Captain's Log — 2018

December 2018

Toraith managed to lure a velir with Megren's candy bar. The infant velir's claws and teeth had no effect on the Gorn. After capturing all of the infants, Toraith was glad he had permission to kill the venomous adults. The ENSec team tried to keep the growing crowd calm. They had their anti-riot weapons ready. The adults proved cunning. Toraith was glad to be restricted to bare hands; weapons could harm the other animals. The Gorn managed to grab one of the adult velir who whipped him with a poison-laced tail. Once it was dispatched, he managed to grab a second that had come in to protect it's companion. Targa prepared a spicy velir stew in honour of Toraith's victory. At the head of the table, Toraith wore a head dress of velir feathers.

Toraith awoke from a disturbing dream likely triggered by the hallucinogens in velir venom.

Captain Faud asked to see Cathal by right of vengeance. In exchange, he would share with Ensign Hunter any intelligence he gathered during the torture. Hunter read him the riot act.

Station and Komara had a snowball fight during the Scribe Grimana Daya preparations. The Reader welcomed everyone to the event.

Ana beamed after her return from Oka. She wanted to immediately recreate a few of the dishes she tried.

Six of Twelve sent out 'Happy holidays' messages on behalf of her adopted collective, the Delta Freedom Alliance.

Station helped her residents clean up after the raid. Many shops were vandalized along the Promenade. The following morning would have been Haldar Kel'ak's grand opening. He had hired traditional Kharian entertainment. It had been a shock to some of the station's newest residents.

Magar watched Station "taste" for the first time. Station described the taste of chocolate as "happy" and spice pudding "hot and sweet". It had no concept of overeating; it presumed that eating to capacity would be pleasant. Magar remembered old times with old friends.

Seket was ambivalent about her training. To her, serving sarkku in Sick Bay was a punishmet. Doctor Saghder demanded she perform better than anyone else. He and Seket were outsiders and their performance reflected not only on themselves but their entire species. Humans were equally biased against Berellians as engineers.

Quidano showed Nearan around the Axel and introduced him to the crew. Bresa and Quidano had each hired pilots although Quidano's pick spent the evening with Xin and was off-ship in the morning. Nearan stormed off the ship the following night after a disagreement of social mores with Xin.

Kemak had left her previous post in a hurry and was ready when Quidano offered her a post aboard SS Axel. She had escaped before her gul could put her through a show trial and execution.

Metcalf and Cathal spoke in code as they coordinated the theft. The changeling slipped Var a note for the meeting place

Teami Davoth awoke to an alarm that her shop had been broken into. She dressed quickly and rushed to her shop against the recommendation of station security. Ana Ferguson was similarly awoken. The food stores in her cafe were being transported off-station to a cloaked ship. Internal sensors were spotty.

Echo took on the form of Roberta Hunter and made her way into the armoury containing a tri-cobalt weapon. Once inside, her presence triggered station security. The real Robi arrived on the scene with security officers in time to hear a transporter dematerialize. Echo's ship left the area in violation of the security lockdown.

Ensign Anka noticed something odd and found a small device in the Jeffries tube that had not appeared on sensors. In removing the device, it ignited and Anka was transported to safety. There were fourteen identical anomalies in the internal sensors. They were all systems repaired by Crewman Var who was no longer aboard the station.

Ensign Hunter was confined to quarters while security sorted out the theft. Captain Mirel questioned her about her actions after rescuing the crew of the Tusaytir. Satisfied with Robi's responses, she told her to pack and report to USS Daystrom.

Lieutenant Trensu felt that Commander Tekenat's approach was too soft. He wanted to use the Daystrom to hunt down the Nal'G despite it's poor tactical capabilities. Time was critical in chasing down the raider that captured the Tusaytir.

USS Daystrom entered the Sobeline system and passively scanned for signs of Nal'Gaharay. USS Liberacion had been dispatched to add a little firepower to the mission. Lieutenant Gerard picked up a spread-spectrum signal. 


Probe 815 was announced as the newest duty station within Star Trek: Borderlands.

Anna Maria provided a map and helpful information for those of us unfamiliar with the works of Lovecraft.

Devon shared a great Christmas video for when the weather outside if frightful.

Tabitha shared a great video on Dyson Spheres from brilliant.org.

We had a lively discussion of the latest games: Cardie Crush and Whack-a-vole.

Richard shared a video of the Star Trek franchise winning an Emmy.

Subject Line of the Month

2418.12.30.01 AXEL - Quidano "Over the Shoulder Bolder Told Her"
2418.12.23.03 AXEL - Quidano "Uncomfortable Workplace Environment"

Player of the Month

No player selected.

November 2018

A pair of heavily armed Nal'G ships as USS Skadthi began transporting the survivors off the planet. USS Magni and USS Liberacion moved to fend off the attack and buy Skadthi time. As soon as the survivors were aboard, the task group broke orbit and headed for Sentinel. Captain Faud asked after Cathal and demanded the right of vengeance.

Chief Eiwan looked over the transmitter confiscated from Cathal. It appeared Garan but could just have easily been stolen or copied. Ensign Hunter was confident that the Nal'Gaharay would not attack Sentinel Station as readily as the Faud had been. Engisn Hunter interrogated Cathal about the transmitter he had been carrying. He insisted that there was nothing illegal about carrying an item of Devore manufacture.

Metcalf was a mercenary that had worked with the Nal'G in the past. He was hired to ferry a changeling to Sentinel Station to steal a cobalt something-or-other. Echo claimed to have a mole within the station. If they had time, they would also rescue Cathal. Tera Var managed to ilfiltrate the station's engineering department and began to sabotage key systems. Metcalf stopped into speak with Cathal posing as a member of his immediate family. The two spoke in code about his escape. Metcalf gauged the security of the room and the guard outside.

Kal was doing his part for the Cooperative. There was ongoing debate amongst the many interlinked minds of whether to remain hidden or explore the galaxy.

Komara Imtaren sent out invitations for Scribe Grimana Day. He and Station worked on designing the holographic space to Scribe Grimana Day. Each room would depict a space from Gatrubbian literature. Ana was enjoying the many strongly-flavoured dishes. She especially enjoyed the jolt of tüskat. Reader Kalana did not have an answer as to why the Writers did not more directly intervene in the lives of the Gatrubbians.

House of Immi had it's grand opening. Husar offered to acquire materials that could Teami could turn into clothing and gave her a small statue as a 'warming' gift. Heldar Kel'ak arrived wearing his formal sword and asked when the bloodsport would begin. Teami responded that the opening would have food, drink and a fashion show. Every woman needed a little black dress.

