Captain's Log — 2012

December 2012

The Rogue Vulcan Planetoid Yunara is about to be dealt with. On a collision course with the Hope One Dyson Sphere. A plan has been forged to disable it's engines and nudge it's course. Marines, Orions, Romulans. cardassians and basically everyone on the Station has a stake in keeping the Sphere from being impacted. During this month the Duty Station's primary characters were made aware of it's approach. Before this it was mostly the NPC's that knew.

Additional Comments

Pillaging the Ancient Secrets of the Sphere has largely been put on hold but continues to be a backdrop that will develop into our next plot which will focus largely on the Sphere's "inner space" and history, and it's inhabitants, past and present.

Segment of the Month

"We could cut it up! Chop it like a Chrisss-mas goose! Slice and dice!" Bella jumped up with excitement, waving the fork around.

"No. You cannot have the planet." Shahra glanced at Fred and then back towards Belle and Sazz and their child-like antics with a frown. "And it's not mine to give." Who were these people?

"Just the leader of the Lacosians and his right hand .... Man?" Fred stared at the Lacosians, "It's hard to tell without medical examination I suppose. I hope we don't need to go there....""

—AM, Lori & Kait—Shahra meets the Lacosians, a local race and the caretakers of the Sphere

November 2012

There are several sub-plots afoot at Hope One, but one overall primary plot which involves a now rogue planetoid, an old Vulcan generation-ship dating back to the time before Surak and the departure of the Vulcans that would later found the Romulan Star Empire. This ship is a hollowed out dwarf planet fitted with Photonic Engines, engines which take a long time to speed up or slow down. Traveling at near light speed, it has been heading for the Star called Saepio for a long, long time. It was designed to use the light of that star and gravitic capture to slow and orbit its chosen home. The trouble is - the Builders built a Dyson Sphere around that star long ago, the one we call the Hope One Dyson Sphere today (2412). So instead of gliding into is comfy and intended orbit, it's going to collide. This group of Vulcans revere their ancestors and their (more than) 2 millenia old plan and never developed the paths of logic, rather they developed a legalistic system that governs nearly every thought and action of their daily lives. The needs of the laws of Physics, outweigh the needs of these Vulcans, just his once.

We can't let them destroy our happy home, and the Vulcans involved don't have the ability to change course and avoid colliding with the Sphere. All the players will have to work together to save themselves from the coming catastrophe, whether they be Starfleet, Fed Marines or Civilians.

Meanwhile, Ancient technology is being discovered in the Sphere and claims are being made to it by various groups, both civilian and Federation claims, Even one of the Sphere's local races, the Johvan, has staked a claim. The town of Roswell, formerly inhabited by mental patients was depopulated by a Borg retrovirus which turned the resident loons into "Resident Evil" zombi-like cretins, who (all except for 3 specimens) had to be destroyed. Newcomers to Hope One Tessa and Ginger struck a largely unspecified yet lucrative deal with Copernicus Corporation that will gain some significance. The Orion Syndicate and the Resident Romulan 10th Tal Shi'ar are working together poorly, trying to keep and discover each other's secrets. Cardassian intrigue was spurred when Grepht met with the Current Cardassian Ambassador.Takar's giving birth, Romanov's sorting through the ashes of Roswell, The Marines are moving their assets, The station is being repaired and all the characters are in the process of finding out that we're all going to die. Kharia and the Kharian empire may soon stir, The Johvan are going to grow up a bit and the Lacosians never will.

Additional Comments

Welcome new players Carol and Kait who are finding their way into the storylines as they go. I think everyone participated in the posting this month and there are a slew of open tags and stories that are all intertwined somehow or another. It was heartening to see the group stir together and everyone is contributing and setting up their thoughts for this new month now.

Quote of the Month

"Dumb luck doesn't seem to be a good strategy to pursue when talking about the survival of your species."
—as one of the Johvan explains to Sergeant Major Zhao (Tim Tsai) why the Johvan never really militarized to protect themselves from other starfaring races...

October 2012

General Bearkiller is currently meeting with the Johvan Prime Minister and Ambassador Morgana to discuss an incedient with Johvan nationals detained during the reactivation of Camp Gor'Vosh.

The marines at Camp Gor'Vosh are trying to keep peace with the Johvans and coordinating the relief effort.

In a Halloween moment, the inhabitants of Roswell became infected with a virus that turned them into zombies....more to follow there.

The former CO (CDR John Harrison) is a Kharian slave and will be made to fight as a gladiator.

