures are the highest since August 2009 and show the determination of the players, new and old. The talent of the players named above is exceptional and gives Hope One some amazing depth. I believe that this is not just a one month wonder and Hope One has risen from its slump and will continue to rise.

July has also seen the resignation of Andrew Bisnett. He will be missed and knows he is welcome back at any time if he wishes.

June 2011

Colonel Mathews and Commander Harrison have finally been told the truth about Commander Maine. Commander Maine made a brash move by sending a probe from outside the station to try and prove a point about station safety. In doing so he only managed to anger Cmdr. Harrison. The Gerosh wormhole destabalised and Cmdr. Maines position on board the station is now more critical than ever.

May 2011

All departments continue to struggle with less personell. Commander Maine from the SCE continues to investigate the capabilities of the satelites surrounding Hope One. Harrison and Mathews are still unaware of any other reasons.

April 2011

Hope One is still suffering from the lack of personnel aboard the station. However, some support has been sent straight from the academy as new recruits begin to fill positions. A meeting took place to determine where each department has any problems and most seem to be doing fine, other than the obvious short staffing issue. The marines continue the repair efforts on the ships and appear to be on schedule. Commander Maine from the SCE has begun to investigate the capabilities of the satelites surrounding Hope One. Harrison and Mathews remain sceptical.

March 2011

Hope One is still recovering from the combined effort to retake Starbase Horizon. The Seventh Delta Fleet, based out of Sentinel Station, took severe casualties, and the station is stretched in its attempts to repair and restock the remainder of the fleet. Personnel and material shortages continue as needed resources are diverted elsewhere, but the crew soldiers on with what they have.

Meanwhile, the crew settles down and renews relationships that have withered in the climate of war. With the reopening of the sphere surface following the change in the Johvani government, Lt. Denniston leads an away team to the surface for scientific inquiry - and some unofficial R&R.


Things have obviously been slow over at Hope One, but we are in the midst of transitions. A/C and I have joined the command team and filled out our vacant slots on the council, and posting was already increasing at the tail end of the month and that has continued into the first few days of April. We have one newish player coming aboard as a marine, as well as Rich and Sandra pitching in to help us out. I am cautiously optimistic that by working together, all of us will be able to pull Hope One out of its slumps.

February 2011

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January 2011

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