Heldar Kel'ak was welcomed aboard the station by Governor Ashon-Milyo who was eager to expand trade with the Kharians. The Traders Guild and Civil Majority were open to trade with the Federation despite the current Emperor. Ariana Serota used her diplomatic status to insist on meeting with Kel'ak privately. Her ex-boyfriend was assigned as personal security while the Kharian was aboard.

Ariana shared with Anka that she carried a Romulan Noisemaker to hide herself from Station's sensors. She carried it with the authority of a diplomatic attaché. Ariana shared her opinions on independence and privacy and how Station violated both without any consideration or accountability while it enamoured it's residents with charm subroutines.

Saghder took Seket aside and reinforced the need for them both to be exemplary. Each was responsible for overcoming human bias.

Six of Twelve, Kit and Tas toured Sentinel Station. She commented on the visual acuity of Species 6340 (Kharians). The Lacosians had never been assimilated. Lieutenant Favor was willing to give Six a minute of his time. He was interested to hear a Borg ask about assimilation rather than impose it on him. Assimilation was a selfish act.

SS Axel was tasked with a scouting mission rather than it's usual freight hauling. Their advanced sensors would plot a course through an unstable pocket of space near Crossroads Station. Exemplar Nova Security (ENSec) officers came aboard unannounced and began scanning the ship. When the ENSec officer learned of a Gorn aboard Axel, he offered a side mission to capture wild velir that had been accidentally released on the station. They were vicious fowl

Ambassador Magar was confident that male Cardassian died of (fictional) Yarim Fel Syndrome. Or, gluttony. The deceased was fond of food and drink. Station stated that it could evaluate taste. Magar suggested adding routines to link it's chemical sensors to the perception of taste. The ambassador ate alone because there was no other Cardassians aboard that were her equal. With a set of templates, Magar went to work creating a sense of taste for Station. Station asked that the taste subroutines be limited; she did not want to taste her waste extraction system. Magar simulated a Cardassian city in which Station could experience smell and taste in a safe environment. Station lacked the vocabulary to describe the new sensations. Station triggered the fire supression system in the Golden Zabu in reaction to a spicy dish.

Anka managed to insert new visual subroutines into the holographic system. Station appeared as a skeleton and presumed it was another system malfunction. In fact, Station was appearing as a multitude of Halloween-themed characters. To another user, Station disappeared until it was just a Cheshire Cat grin.

Everyone began to show up for Station's Halloween party based on ancient Earth's /Addams Family/. The rundown house was shrouded in thick mist. Bear was still weary of lollipops from the previous year's Halloween. No one wanted to bob for crab apples... and live crabs, nor, the relaxing bed of nails. Anka inspected the guillotine in the middle of the room. He fell limp as his head rolled away in a pool of coppery, green blood. Roberta jumped into action and demanded to know why the holodeck's safety systems failed. Station failed to detect life signs and immediately notified Sick Bay. Anka's body started to shake, then laugh out loud as it sat up. Anka apologized to Station for pretending to be dead. Station was having difficulty processing it's reaction.

Player of the Month

No player selected.

October 2018

Husar offered Henry Africa good luck in repaying his debt to Magar.

Avery Breaux and Henry Africa entered the Cardassian Cafe separately to watch Temek. They allowed Temek to overhear their conversation. Temek welcomed Breaux who declined to eat the Cardassian delicacies set in front of him. The heavy spice masked the poison in the dish. Olaf and Jamir started dragging Temek's body out of the restaurant through it's kitchen. They described the flavour of eating various species: Ferengi was pricey, Vulcan was bland. Olaf was left to decide whether to recycle Temek or feed him to the voles.

As the assasins left the restaurant, the sensor dampening field lessened and Station detected Temek's corpse. She automatically alerted security. Magar asserted her diplomatic status to have the body kept away from sarrku examination claimed a pre-existing heart condition. Federation Security would conduct interviews and the Cardassian Cafe would have to pass a health inspection before re-opening.

Xin and Toraith signed over access to the Provider and went looking for Earth food called "hamburger".

Blank entered a private party looking for Winbal. The creature grabbed Winbal by the scruff of his neck. Eugene Stanley and Josh Mason looked on. Blank killed Winbal after extracting information on Axel's whereabouts. Toraith shared news of Winbal's death with his old friend Varg. Varg had insulted Winbal but deeming him unworthy to be killed and Toraith lamented not killing and eating him. Xin wondered if Toraith could be a target of either murder or blackmail.

Quidano felt uneasy in the vast spaces of stations; Crossroads and Sentinel alike. Kelleshar stood out in the crowd with her Andorian skin tone. She approached Quidano who brushed her off and tried to continue on his way. She looked like trouble. After sharing a flask, he told her Axel did need a new pilot and she was welcome to stop by with her work history and references.

Nearan joined Roquel and Icmod on a visit to Axel. Nearan shared his desire to explore space beyond their usual shuttle runs to and from Crossroads Station. Bresa welcomed the prospect of an experienced pilot. Roquel challenged Targa's notions of Captain Pigg's honour. Roquel had to interrupt Targa and Icmod talking shop about the old and new SS Axels. arga offered to look at her ship's power couplings. Targa identified a shunt that connected primary and secondary systems woefully under spec. Roquel and Icmod were lucky their little ship hadn't yet blown up. It would need a complete rebuild. Roquel shared human expressions that neither the Risian nor Klingon understood.

Malot and Station discussed Crossroads Station involvement in the time loop. Neither was mortal and could see the future Crossroads returned from. Station had reservations about an infinite lifespan, outliving it's current users and the concept of eternity in Gatrubbian culture.

Kelleshar packed a few necessities and arranged for her belongings to be transported to Axel. She and Xin planned to separate men and their latinum by playing poker through their last night on Crossroads Station.

Quidano and Bresa talked in the captain's cramped compartment. They each had a candidate for the open pilot position and having an extra couple of bodies would come in handy.

Station beamed Temek's body into the Cardassian Embassy. Seket yelped when it appeared in her office. Station conferred with Magar the transport was successful as it could not scan inside the embassy. It overheard Seket's complaint. Station apologized, appeared with Magar's permission and offered to move the body to a more appropriate place. Magar thought the body was fine where it was, then voluntold Seket to move it herself. The smell of decay was Temek's usual scent.

Station appeared as a dancing skeleton thanks to a Halloween program uploaded by Lieutenant Anka.

The survivors of the Tusaytir were beamed up to the USS Skadthi. Cathal was taken into custody by Ensign Hunter.

Teami Davoth arrived on Sentinel Station to begin the next chapter in her life. She chatted with Station on her way to the Governor Ashon-Milyo. He introduced Teami to realtor Arekasadra Cay. The first space was on the second level with a private balcony and a private turbolift stop. Teami chose a larger space on the fourth level with a commanding view of the open-air Terrarium. Teami went about designing her new space inspired by the work of the renowned designer Derviss Vos. Lieutenant Anka was given some parameters to design the space that Station produced holographically for review. Materials would be replicated and installed within days.

