Captain's Log — 2013

December 2013

Sentinel Station proved to have even more damage than was first expected from the mysterious event. The whole power grid of the station faced surges that could not be managed, leading to exploding conduits throughout. The result is a station that has had to be abandoned in order to save lives. The surviving crew and residents will need to transition to temporary quarters while the station is rebuilt. With the loss of the station’s CO, a new commanding officer will have to be appointed. He will have also to start selecting his command team since most of the previous members were lost in recent events, as well.

The marine transport U.S.S. Hunter has been sent out to lead the recovery fleet to start collecting escape pods and other vessels commandeered for removing everyone from the station. Captain Dinae Vermandois has started briefing three new members of Sentinel Station’s crew on what is happening so they can assist in the recovery. They have all enlisted the medical teams who have started receiving survivors in the docking and cargo bays.

Tobin al-Rasgal, who was returning to the station aboard the Rose of Andor, has contact the Hunger, offering his assistance, though with his usual sense of antagonistic humor. The Hunter’s XO was willing to take the offer, though ended the conversation with a great deal of frustration. They have started being aboard survivors.

Behind the Scenes

After completing a careful census of the players to see who was still involved, the command team has transferred gameplay to a new electronic mailing list (sentinelstation@yahoogroups.com). This will allow for a subconscious new beginning with only current players being subscribed to the list. The census has also allowed the command team to see what positions are truly filled so attempts can be made to actively recruit to fill the available positions. Sadly, the decks have been cleared, but the hope is that the clearer knowledge of who is really playing will allow for a really strong level of recruitment.

Subject Heading of the Month

2413.12.24.01 MARB Cliona "Bald, Sassy, And Sexy"
— by Lisa

Post of the Month

2413.12.30.01 - Blue Rose - Al-Rasgal “Nice Kitteh”
— Gotta love the combination of humor and formality in this one. Great job, Josh!

Player of the Month

Lisa for diving right in and hitting a record number of posts in her first month.

November 2013

As the survivors on Sentinel Station are still working on recovering from the mysterious explosion that rocked the station, basically crippling it to the point that it will require more than repairs, Clover Squad is working on trying to identify what might have caused the explosion. As of yet, little information has started to help solve that mystery.

Behind the Scenes

It has been a really slow month for posting. This has largely been due to the transition of the command team. Tim has now officially stepped down, allowing Tom to take over CO positions and AJ to take over as XO.

A plan has been organized to focus on creating a new email list to use as the basis of the game. This is largely because the leadership changes over time have left no one an actual administrator of the list, limiting access and control of the content. While the old list will be maintained as an archive, the hope is the new list will help solve some of the problems related to access.

Transferring the player subscriptions to the new list will hopefully allow a more thorough census of active players and roles so the new leadership team can focus on what is open with their recruiting plans.

October 2013

Semtinel Station has been rocked by some sort of disaster that has left the station barely operational and a large number of injuries and deaths. No one seems to remember what happened to cause all of the havoc as they come back to consciousness. Upon checking the logs, Captain Rho, who has seemingly awakened from the dead in Sickbay has come to realize that the warp core has been set to self-destruct. LtCdr Ares has been sent to try and resolve the problem before what remains of the station is totally destroyed. At the moment, the only option seems to be ejecting the core.

Meanwhile in CnC, LtCdr Theophilus and Lt. Doniphan are doing what they can to coordinate repair, recovery, and rescue teams. At least, that is what they were doing prior to being given the order to evacuate the station. Word has also come in from the diplomatic ring that a group of teenagers visiting the area on a field trip have been trapped there. Their teacher is among the injured. For now, it is up to them to save themselves, but there might be some help coming in the form of the Federation Ambassador.

Will the destruction of the warp core take out what is left of the Station? Will our gallant crew survive to pick up the pieces and rebuild? Find out next month...

Player of the Month

Debora C. for all of her busy posting. She used both of her characters to really keep the story moving forward.

September 2013

No Captain's Log

Behind the Scenes

We've initiated a plot re-set with everyone waking up aboard a battered Sentinel Station with no memory of what's going on.

In other news, Tom Bateman has agreed to take over as the new XO and will be taking my place as the new CO once I leave in about six months' time. Aaron Coutu is currently in training to be the XO when I leave and will become the full XO when the changeover happens.

August 2013

Captain Rho has taken a group of the newer officers on a survey mission where they will drop buoys near the debris field of the recently-destroyed solar shield. The purpose of the mission was to drop sensors that would aid in the detection of Kharian vessels, but they will soon discover something more...

Meanwhile, General Bearkiller leads a marine task force to confront three approaching Borg cubes. Despite the quantum leaps in technology the Federation has made recently, tangling with the Borg is never an easy task, and Captain Rho has the station's sensors anxiously trained on the action.

