Captain's Log — 2015

December 2015

An away mission was Ensign Serota's first close-up view of the Hope One Dyson Sphere. She hoped to discover the cause behind flowing lava on the interior surface of the sphere. It was an unprecedented geological event. The humanitarian needs of a population that has never faced this kind of natural event was coordinated by Doctor Butler. A runabout touching down in a park within the Johvan capital was a spectacle to the technology-averse sphere inhabitants. Along with Johvan Selectman She'Guan Dondoan, the away team explored an abandoned set of buildings with access to the sphere's interior.

Ensign Farley and Chief Eiwan examined the sphere from the exterior to compare with scans performed from the interior face by Serota. The lava was not consuming the material within the sphere. It was being generated in some way; adding content to the sphere's interior. Eiwan was dropped off at the station to analyse the results while Farley set a rendez-vous with the away team in the sphere.

Doctor zh'Daeryn missed karaoke night and found Commander Mirel at the bar nursing a Klingon blood wine which the latter exchanged for Terran wine. The commander's unease in the presence of the stations counselor was par for the course. Mirel opened up a bit about her past during a social conversation with the station counselor but quickly ended the conversation.

Taura and Thev meet up for a late night dinner and realize quickly the menu options at the sushi bar that hosted karaoke night was not to their preference.

Mahlyk's true purpose aboard Sentinel Station was revealed in a clandestine meeting in a holosuite in the middle of the night. An unknown subject chose to communicate via the holosuite to conceal his or her identity. DW 250 was the target of assasination. Once his program was located, a combination of computer hack and physical explosives would eliminate the latest assault on the Delta Quadrant by the Federation. DW's origin within the Delta Freedom Alliance was no more than splitting hairs to Nal'Gaharay extremists. Mahlyk held a mechanic at disruptor point to lure DW 250. When that plan failed, he moved quickly through the station to USS Kilimanjaro with several of the crew dead or injured along the way. Once within the hangar bay, security fields sprang up and an explosive device was beamed into the hangar deck. Mahlyk, it seemed, was a fallguy. The assassin and the target must work together to disarm the device.

Lt. Commander sh'Zula and Commander Mirel discussed the latest from Starfleet Intelligence. The Nal'Gaharay have been generally quiet since the military actions against their bases some years earlier. OH1 appears to be a target but lack of infiltration and communications intelligence hampered sh'Zula's report to the station commander. Mirel faced the fact that there was a Nal'G presence on the station and that more effort would be needed to counter the threat.

Commander Jeyan invited Commander Mirel to the holosuite for target shooting. Never able to settle down in one place for long, Jeyan contemplated his future. The two decided to expand OH1s capabilities by scouring the old Omicron Shipyards for something spaceworthy.

Pleg, a Ferengi entrepreneur, arrived on Sentinel Station with his wife Lirka and their son. His arrival was disrupted when his prime retail location had been assigned to another business. One more consequence of the massive systems failure was the loss of Mr. Pleg's reservation. A chat with Mr. Pamél, Civilian Administration Assistant, resolved the mixup with a larger retail space as a few well-quoted Rules of Aquisition.

Lieutenant Gero joined a routine rotation to the Lighthouse, a subspace communications relay adjacent to the Geroch Wormhole with Ensign Orakix and Ensign Hondrick. Gero and Orakix bonded over their love of astronomy and the wormhole in particular.


The characters took a break from the action to celebrate with a hockey game, egg nog and an ancient Earth song sung by Ariana.


A few chracters congregated in a chapel for a more solemn discussion about faith. An ancient Japanese tradition of remembering names was shared between Taura and Farley. The religiosity of races like Bajorans and Klingons sparked a longing in Taura, an Andorian, to explore an inner curiosity.

Caleb is scaling back his involvement with OH1. He is the CO of USS Discovery and he's been very generous with his time over the last few months. I want to thank him for everything he's done including behind the scenes stuff that most of us don't see. I've been lucky to have him as my XO. His intention to keep active, even if only in a guest capacity. He will continue the Mahlyk thread, the hunt for OH1's support vessel and guest NPCs in the future.

Player and Quote of the Month

Kait, hands down, is the player of the month. She has come back to OH1 with a lot of creativity and great drive. She is in the unique position of owning hard drives with OH1 and BL content going back more than a score of years. Some of it is on 5 1/2" floppy disk. She proofread the entire website, offered suggestions and called me on my mix of American and British spelling. Canadian English has retained British spelling for the most part although a strong French-speaking culture and the dominant American entertainment industry has created a unique mix. I changed most of the spelling to American although I kept a few words; I love the spelling of "maneouvres" and I can't change it to the less interesting "maneuvers".

"New?" Fran exhaled and smiled at Eiwan, "...and molten. That's a hot combo! So how is it we're stuffing hot Szechuan Sauce into an old wonton wrapper like the Sphere?" hoping that Eiwan would understand the references.
--Lt (JG) Fran Farley, Engineering Specialist played by Kait

November 2015

DW 250 retreated to the USS Kilimanjaro to avoid being compromised by the malicious subroutines that brought down Sentinel Station's computers. He is joined by Maedi, a technician who has been fulfilling the role of bodyguard as of late. DW 250 felt like a prisoner confined to the runabout. Thoroughly scrubbing Sentinel's systems will take some time.

Eiwan and Ariana headed down the Promenade for sushi. Ariana's rendition of "Kiss Me" in the original Klingon was a classic. Mirel, Sentinel's new commanding officer, was the target of speculation amongst junior officers between rounds at the sushi bar.