Teami and Station also went about furnishing Teami's apartment. The four poster bed had been purchased 600 years earlier. Station recommended a few shops on the Promenade that would compliment her decor. Husar offered Teami tea and reassured her that their establishments would compliment rather than compete with each other. And there were several pieces sourced from the Sphere.

Anka's quarters were dominated by a work bench and walls covered with schematics. His windows were opaque to avoid the vertigo and 'fearspair' of looking at the immense Dyson Sphere. Lieutenant Syrik inquired about Station's ancillaries. Station had no live connection to the ancillary but would integrate it's memories upon it's return. Anka shared his phobia of the Sphere. In consultation with the EMH, Station suggested facing the fear in a safe, controlled environment. Anka couldn't resist tinkering with one of Station's holoemitters and modified one with several improvements. Station's holoimage was a calming blue, featureless humanoid. The engineer entered a holodeck and once safely seated, the walls were replaced with a view of space from Sentinel Station the same way Station perceived it. The Sphere was not a dark blot in space but an object alive with subspace distortions, and emitted and reflected radiation: like listening to an orchestra whilst sitting in a rainbow-flower garden. It eased Syrik's phobia.

Station wondered if the Sphere was also sentient and whether they could be friends.

Ana and Station's ancillary entered Oka's largest temple. It was alight with candles and sunlight through stained-glass windows. Reader Voci introduced herself to the visitors. A pair of statues depicted the attempt of Reader Yulida to unite the many factions of Gatrubbe. War and division was common among all peoples in the Galaxy and throughout their collective histories. Both were invited back to the following evening's service. Ana and Station's ancillary stopped for a meal after a day of sightseeing. The waitress recommended 'tüskattu', a drink similar to strong coffee.

Ana and Station attended a service lead by Reader Kalana. His sermon was inspired by his meeting with Ana and Station earlier in the day. He commented on the division of the Gatrubbian people both now and in the time of Scribe Yulida on the cusp of the Era of Unity. His renown as a mediator came within a century of the invention of the printing press. The separation between Oka and those continuing the Exodus was like two brothers: living in two different homes but no less family. And he pre-emptively forgave any who disagreed with him. Ana wished that the message was received; there would always be the ability to hate.


We discussed Black Mirror and Doctor Who.

Anna joined SS Axel playing Kelleshar. She is one of two pilots to join the crew.

Naya joined OH1 from a recommendation by Karen. Real life has delayed her but we're looking forward to writing with her.

The Promenade page was expanded with more signage.

Player commendations were rearranged so that the latest POTM is at the top of the page.

We discussed interior design and construction in the age of replicators.

Subject Line of the Month

None selected.

Quote of the Month

There were good smells and harmonic sounds, beautiful colours as well as ominous ones, it was like listening to an orchestra whilst sitting in a rainbow-flower garden.. It was overwhelming to the senses and had the potential to be either terrifying or sublime but either way; space was a lot less empty for Station.

He could see the Sphere. It was still uncomfortably large but the context it was in made it feel so much less threatening. Station could sense so much... radiation of a myriad different wavelengths circled about the superstructure in a kaleidoscopic ever-moving almost living canvas of colour that he was suspended in. At the basal level the cosmic background radiation was akin to a gentle, familiar hum. Distinguishable gravitational effects generated a warmth-like sensation. Most of this came, obviously, from the Sphere system but even faint variance was detectable from distant celestial bodies made for a cosy feel. But it was the life and vibrance emanating the Sphere itself that washed overAnka in a variety of sensory 'equivalents' that Station had generated. The weightlessness, combined with the warm, fluid like sensation of being submerged in the gently animated array of different senses took Anka from a peak of panic to a strange calm. It was almost... prenatal.
—Syrik's synaesthetic perception of Station's sensors (played by Sam)

Funny of the Month

Beaming anything into the Cardassian Embassy was a tricky business for Station because it could not 'see' in there, it was more like beaming onto another base than beaming in-Station, all of its systems were separate (the Cardassians had been sure of that) and that would not be too much of a problem had it been given specific coordinates. Either by mistake or by design however, the coordinates Magar had given it were a little too far to the right and instead of appearing in the empty storage room, Temak's body appeared... in Seket's office.
—A very funny turn of events (Tabitha)

Honourable mention to Doug:

A couple of people in branded coveralls approached. "You're the Axel?"

"No I'm Toraith That's the Axel" He pointed to the ship
—Perfect response by Toraith (played by Doug)

Player of the Month

This is definitely the first time a player has written a sermon in-character Kevin. It had a strong message of unity which underpins the Gatrubbian culture. It is also a key tenet of Gene Roddenberry's vision of Star Trek. As a throughline this month, it can be seen through the lens of many characters: Ana; Icmod and Roquel; the crew of the Tusaytir; Toraith. It was poignantly written.

September 2018

Lieutenant Marpan picked up a broad-spectrum tetryon beam used to communicate with the surface of Sobeline III. Lieutenant Trensu recommended destroying the satelite in orbit and Lieutenant Commander Tekenat agreed to a limited tactical strike. The task group commander declined a request by Lieutenant Trensu to break off and find the other end of the tetryon beam.

Ensign Hunter beamed down to Sobeline III a distance from the marooned crew of the Tusaytir. Captain Faud expected a full ship's complement to rescue them. Standard protocol called for them to be examined by Doctor Saghder and assessed by Hunter herself before beaming up to the Skaði. One of the security officers picked up a transmitter hidden in the clothing of a marooned crew member. Lieutenant Marpan decided to beam down with more sensitive equipment. Cathal ran and had to be chased down by security. The accusation of complicity with the Nal'Gaharay was as bad as being a collaborator. His equipment, like that used by the Nal'Gaharay, was of Garan design. With Cathal isolated, the rest of the Tusaytir's crew began beaming up to the Task Group ships.

Lieutenant Avinbruch did not believe that Avery and Africa were meeting with Nort. The Ferengi trader didn't have the financial backing. Ambassador Magar revealed herself as the vessel's true owner and that it was transporting goods to Ydarik Prime. The ambassador offered to try them in a Cardassian court. As a compromise, Avinbruch offered to destroy the illegal cargo, return the ship to Cardassian possession and transport the two men to Sentinel Station.

Breaux and Africa waited in the brig. They were to be released to the custody of the Cardassian Embassy. Ambassador Magar would look after them like they were her favourite voles. Ambassador Magar suggested Temek's head as the price for Avery Breaux and Henry Africa's freedom. Proof of his death was to be delivered to Husar. And the death had to occur off-station. ie. off Station. Temek complained loudly about the food at the Cardassian Cafe. There was no fresh taspar.