On the personal plot level, two new marine pilots fresh from the academy begin discovering the colorful side of Sentinel Station, aided by our resident Cardassian population. Additionally, the arrival of a soong-type android has given the science department a much-needed boost. Captain Rho, keen on testing the newest additions to his officer staff, promptly whisks them away on the survey mission before they can get too comfortable.


Our lists have swelled in recent weeks with the return of AM, Josh, Kait, and Lil. Additionally, many kudos go out to Lil who went out on Yahoo answers and found Anthony, an old UFPI player, and brought him aboard. We extend both a warm welcome to Anthony and a hearty congratulations to Lil for going out to recruit for the DS.

July 2013

The Kharians continue to approach OH1 and the team struggles with what to do upon their arrival. The marines under General Bearkiller have sent out an expeditionary force to greet the Kharians as a new CO, XO, and several department heads arrive to find their work cut out for them on their new assignments.

Status Report

We were happy to welcome aboard David as a new player, and continue to develop the new players who are still with us.

June 2013

No Captain's Log

May 2013

During this month we wrapped some of the action on Kronus, although the fighting continues there.

The Borg continue to 'harvest' the Kharian worlds and refugees are on their way to the Sphere. The Johvan have not yet reacted but will soon.

Anun is in sickbay, unaware of the drama back in Macdonalds: the embassy is set to get a huge bill. Seren remains in the brig and is being blackmailed into helping the Federation.

The arrival of a new tactical officer looks set to shake things up.

And a partial explanation for Fred Bliss was provided by Ximinez, which possibly created more confusion.

April 2013

During this month we had much of the action occuring on a nearby planet, Kronus, named for an old Greek diety? At least this race is cannon Trek and one of our player's characters has a connection to them and has for years. We'll be examining what happened to those old "gods" in our story as we search for the secret to Zeus' Thunderbolts. While most of our people have found an ancient artefact and are on their way back home, the action on Kronus continues with the Siridion Arms settlement being attacked by 'zombie' or shoggoths...depending on your preference of course.

The Borg continue to 'harvest' the Kharian worlds and refugees are on their way to the Sphere. Whether the Johvan (or anyone else) will welcome them with open arms remains to be seen.

In other plots the chief of security (Anun) was attacked and is paying the price...a Bajoran (Shahra) and Cardassian (Takar) are attempting to work together to help him.

The illegal vole fighting ring was broken up and everyone involved is denying any involvement naturally: and pinning the blame on expendable Cardassians.

Al'Rasgul is back to stir things up and T'Para continues to (try to) keep some order and sanity.

And Fred Bliss continues to be an enigma...

Additional Comments

The month saw steady posting and ended well with the return of several players: thanks guys, you know who you are. Now we can push the main plot (and yes it does exist, the rumors were true) which will involve the three races...old ones & thats about all I can say right now ;)

Post of the Month

Post of the Month goes to Rob and Kait for the whole sequence of posts with Anun and Kadra... just some of the highlights (IMHO) are:

"No I saw the voles as they were being removed." Kadra replied, "One of them had your name on it. It's a shame.... Might have been nice to see it lose? But I'm really not here to discuss your career as a Vole, Commander. Just to see the prisoner."

La'Steir didn't reply, but continued to stare at the woman. The longer he looked at her, the more he wanted to wrap his fingers around her neck and squeeeeeeeeeeze sooooooooo very slooooooooowly.

"Well this Station used to sanction a Romulan gaming Parlor where the fights could be to the death and betting was a normal part of the fight. But I forget myself, Voles don't have diplomatic immunity. So can I see the prisoner?"

"What these people did before I arrived isn't of any consequence." Anun blurted out. He clenched his hands, then slowly releasing the grip before the woman noticed his actions. "A vole was named after me?" he asked. "Guess that you were more involved in the illegal ring than you originally insinuated. Would you like to join Seren? I can send a message to Megar letting her know that you and your... friend are visiting here for an undecided time..." he arched an eyebrow slightly, "unless you want to give me a reason not to lock your...' he paused - fighting the impulse to say the phrase 'skinny' for some reason, "butt up." He smiled a fake smile at her.

"Oh really Commander... that's like saying that if someone was murdered in Security while you were out that you should be thrown in the brig.... Although I can see the merit in such an action. I don't suppose it's actually legal. A shame really. All I wanted was to see my cousin." Kadra replied.

"You can want all you want..." Anun said, looking back at the console. His head was throbbing rather rudely at that particular moment. "Until the Captain gets back, there is little chance you will get in and speak to the perpetrator... unless we get a request from the Cardassian Embassy that is."

"Well thank you Mister Security. and might I add, you're in a lovely mood today." Kadra touched her index finger to her chin as if in deep thought, "Makes me feel right at home it does. You know with a few surgical alterations you could probably pass for a Cardassian as long as you can keep this up." and she smiled her very most artificial smile at him.