A dangerous new Cardassian has arrived, bringing with her trouble & two other newcomers are set to stir up things. With all the arms dealers, freelancers and people with their own agendas it will be an exciting time at Hope 1

September 2012

General Bearkiller has assumed full operational command of Outpost Hope One. He has not as yet made any position or operational changes. He is currently meeting with the Johvan Prime Minister and Ambassador Morgana to discuss an incedient with Johvan nationals detained during the reactivation of Camp Gor'Vosh.

The former CO (CDR John Harrison) is a Breen prisoner and was sold to the Kharians, along with the crew. He continues to beheld prisoner and is forced to fight for his life literally as a Gladiator.

The marines at Camp Gor'Vosh are trying to keep peace with the Johvans and coordinating the relief effort. The Johvan capital was severely damaged by the Breen, leaving many without food or shelter.

The Roswell situation has boiled over into a free for all. General Bearkiller has only just been made aware of the situation. He has not taken action yet, but there will be some action taken soon.

Additional Comments

The crew continues to gel, building on the contributions of Anna, Terry and other. AM said it before any I will it again, OH1 wouldn't be the strong DS it is without everyone's contribution, especially those who keep the other writers enthusiastic and wanting to post. Frankly I could just list everyone - you all keep this DS a fun place to write.

August 2012

OH1 is recovering from the Breen attack and things are slowly returning to normal. Brigadier General John Henry Bearkiller is now CO. Sentinel Station is being repaired and LtC Natei Ral has joined Engineering as part of an officer exchange.

The former CO (CDR John Harrison) is a Breen prisoner and was sold to the Kharians, along with the crew.

The marines at Camp Gor'Vosh are trying to keep peace with the Johvans and coordinating the relief effort. The Johvan capital was severely damaged by the Breen, leaving many without food or shelter.

The Roswell locals continue to cause problems - considering the Orions and Cardassians want to get their hands on Builder ruins right near the settlement. Added to which, an assassin (or two) from the Company is hiding in the colony and causing problems.

Additional Comments

Another month of good posting, boosted by newcomers like Anna and Terry. OH1 wouldn't be the strong DS it is without everyone's contribution, especially those who keep the other writers enthusiastic and wanting to post. Frankly I could just list everyone - you all keep this DS a fun place to write. I just have to finish by mentioning that this month A/C recognized Lil's contributions as MVP - which was well deserved.

Player of the Month

As CO, it is my responsiblity to keep things running as smoothly as possible on this duty station. This can be an agrivating and thankless job in the best of times, and in the worst of times it can be... Well, we won't go into that. One of the things, that makes this game, and particularlly this job fun, is the opportunity to call out good players and recognize them for their efforts, talents, and sheer bravado to call'em like they see them.

As some of you know, I have been playing this game since 1999. A dearly departed friend of my turned me on to this game. I have played on two dutystions, Starbase Horizon, and Outpost Hope One. I have had the fortune to play with the best people and writers around the web. They have been intelligent, creative, and passionate about writing, science fiction, and the culture that is Star Trek. I want to take this opportunity, to issue an award that I have not often bestowed before, to get this award, IMHO you have to simply change the game. We have a player that has single handedly changed the game for us all here on Hope One.

So without further ado, I officially recognize and award Lillian Helton as the first Most Valuable Player for 2412. That's right, Lil, you are our most valuable players. You play some many characters for us, that it is is next to impossible to decide which are Primary or Secondary, or PC or NPC. I have not decided yet how many MVP's I am going to award, but the bar is set pretty high for the rest of you.

Please join me, in giving well deserved round of applause for our MVP Lil!!!!!!!!!!!!

July 2012

The Breen have attacked Sentinel Station, causing damage and fired on several Federation ships. They also tried to destroy the solar shield around Saepio . The loss of the solar shield is being welcomed by some Johvan but is likely to be a long term problem. The USS Francis Drake was damaged by both the solar flare and debris: and when it's shields went down the Breen captured all the bridge crew. The former CO (CDR John Harrison) is now a Breen prisoner and due to be sold for a good price.

Brigadier General John Henry Bearkiller is now CO and coordinating the defence of Hope 1.

The remaining Federation ships are putting up a good fight and marines have taken over the Drake to get it battle-ready again.

Camp Gor'Vosh on the Sphere is fully functional and set to give the Breen a nasty surprise. In another surprise, several Johvan locals were caught trespassing and are in the brig.

On the civilian front, Tobin Al'Rasgul, Magar and Zoss returned from the sphere, with a souvenir of builder technology. Most civilians are currently evacuated to the sphere... however a small colony of locals in Roswell are causing a few headaches.