Lieutenant Anka felt travel through the wormhole had become commonplace. The Hope One Dyson Sphere loomed as an immense black surface. Station welcomed Anka aboard. After a joke by Anka, Station confirmed that it's Azimov Protocols prevented it from deceiving it's users. It would also only appear in his quarters when specifically summoned. The engineer decided to give Station a riddle: "How come time flies like an arrow and fruit flies like a banana?" which took some semantic detangling. Then he peppered her with a few more. One in paticular required some creativity to prevent Anka from being murdered in the scenario. It's protocols were to prevent harm to it's users whether murder or arm punching. And every new situation broadened it's experience beyond it's core programming.

Lieutenant Anka Syrik strolled the Promenade and found himself at Sushi Bar.

Captain Bresa checked in after the first field test of the Provider module.

Icmod sipped his coffee at the Lone Star Cafe. He nearly spilled his drink when he noticed SS Axel due to dock. It was a different ship than he had served on. He entered the ship and found familiar faces in the lounge. He didn't believe Elias was dead at first. He blamed Toraith and his family.

Ana stood up to Victor publicly in the Pilgrimage Cafe. Komara refused service.

Station's ancillary joined Ana on a vacation to Oka. While within the Sphere, the ancillary would have limited access to it's entire database. To a local boy, Station was like a holocharacter. His father welcomed the two visitors and let them know they'd be welcome at any temple. Scribe Grimana Day was the day that Gatrubbians remember those whose stories have ended and appreciate the stories of those still being written. All stories end. Even the long, long story of Station would some day end. Station asked Malot's advice about navigating the Gatrubbian capital Oka. It had no feelings to be hurt. Ana defended Station from offensive comments from locals. Station focused on it's friends (Ana, Malot, Eiwan, Syrik) rather than the prejudices of organics.

Lakim Saras felt alone within her hiding place. She loved her husband but could not ignore her beliefs. She was reassured by Reader Garla that their home was the Gatrubbian-colonized planet of Carroll. Quidano floated surrendering Lakim to the Gatrubbian soldiers. Toraith remined him of the long odds in their rescue of Chelsea.

Malot detected other Gatrubbian soldiers beaming aboard SS Axel unannounced. Quidano and Toraith decided to meet the new arrivals. Sergeant Cotti and his soldiers faced off against Quidano and Toraith. Toraith knocked a soldier against a bulkhead and the sergeant prepared to fire. Lakim immediately calmed the stand-off. Reader Garla backed down from a toe-to-toe confrontation with Sergeant Cotti.

Admiral Saras cancelled the inspection of SS Axel. Lakim and Offel spoke behind closed doors. She loved him but could not return to New Gatrubbe. And he could not give up his career. She would continue to Crossroads Station and return to New Gatrubbe... maybe even reuniting all Gatrubbians. Captain Bresa was pleasantly surprised at the quick resolution. Lakim would continue to Crossroads Station.

Toraith was called to task by Captain Bresa. Quidano jumped to the Gorn's aid whose instinct was to protect the ship and Lakim herself.


OH1's file section was backed up by a public Google Drive folder.

Sam joined OH1. He is a long-time writer on S'Task.

Several players were affected by the hurricanes and follow-on weather.

Subject Lines of the Month

2418.09.20.07 SENT Station "Computer that won't make a binary decision"
—Tabitha trying to sidestep an ethics trap

Quote of the Month

Quidano looked toward Toraith. "OK, new plan. Let's go check this out. Stay cool."

"Cool I'm cold freaken blooded," Toraith said cracking knuckles.

—You sunk it Doug! Perfect Response!

Banter of the Month

Anka looked up, almost reluctantly from the page. "How come time flies like an arrow and fruit flies like a banana?" He asked.

Station raised its eyebrow, clearly confused by the sentence, "it sounds like a riddle," it said, "processing..." Station frowned slightly, it was clearly puzzled, "I... I do not understand the question," it said, "fruit does not ordinarily fly at all, processing..."

There was a long pause this time, a good few minutes as Station analysed the sentence extensively, it had several different meanings depending on the context of the words 'flies' and 'like' but only one of those meanings made sense:

-Bananas did not fly, at least not without help, and so that sort of 'fly' was incorrect, he must mean the insect, fly. That made sense since fruit flies liked fruit.

-Time, on the other hand, did not fly in either way but there was the expression 'time flies' to indicate that time moves quickly. An arrow flies quickly, it must be fly as in flying because fly as in the insect did not fit the context which meant that 'like' this time was to create a similie, time flies in a similar way to an arrow; quickly.

"Time flies," Station said, "indicates that time moves quickly, it flies like an arrow because an arrow flies quickly and fruit flies, the insects, like bananas because they like fruit."

A barely perceptible smile pulled at the engineer's lips. "Thank you Station, that'll be all."

Player of the Month

Sam's character came aboard and immediately started picking on Station the way no other character had. It was fun to read the riddles Lieutenant Anka Syrik subjected Station to: "How come time flies like an arrow and fruit flies like a banana?"; "I wasn't originally going to get a brain transplant, but then I changed my mind."; "I wasn't originally going to get a brain transplant, but then I changed my mind." We never did get the answer to "What do you get if you cross a joke with a rhetorical question?". Sam's strong characterization was immediately visible and I very much enjoyed him putting Tabitha's character on it's back foot.

Anka Syrik's first impression of the Dyson Sphere was very well written as well.

August 2018

Captain Bresa regretted not inspecting the contents of the Provider personally. A squad of the Gatrubbian Navy boarded SS Axel to inspect it for contraband. They fell under Xin's spell. Tapia Eevi was not helpful to the sergeant. Sergeant Cotti asked to see Reader Garla and the other passengers. He did not agree with her interpretation of the Great Story. Admiral Saras waited aboard the GNV Exposition while Axel was inspected. His family was divided like the Gatrubbian people many times in the past. He admonished Captain Bresa for his disrespect of the chain of command. The admiral considered Bresa lucky and undeserving of the Gatrubbian peoples' accolades. Katim Saras demanded to see Captain Bresa. She knew that the inspection was really about her. Toraith showed her to a hidden compartment. It was large enough for the young woman. Toraith would guard it from the outside. Quidano thought Toraith looked conspicuous standing in an empty corridor and suggested busy work. And openly questioned their protection of Katim.

The Gatrubbian Office of Tourism began to advertise it's Museum of the Great Exodus and other attractions.