March 2013

During this month we have players who have travelled to a nearby system, Kronus, named for an old Greek diety? At least this race is cannon Trek and one of our player's characters has a connection to them and has for years. We'll be examining what happened to those old "gods" in our story as we search for the secret to Zeus' Thunderbolts. All of this ties into the Borg and the Kharians who have decided to duke it out. We assume the Borg are looking for a "Few Good Drones" after their recent rebuff by the Romulan Empire in BL, and where better to get some than a race of Warriors... who live on their doorstep?

The Kharians have smugly lived in their little "Empire" for millenia, ever since they left the Sphere for some unknown reason. They've been a scourge to many of the presently existing DS's over the years, both in the UFPI and Borderlands. They opened the trans-dimensional gateway that let the 8472 into the Delta Quadrant over a decade ago and have fought with just about everyone at some time.... Romulans, Klingons, and the Federation (especially before Admiral Dark and the DFA). But they are no match for the Borg. Technologically they might be near our equal but they just don't have the numbers to successfully counteract a concerted effort by the Borg, as a larger, vaster Federation or Empire might have. In order to escape the Borg and survive, they will be returning to the Sphere for refuge, in decimated numbers.

We have also learned that the three races associated with the Sphere were once one race, and that that ancient race from which they came still exists "unsplintered" elsewhere. There will be talk of tech and other-dimensions and travels in time and things that go bump in the night at the wrong places and times as we pursue our plot of "Discovery" in the Sphere and it's environs. We have a professor that doesn't-belong-where-he-is visiting us for no apparent reason, and a Vole-Fighting ring in the Promenade is causing us some security problems. And in the midst of all of this, A Doctor Osan begins a "School". We've yet to see exactly why - or what he'll teach, but he's sure to have an impact on the DS. We also have a new engineer who's working on upgrading the Station after last year's Breen attack.

Additional Comments

The month moved in fits and starts as different players were or were not available to play, myself included. But I expect next month to be a bit more active as several players come out of the latest school exam schedule. Kudos to my XO Anna-Maria for being the "Glue" that holds us all together! She's like the Liquid Nail of Hope One! ...and that's a compliment! (- oh I can hear it now...)

Post of the Month goes to Rob and Deb and Lori... and their imaginative review of Professor Rap... a long and winding series of replies about how nothing is always as it seems. No room for the whole post but here.

February 2013

The CO Ximenez welcomed aboard newcomers in between being a busy body...A random signal coming from Seren's shop turned out to be totally innocent - and of course no-one really believes this. Intel officers Falda and Takar continue to investigate and are planning a trip to the old Science Station with Provost Osan to search for some answers.

Meanwhile the Cardassians plot against each other, but mainly against the CO. And in their spare time Seren and Kadra have set up an illegal vole fight or two for the profit.

One lucky vole has become a pet of Shahra and it seems Lance is trying to set her up with his father Anun...Shahra that is, not the vole.

Preparations are being made for the naming of Takar and Broque's baby, and Athena is going to need to coordinate and keep the peace.

Quote of the Month

From [HopeOne] 2413.02.24 Sphere Kadra "Proximity Trap"?

Kadra smiled and attempted to do the "V" fingers thing back, and decided it wasn't worth it. "Have fun!" she said as she walked out the Main Entrance of the old Science Station.

With the little Vucan Nerd club behind her, Kadra tapped her communicator, =/\= "Seeeeereeeen? Oh Seren??!!!" =/\= she called out.

January 2013

As always there are several sub-plots at Hope One, but the rogue planetoid, Yunara, an old Vulcan generation-ship was accidentally blown-up...which fixed one problem and created others. The Lacosians managed to safely beam all the Vulcans into the sphere but are likely to keep them safely in statis since they are irrational and aggressive. The remains of the planetoid have been chopped up for spare parts...

Meanwhile, Ancient technology has been discovered in the Sphere but is being protected by the Johvan: and we have found out more of their complicated history which involves a race called the One who fought against the Builders millenia ago...I'm sure this is not the last we will hear of either.

The infestation of Cardassian voles is proving profitable in many ways - both as a source of food and as entertainment. One of the local Cardassians is about to be investigated however by the CO of Sentinel and offsiders in Intel...so Seren may be in a lot of trouble.

On the civilian side a new academy has opened up and the Provost is busy recruiting staff. Perhaps even Lance La'Steir, resident brat, will find a place there: if he manages to avoid getting in trouble.

Additional Comments

Welcome new player David who has opened up the Deltan Science Academy: anyone who wants to play a staff member, student...groundskeeper....just apply ;)

Credit must be given to all at Hope 1 that we still had a good strong month of posting - well done folks!

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