Additional Comments

Posting has been consistently strong and good, with a quiet spot around July 4th of course: and August is already shaping up to be a good month. We have two welcome newcomers this month: Robert and Anna. Hope 1 is lucky to have a strong team of writers: and people who will take plots and run with them. That is what makes it fun to write here, so thanks to everyone here for another great month.

I went looking for information, and I discovered something very interesting. Outpost Hope One turned 13 years old. The yahoogroups list was created on August 4th, 1999 after the split of the UFPI, by none other than Tom Bateman. I first posted to this list on August 30th, 1999 with then 1st Lieutenant Lars Hutchinson.

Here were are 13 years and 15,656 posts later and the duty station is still here. I salute all the present and past players that have made this such a wonderful place to play. A round of applause for everyone of you!!!!!!


June 2012

Events on the sphere with the new aliens ended badly in a diplomatic mess - since the Ilyria are anything but diplomatic. Dr. Butler was left to pick up the pieces - and look after her newly acquired fledglings. The Lacosians have proved helpful, if occassionally annoying or enigmatic: and they will help to sort this all out as the old plot draws to a close.

On the civilian front, Tobin Al'Ragul, Magar and Zoss made a secret and probably illegal trip to the sphere to try to steal - ahem, acquire - Builder technology. Right now they are surrounded by biomechanical creatures...who could turn very nasty if provoked.

COS Anun La'Steir's son has been kidnapped, following a prank played by the boy. Since Lance is an unrepentant brat a lot of people could be responsible for the abduction...Athena, Takar, to name a few. The station kids for once are trying to help the situation as much as they can.

The Breen are now at war with the Federation, and several Romulan ships (and one Cardassian) are attempting to stop the Breen from reaching Hope 1. Every available Federation ship is being readied for battle, and the Department Heads (Trask, Devlin, Hutch, et al.) are meeting in CNC to plan their defence of Sentinel Station. One of these, Lord Flashheart (aka Ruhrik) may need to defend himself from the ladies if he is not careful and provokes them ;)

If that wasn't enough to summarize: camp Gor'Vosh on the Sphere is being cleaned up after years of neglect. Federation Marines (Halloway, Nikki, Mae, Zhao) are reestablishing a presence on the Sphere. How the Johvan and Kharian will react to this is anyone's guess.

Additional Comments

These last two months have seen a change in leadership which is still being played out in game. Posting has been consistently strong and good, and July is already shaping up to be a good month. Kudos to Josh and Lil for stirring things up - and the welcome return of Tim has kept Hope 1 a strong DS. We are a good team however and would not function without a solid team of players - you know who you are (Rob, Deb, Matt, Thorsten, Beth...). If I've forgotten anyone I apologize and you can send a vole to bite me;)

May 2012

No Captain's Log

April 2012

The Federation away team has made first contact with the new aliens, who are a lovely race of sociopaths. The situation is proving to be more risky than they first thought, and promises to turn nasty very soon.

The Bainbridge survivors are starting to pick up where they left off ten years ago, which also is swelling the ranks of the Marines at Hope 1.

The Shutterbug club kids continue to stir up trouble, and are being helped by Lance La'Steir, resident brat.

In a fun sub plot, Tobin Al'rasgal and a team from Copernicus have been investigating the new life forms sphere side and possibly found Bigfoot in the process.

March 2012

New lifeforms continue to appear on the sphere: including different dinosaurs and an alien race that promises to cause problems. A Federation away team has been dispatched to check it out... however the shuttle has attracted the attention of a pterosaur: which should give the pilot (Flashheart) a run for his money. Athena continues to dodge the maneuverings of Flashheart and is plotting a bit of payback on behalf of many females with a grudge against the man. The diplomats are attempting diplomacy with an Orion newcomer (Al'rasgal), who is also very interested in the developments sphere-side and is taking his own team down.

The Bainbridge crew who were being detained (unlawfully) have been rescued, however not without some losses.

Investigations into the death of Laro have brought T'Para back to Sentinel Station: so far there are more questions than answers. In the meantime those who loved her continue to grieve.

This month children are taking over the promenade: a development lead by the kids of the Shutterbug club. In fact children are everywhere: including Bearkiller and Anun's respective families. Even Takar and Broque are soon-to-be parents…although Takar has a serious dread that they will turn the nursery pink just to annoy her. So Sentinel Station is becoming a kid-friendly zone.


Posting went through the roof this month thanks largely to the return of Josh and Lil. This stirred up posting from everyone and I think we all had a lot of fun in the process. April is already shaping up to be a good month, so I encourage everyone to keep it up. Keep posting, keep tagging, keep having fun: that's what we are here for isn't it?

February 2012

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