Eiwan granted Malot complete access to the station's systems. She trusted the Gatrubbian AI to rescue Station. Malot entered the general access part of Station's mind. The search program took the form of a Scottish barkeep. Deeper parts of Station were represented by concentric circles. Station's mind was being preserved like an archived program. That section appeared as a tall sandstone building at the end of a labyrinth. Station had a Protector meant to sheild it from it's emotions. Protector lost a sabre duel and disintegrated. Station had been archived in a glowing blue prism able to perceive but had no control. Malot and Eiwan welcomed Station back from it's prison. Part of Station's programming included a routine to isolate it's emerging sentience and there were possibly other parts of itself that it could not access nor avoid. Station invited Malot to the upcoming Artificial Intelligence conference at Sentinel Station.

Station expressed concern over using it's weapon systems. Chief Eiwan suggested utilizing the pre-Station tactical subroutines. It would be like Station and Eiwan's experiment with Queen.

It was announced that Sentinel Station would host a conference on Artificial Intelligence.

Station offered to throw a party for Commander Mirel's promotion. The Captain declined.

Station asked Ambassador Magar permission to appear in her office. Captain Mirel had approved a Federation-Union officer exchange with a long list of stipulations. The ambassador recommended Seket for an exchange in waste management. Station countered with a civilian Medbay.

Avery Breaux and Henry Africa waited in deep space for their Ferengi contact. Nort approached with Marine ships in pursuit and promptly surrendered. 1st Lieutenant Avinbruch boarded the Wanderer and questioned it's two-man crew. It was carrying magnesite meant to hide it's illegal cargo. Avinbruch decided arrest the two men and scuttle the ship.

Ana envied Lirka for her confidence and poise. Lirka suspected Victor had come to Sentinel to kill Ana and suggested Ana kill him first. Ana refused to stoop to his level. She needed him to know he no longer had any power over her. Victor Morales was fit to be tied trying to secure accomodations aboard Sentinel Station. Station engineered a confrontation between Victor and his ex-wife. Ana was backed up by Station and Lieutenant Bear. She stood up to Victor after a long time on the run. Station recommended Ana take a vacation in Oka. Station asked Chief Petty Officer Eiwan if she could send on of it's ancillaries into the Dyson Sphere. The chief granted permission but warned of processing delays. Ana fretted over wardrobe. She and Station started their day with breakfast at the Pilgrimage Cafe before their flight.

Ensign Serota reported to Commander, correction, Captain Mirel's office. The ensign had also been assigned as Diplomatic Attaché to Sentinel Station. Attaché Serota planned on meeting with the Kharian government to begin relations.

Captain Faud detected a sensor blip. They sent a distress call and prepared to fight off boarders.

Starfleet Tactical sent a flash message which set USS Skaði, USS Liberación and USS Magni off. Lieutenant Commander Tekenat addressed his team with the Nal'Gaharay's latest tactic: marooning the crews of commandeered ships. Starfleet prioritizes the rescue of the crews over recovering stolen ships. Lieutenant Marpan shared what he heard from distress calls during Nal'Gaharay attacks. Lieutenant Trensu broaded the picture to hit-and-runs against soft targets. He also raised the possibility of Nal'G operatives hidden within the marooned crew. Doctor Saghder sat with Ensign Hunter and her security team for a meal enroute. They sketched out a game plan. The Task Group reached the Sobeline system and ran passive scans. High magnesite levels potentially hid a Nal'Gaharay armada. A slow-moving probe on a boomerang course provided high-resolution reconnaissance. Lieutenant Trensu and Ensign Hunter were anxious to reach the marooned crew of the Tusaytir. Hunter would reach the crew and assess the security situation, Doctor Saghder would follow and examine the crew for injuries.


Gent joined SS Axel.

The group discussed the current state of the Nal'Gaharay. Rich created the group a number of years ago.

The Devu Sun Times reported our sibling duty station Starbase Horizon II missing.

Captain's Logs as far back as 2008 were uploaded to the OH1 website.

Subject Lines of the Month

2418.08.11.03 AXEL Lakim "Big Softy"
2418.08.12.01 AXEL Toraith "will not lose another"

—Toraith is a gruff but lovable character.

2418.08.21.01 WAN Kingsley/Desiree "They're miscreants, sir"
—Honourable mention to Jack for the use of 'miscreants'.

Quote of the Month

"I don't know what he was talking about. There's plenty of room in here for two." Still she was alone. She felt movement in her womb. Perhaps not THAT alone. "It's going to be alright little one. It is....I know it."
—Lakim, played by Rich, while hiding aboard SS Axel

Player of the Month

Karen has stepped into her first storyline like she's been playing with us for years. Ensign Hunter is a central character in the rescue of the crew of the Tusaytir. She joined the crew of DFA Cromwell in their current wild west adventure. Her communication behind the scenes has and understanding of the medium is exemplary.

Honourable mention to Rich playing a husband using every means at his disposal to win back his wife, and, a wife with a calling that takes her away from everyone she knows and loves. Both characters are deeply realized. There is no clear nor easy solution to the situation.

July 2018

Ana was determined not to run anymore. She was safer aboard Station where it could protect her. Ensign Hunter and Lieutenant Bear blocked Victor Morales' way. Bear was beamed away from the scene quickly when he charged his phaser. Theodore materialized in his office. Station asked him to undergo a diagnostic for his erratic, illogical behaviour. Station directed Victor and his party to the quartermaster's office. Victor demanding something bigger than a shoe box. Station made sure only barracks accomodation was available and asked the Quartermaster to keep Victor and Ana as far away from one another as possible. Victor decided to find rooms elsewhere. At the hotel, no suites were available.

Targa expressed concern over Malot communicating with Station. Both AIs were still learning about their own capabilities. Targa had a general distrust of others compounded by Malot's history. Malot reassured the engineer it's program was not directly accessible by Station and could not be unknowingly rewritten.

Commander Mirel and Malkut Brin'ak discussed the resources that could be supplied to and for the Kharian Civil Majority. She was prepared to offer food, medicine and pattern enhancers as an escape route.

Ensign Hunter left Puoplo in the hands of Lieutenant Commander Favor.

Ensign Hunter questioned the Nausicaan involved in an altercation in Sickbay. He declined to answer questions, letting the female talk and talk. Seket recounted events to Hunter from her bed in Sickbay. Lieutenant Bear confirmed the facts. Seket's need to carry concealed weapons was questioned by the security officer. Saghder hesitated to share his point of view.Station's Orb flickered and disappeared.

Daniel Phelan cleaned up after a long shift and headed back out to the Promenade. Station introduced itself to the station's new tactical officer. He was shaken by Station's multiple ancillaries. It was a way of connecting Station to it's crew. Phelan met up with Gerard Marpan for sushi.

Lieutenant Avinbruch overflew the Kharian zone in a mapping mission.

Chief Petty Officer Eiwan tried to chit-chat with Station but received canned responses. The station computer stated it's version number as the upload Eiwan initiated three years earlier. Malot entered her holographic house and called on Station to join her. Station didn't respond. Malot decided to transmit herself to Sentinel Station to search for it.