Mahlyk, disguised as a Brunali, came aboard and received his task: kill DW 250. The details of the plan are still to be worked out and so is the identity of the individual that hired him.

Gero, one of the station's astronomers, arrived on station and was immediately deployed to the Lighthouse, a communications relay near the Geroch Wormhole. He was joined by Orakix, a former Krenim soldier that made his way to OH1 after defecting to Seiklon Axel a number of years ago.

After a night of Karaoke, Ariana was sent to investigate flowing lava within the Hope One Dyson Sphere. Several aerial passes with Lt. Avinbruch were warranted before touching down to collect samples. Doctor Butler and a dermal regenerator should repair the damage caused by Ariana's enthusiasm.

Mirel had her first encounter with Sentinel's new shrink.

Pleg, a fat Ferengi, arrived along with his wife Lirka and son Gral to supply the tourist trade with dyson sphere and wormhole collectables and souvenirs.


The arrival of Pleg, a Ferengi shopkeeper, was very well-written. Rich has the lobes of a storyteller.

Player of the Month

I want to recognize Devon for the sheer volume of high-quality posts. They're always a great read. In one post alone, I had 12 tags to reply to. He reads the characters well and has good vision.

October 2015

Chief Petty Officer Eiwan and Ensign Serota met with Tobin Al'Rasgal, an Orion and owner of Copernicus Corporation, with the intent of flushing out his involvement with the recent catastrophic systems failure aboard Sentinel Station. After interviewing Mr. Al'Rasgal and the Bynar employees responsible for his computer maintenance, his involvement was ruled out. DW 250, a photonic being that accompanied Chief Eiwan and Commander Ares from the Engineering Conference on Chetzia, has begun his own investigation into the computer failure. He discovered a disturbing pattern within several key systems that could mean another catastrophic failure was imminent. For his own safety, DW 250's program was moved to the Danube-class ship USS Kilimanjaro.

Ensign Serota discovered another body near the Promendade, the sixth murder aboard Sentinel Station in the last few months. Lt. Commander Vaz is investigating. There remains a lack of hard evidence that could lead the investigation to a suspect. The murderer remains at large.


AJ, a 20-year veteran of Star Trek: Borderlands, announced that he is stepping away.

"It is not that I am unhappy here. In fact, it has become a great source of enjoyment, and I have made some great friends here. Between some new responsibilities at work, including becoming the president of the statewide professional organization, as well as dealing with what is looking like a long-time familial illness I have to figure out which of the balls I am juggling I can let go of."

Thank you AJ for everything you've done for Outpost Hope One and Star Trek: Borderlands as a whole.

September 2015

Commander Ares brought together senior staff to take stock of the five murders aboard the station. The latest victim, Lieutenant Commander Monom was the station's, then current, Executive Officer. The meeting broke up with Lieutenant Vaz, Chief of Security, and Special Agent Michaels, Judge Advocate General, jointly leading further investigation.

Captain Reynolds of USS Curie seconded Commander Jeyan to Sentinel Station during a layover. Commander Jeyan and Commander Ares got to know eachother better over a meal at the Replicafeterium.

Ensign Serota was provided classified information on the Nal'Gaharay from a source within Delta Freedom Alliance (DFA) Intelligence. She and Chief Petty Officer Eiwan pooled their knowledge in the wake of the catastrophic systems failure aboard Sentinel Station. It may point to Nal'Gaharay involvement.

Major McAllister, Marine Commanding Officer, continues to transition operations from Camp Gor'Vosh on the Hope One Dyson Sphere to Sentinel Station. He arrived at the same suspicion of Ensign Serota and Petty Officer Eiwan through his own reasoning. He recalled a recent sortie to liberate the civilian Vulcan transport T'Pol.

Malicious subroutines discovered by Chief Petty Officer Eiwan appear Orion in origin. Suspicion quickly fell to Tobin Al'Rasgal of Copernicus Corporation, a prominent business owner aboard the station. Commander Ares allowed his staff autonomy despite his own doubts of Al'Rasgal's involvement.

August 2015

Chief Petty Officer Eiwan discovered the first clues to the catastrophic systems failure aboard Sentinel Station. Using the USS Curie's systems to scan and vet Sentinel Station's revealed a data corruption subroutine. These subroutines revolved around linking Federation and non-Federation systems. Commander Jeyan lead the team aboard USS Curie as well as satelite teams aboard USS Archer and Starbase Phoenix. With memory systems corrupted, there was no way to determine the events leading up to the failure.

Ensign Ariana Serota arrived on-station and immediately ushered into a staff briefing. She recently graduated from the Delta Freedom Alliance Academy on Chetzia and stationed on Sentinel Station to continue her research and unofficial liaison with the DFA. She was immediately under the spotlight differentiating the DFA, an organization founded on Federation principles by former Federation citizens, from the Nal'Gaharay, a terrorist organization with a desire to expel Alpha and Beta Quadrant invaders. The briefing exposed prejudices and stereotypes on all sides.

Chief Petty Officer Eiwan and Ensign Serota stuck up a friendship. A lunch cemeted them as fast friends. Malfunctioning replicators made the experience unique. Avoiding Antedean cuisine, they shared a bunch of bananas from Lab 49-21 instead.


The catastrohic systems failure aboard Sentinel Station coincides with a reboot of the duty station.

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