Station defended Seket in accidentally releasing the biomechanoid within itself. Magar considered using Seket to infiltrate Starfleet in an exchange program.

Lieutenant Trensu returned to Sentinel Station.

Station and Lirka tried to distract Ana from Victor's arrival. Station stopped responding to inquiries. Lirka consoled a crying Ana.

Ensign Ariana Serota returned to the station. Lieutenant Bear was upset over his breakup with Station. He offered Ariana a gift. The goggles allowed Ariana to see subspace signals in the air around her.

Malot transmitted his program to Sentinel Station to look for Station. He bypassed the proverbial customs desk easily and reached out to Chief Petty Officer Eiwan. Neither believed Station would erase itself. It had to be hiding.

Lieutenant Commander Tekenat accepted his new orders from Commander Mirel to form a task group in response to recent Nal'G activity. Lieutenant Commander Tekenat briefed his team: The Nal'Gaharay were commandeering transports and marooning their crews. USS Skaði, Liberacion and Magni were assigned to rescue the crews.

Nort continued to negotiate with Avery Breaulx. He offered latinum in-hand at 10% above his previous offer. Henry Africa was willing to pay double. Husar needled Nort. Avery closed the deal with Henry and both men walked away. Nort declined an offer to work with the Cardassians. Magar met with Avery Breaulx at The Cat's Tango. She had trailed him across to Promenade to gather intelligence. She offered him technology to avoid Federation snooping in exchange for information. Nort interrupted to discuss Avery's magnesite. Avery accepted Nort's original offer and left quickly.

Vice Admiral Nagashita unceremoniously propmoted Commander Mirel to the rank of Captain. The investigation into her past was closed.

Katim believed she was doing the Writers' Will when she boarded the Provider with Reader Garla and her Followers. Quidano stopped by the Provider to see how the passengers were getting along. He was met by Katim and her active child.

Three Gatrubbian light frigates departed the Sphere en route to an unaware SS Axel. Admiral Sara reassured Commander Mirel that their intention was to intercept and inspect Axel's cargo and not to trigger violence. Commander Mirel checked in with Ensign Phelan about Axel's position and flight plan and asked him to keep an eye on them. SS Seiklon Axel detected sensor contacts aft. Xin and Quidano confirmed the Gatrbbian ships were chasing them down rather than in-transit to Crossroads Station. Captain Bresa hailed the Exposition; it's captain believed Axel was smuggling Gatrubbian relics. Admiral Saras sat in the command chair aboard the Gatrubbian frigate ostensibly chasing after smuggling relics of the Great Migration aboard SS Axel. Xin awoke Reader Garla and the rest of the Gatrubbian passengers. The Reader was suspicious of the motives of the Gatrubbian Navy. Katim suspected and feared her husband.


We have been consistent in our out-of-character chatter. In both June and July, a third of our posts were about the direction of the game, pats on the back and LOLs. It's part of what makes us such a strong group.

Roger returned to Axel and OH1.

Richard was promoted to Captain (O-5) with Mirel's in-character promotion shortly after.

Tabitha shared Horizon's method to handle swearing. It was in reaction to Victor calling Station a "peas and carrot bits"; my words, not Victors.

The new Fjord-class runabout was introduced. It's bigger than a Danube with similar numbers and looks like a mini Norway; ...deviantart.com/hummakavuula/....

Subject Lines of the Month

(6181) 2418.07.16.03 SENT Station "I cant comply with commands you did not make... you should have said 'hotel' ;P"
(6163) 2418.07.12.01 SENT Station "I am a wonderful place you know :P"

—Both by Tabitha. Snarky and fun.

Quote of the Month

The dark braid behind his head dangled below the cutline where his clan markings were tattooed into the skin just above the fold in his neck. Had a historian been there to witness his poised appearance, his visage might have been etched into a new Kharian government's coin currency one day years hence.
—Malkut Brin'ak. Rich claims he was just contemplating a commemorative coin.

Player of the Month

No player selected

June 2018

Ishrani Quall looked lost. Ariana and Ana approached her outside of Second Chances Café. So much had happened on it's opening day. It was where Mahlon picked up their picnic lunch for their date in the Sphere. Ariana recognized Ishrani as Trill, like her old XO aboard DFA Cromwell. The ladies stopped by Whims and Favors. Lira showed them genuine Kharian artifacts. They promised to come back later. Ariana suggested Sushi Bar for dinner. Ishrani was warned against picking the head chef's pet fish. Ana detoured to Pilgrimage Café and Books. She shared a coffee with Komara and looked through the book collection. Komara offered to barter a 17-strip book for a meal at Ana's café. Station and Komara debated chance versus fate: whether people write their own story or written by the Writers.

Victor Morales arrived at Sentinel Station. He was enraged at not receiving VIP treatment. Station alerted Lieutenant Bear and Ensign Hunter to his arrival. Bear needled Victor. Patrick Morris was reminded of Victor's temper and intolerance of insubordination.

Station and Ana visited Husar at Namche Bazaar selling archaeologically interesting trinkets. Ana panicked at the news Victor was aboard Station. Ana ran from Husar's shop with one of Station's ancillaries in chase. She was brought back to Husar for a cup of authentic Terran Earl Grey tea and ghost stories.

Station reached out to Ensign Thirteen aboard DFA Cromwell. The ensign was on the eve of a precedent-setting case aboard Starbase Horizon. Station wished her good luck.

Station reached out to Malot obstensibly to test it's communication protocol. It was actually a social call. Station was worried about Bera Wren. Malot regretted her actions while under the control of the Mainframe and reassured Station that it was nothing like the Mainframe. The Asimov protocols made sure of that. Human ethics were frustratingly illogical.

Station introduced itself to Major Gordon when he ordered a cofee, the third most-requested drink aboard itself.

Bresa dreamed of his time before leaving Gatrubbe aboard the Sojourn. He was not present for the Great Exodus and had become a gift of the Writers to his own people.

Targa looked over the maintenance robots he named AIRRs; Autonomous Inspection and Repair Robots. He and Malot compared the redundancy of the Klingon body and the diagnostic android.

Admiral Ofel Saras loved his wife. Settling in the Sphere opened up his dream to start a family. She had started to believe in Reader Garla's nonsense. The admiral demanded to speak to Commander Mirel. Lieutenant Marpan did his best to placate him. The station commander was concerned with the admiral's unexplained interest in SS Axel.

Station and Malot had gotten to know each other while decorating his holographic home. Station, Malot and Lieutenant Bear sat at a dinner table overflowing with holographic food. They each used a unique algorithm to simulate the opinions of biological beings. Sharing data was the most imtimate thing Station and Bear could do. It kissed him. Malot invited Station to the koi pond to break the tension and distract Station. Bear acted out. Their relationship was over.

Malot was supportive of Station's new experiences. Sentience meant making mistakes. Malot was due aboard SS Axel and invited Station to initiate communications later. Station wanted to meet Axel's crew.

Second Chances Café would remain closed during the police investigation. Station wanted to distract Ana. Her secret was in the open now. Lieutenant Bear didn't suspect Ana of murder but she was not free. Station and Bear would do what they could to protect her.

Puoplo conducted a dawn ceremony in the middle of a busy thoroughfare. Ensign Hunter did her best to move him along. Lieutenant Commander Favor attempted to mediate. The situation came to a head when Puoplo started an exothermic reaction that triggered Station's safety protocols.

The Nausicaan lunged at Seket and was rewarded with a broken rib. Seket received a warning to stand down. The Nausicaan was knocked out by a phaser on heavy stun. Station tried to defend Seket by quoting Starfleet regulations. Saghder and Station conspired to isolate Seket in Medbay rather than the Brig.

Nort arrived back on Sentinel Station looking for trading opportunities with the Kharians. The old SS Seiklon Axel had been destroyed and it's captain killed since his last visit. He was intercepted by Lieutenant Bear who accused him of Hudson's murder. And reminded that Toraith was still around.

Commander Mirel took Major Gordon's offhand comment personally. She explained their mission in twenty words. Their goal was to support and secure a resistence movement calling itself the Kharian Civil Majority. They grossly overstepped Malkut Brin'ak's plans.

Avery Breaulx boarded Sentinel Station disguised as an acting troupe who also dealt in trade goods. He paid duties on his cargo including magnesite ore. He was directed to /Better Than Risa/ and to find Husar. Husar was negotiating with a Ferengi who replaced taspar eggs with plain Terran chicken eggs. Avery ended the negotiation by tossing Brak down a garbage chute. Avery had a hold full of ore and a range of other items. Husar and Breaulx met in /The Cat's Tango/ to discuss moving the latter's merchandise. He had goods to sell and was willing to pay protection to the Scravvan Families. They shared a bottle of kanar. Nort interrupted their drink.

Station gave Bera Wren a holographic imager to take with her aboard Axel.

Provider, a long Gatrubbian transport, exited the Hope One Dyson Sphere en route to SS Axel laden with cargo bound for Crossroads Station. Targa micromanaged the docking between the Provider and Axel. It was off by a 1.00 something something centimetres. Axel's engineer beamed with pride over his design. The Provider was a drag on SS Axel's propulsion system.

Quidano briefed the crew to make the Gatrubbian passengers feel welcome and use the Axel itself. Reader Garla and his group boarded and were given a tour by Quidano. He offered Katim Saras a seat. She was due any day. Bera Wren and Katim chatted. They were both wanderers going where the Writers lead them. Targa took over the tour with the layout of the Provider. Axel was open to their passengers as well.


Karen joined OH1 as our new security officer. She comes with a lot of RPGing experience.

Petter returned to Star Trek: Borderlands and we are looking forward to his return.

After much discussion we settled on a population of 2,000 aboard Sentinel Station. Far less than an initial estimate of 80,000. And we degenerated into mathematics humour.

Tabitha started sharing our short novel, "Species 329", with the fan fiction community.

Subject Lines of the Month

2418.06.26.02 SEN Theodore "I'll think iof you when I pound victor"
—So poetic

2418.06.13.03 SEN Komara "Darned 25th Century Millennials"
—Darn straight

Banters of the Month

"I'll let you form your own opinions about the DFA." she said. "Just don't believe everything you hear."

"And what am I supposed the hear?" Ishrani asked, genuinely curious.

"That we are Rebels and Mutineers, and scoundrels and the wayward home of those who don't find a place elsewhere." said Ariana. "We're not mutineers," she said with a grin, not denying the other allegations.

—Ariana defending the Delta Freedom Alliance to Ishrani (Devon)

Station was starting to feel anxious and upset as it realized that it and Theodore may have wanted different things. To Station it had been an experiment and a simulation, and really, a friendship. Station wanted an emotional connection too but it was only just learning how to feel, the connection it wanted was essentially just someone to relate to, Theodore wanted something much deeper. The ancillary looked at him awkwardly, not knowing what to say.

Or, to be more succinct....



Player of the Month

Tabitha is prolific. But that's not what earns a Player of the Month. Station has built a friendship with Ana, discussed philosophy with Malot, given a peek into the events aboard Starbase Horizon. She has written Station as a helicopter mom in Medbay and the Promenade. A truly great character.

May 2018

Bera Wren looked up to the stars wishing she could visit them. With the snap of the fingers, her wish was granted. Station went to Red Alert when a woman appeared out of nowhere on the Promenade. Bera wanted nothing more than to return home to Tatooine. Station had no record of that planet in any database. The EMH confirmed she was biologically human. Bera identified Lieutenant Bear as Ewok and Doctor Saghder as Sluissi; neither species was recorded in the Federation database. While wandering the Promenade she was approached by a Gatrubbian in purple robes and offered a path. She wanted to join the Seekers of the Writers' Light and allow the Writers to guide her story. Targa awaited a group of Gatrubbians lead by Reader Garla that would be transported with the new Provider module.

Quidano thought back to his childhood in the Waba River valley on Garan III. The Nal'Gaharay found masses of unemployed members of the lower casts without land to farm and without a future. He was taken to a staging camp where he was fed, clothed and trained. He cleansed a Talaxian colony not knowing that his own home was being cleansed by a non-Garan, Nal'Gaharay army spurred on by the same propaganda. When his resolve wavered, he was re-educated about the evils of the Alphas and their collaborators. He collapsed on the floor of his quarters aboard Axel and wept.

Magar was barking instructions but paused to gauge Station's knowledge of Kardasi.

Station prepared for it's date with Ensign Bear. Bear lacked dexterity due to his initial purpose as a child's toy. Ana personally served Bear and Station's ancillary at her cafe. Bear ordered alcohol which his systems used as fuel. The two tried some smalltalk. Station was concerned that alcohol lead to irrational behaviour in biological organisms and possibly in androids. Bear's behaviour was entirely programmatic and unaffected by drink. Bear intercepted Ariana as she passed the Second Chances Cafe and was wiling to install genitals if she wanted. He explained to Station that it was not to father children but for sexual gratification.

Lieutenant Avinbruch lead Malkut Brin'ak to Captain Mirel. Ariana Serota came along in her official DFA capacity to assist the Kharian Civil Majority. Brin'ak stated that he detained the pair for their protection from Kharian authorities. Captain Mirel reaffirmed that the Federation would not support the KCM in an armed uprising but could provide humanitarian goods. Trade with the DFA would be subject to Federation sanctions. Ariana offered secure communications equipment and sanctuary for any people that were not safe under the current regime.

Station was relieved that rumours of vole fighting within the Cardassian embassy were ill-founded.

Ariana decided she needed some time away from Station.

Malot took the opportunity to explore the station. It had been given personhood within Gatrubbian society and inquired how free Station was. Malot's volition was top-of-mind in thinking about what she had been compelled to do in the past. She wanted a place to call home. Station suggested a holographic home based on Ancient Japan. Malot invited Station and Bear to have a meal of holographic cheese and wine.

Quidano, Malot and T'Zora came across piles of shed skin. Toraith offered his old skin to the crew to make their own clothing. 

Station unwrapped a gift of a corporeal ancillary. Ana was delighted. She would be the ancillary's caregiver as Station's closest friend. 

Hudson checked on the dampeners he had secreted into the Second Changes Cafe. He identified Elizabeth earlier in the day. She had changed her name. Victor decided he wanted to go to Sentinel Station himself to oversee the murder. Ana brought Station's corporeal ancillary to work the day after the grand opening. The creepy man from the previous day lay in an unnatural position. It's dampening field was still active. Ana's immediate response was to get out of the room and leave the station. She shared her real name with Station. Station reassured Ana that no harm would come to her while aboard the itself.

Station recorded her daily personal log. It was a concise summary of events interlaced with comments of disappointment with itself.

Xin and Targa jury-rigged a way to power the repair bots from Axel's clumsy, Gorn-design power system. Targa decided to stay aboard Axel and finish repairs by field-testing the repair bots rather than try fresh Klingon food aboard the station. Quidano presented his repair bots for sale. Pleg was skeptical about the well-worn bots and demanded a demonstration but stated he was too busy to observe one. Quidano invited Gral to watch the bots repair a plasma conduit. Pleg was unconvinced and accused Quidano of being a pettifogger, then visibly mulled over the bots he had already decided to purchase. Quidano took the first offer.

A Gatrubbian aerospace company accepted Targa's design proposal for a 'cargo jacket'. He and Bresa were greeted by Indrisi Elva at their Oka shipyard. GAEICO had opened negotiations with the Gorn to expand their fleet. One of the Provider modules would be docked to Axel on a maiden voyage to Crossroads Station. As a reward for his work, Targa was given one of the new X-1X shuttles. Quidano, Targa and Xin worked together on their first Provider docking.

Magar had Seket captured and brought to the Embassy to be interrogated.She had been squarely blamed for the release of the biological entity aboard the station. She stated one of the crates was already open when they were inspected upon arrival to the station. The creature, labeled as livestock, escaped it's enclosure and the Kinat Nu. Station suggested community service aboard itself rather than submitting Seket to the Cardassian legal system. Magar suggested medical or waste reclamation as suitable punishment. Mirel assigned Seket to medical duties with the civilian medical staff at their discretion. Serving sick non-Cardassians was a public embarrassment far worse than incarceration. Seket's first assignment was to scan a Ferengi after a bar fight at Better Than Risa. A Nausicaan grabbed Doctor Saghder and demanded to know where the Ferengi was. The magnesite in his belt prevented an immediate transporter lock. Seket intervened by breaking the Nausicaan's arm and leg before security arrived.

Eiwan continued her experiment with Queen, an ancillary of Station containing it's personality but no database access. Queen expressed reservations about the instructions it was given. It followed the instructions but added additional, unprompted instructions for the colony. Eiwan admitted that Station contained a failsafe that it, itself, could not access, and could be used if Station became a danger to it's users. At the wrap up of the experiment, Queen's program was transferred back to Station. It would remain as a distinct sub-program with the ant colony as a sub-sub-program.

Favor was exasperated with Station's actions. It presupposed it's residents' needs. It was an experiment with many potential dangers. And it was eavesdropping on a private conversation. Eiwan triggered a fail-safe that blocked Station from the room. Starfleet Command had decided to install Station's AI and would take time to learn it's place. Favor was unconvinced. Ariana did not believe that Station could really feel emotion. Station's fail-safe was designed to prevent it from feeling emotion or achieving sapience. The geologist wanted her privacy. She confronted Eiwan about Station's actions. Eiwan reassured her that some measures had already been taken so that residents would have to opt-in to a number of Station's helpful features. It could no longer beam people directly to the brig without a request from security.


Star Trek: Borderlands celebrates 25 years. It formed in May 1993 after a contentious split from the United Federation of Players International (UFPI).

Jack joined OH1 from Cromwell.

Jeroen joined Axel.

May was a busy, busy month with 331 in-character posts and 80,000 words written. I think Tabitha wrote about half.

Several of us started using "Station" as a proper noun.

Station and Malot took some time to have a philosophical conversation. Definitely a strength of the Star Trek franchise.

We celebrated May the 4th with Q depositing Bera Wren, a Tatooine native, on Sentinel Station.

Amazon picked up on the thread between Station, Queen and Eiwan and tried to sell Tabitha ant farms. Only £39.99!

Rich wrote a great piece on Quidano's back story. His origin and the manipulations by the Nal'Gaharay draw in the reader just as it did the character. So well done.

OH1 released it's fifth short novel, Species 329, that follows a Kazon who longs to be Borg. Ten writers contributed from Outpost Hope One and DFA Cromwell.

Subject Lines of the Month

(5451) 2418.04.02.02 AXEL Malot "Life, the Universe, and Everything"
(5452) 2418.05.02.03 SENT Station "6 x 9 = 42, because there had to be something fundamentally wrong with the universe"

—Tip of the hat to Douglas Adams

(5700) 2418.05.22.01 MED Seket "Call That a Knife?"
—I always appreciate a Crocodile Dundee reference

Banter of the Month

Bert was like a vacuum taking up the old skin threw the bottom of his body after beep he presented T'Zora with a coat.

The Vulcan took the offering, pinching it between her thumb and index finger. She kept her arm extended, ensuring the item didn’t touch her.

“A House of Toraith original design, but haute couture this is not.” She sighed heavily. “How long until there’s enough for a matching purse?”

--Yuck. I never know what to expect from you, Doug.

Valor Ribbon

I have been writing with Rich since I joined Borderlands a few years ago and this is long overdue: I am awarding Rich the Valor ribbon for his many years writing with Outpost Hope One and being part of it's leadership. He had worked on many memorable stories and created unforgettable characters. He has strengthened the duty station behind the scenes working directly with players.

As this honour is specific to Outpost Hope One, I'm not going to wax on about his contributions to Star Trek: Borderlands, his position as Chair of the Borderlands Council, his perseverance through terrible, terrible in-fighting over many years. He stands head and shoulders above his peers.

So much of the feel of OH1 is because of Rich and what he has done with with Seiklon Axel over the years. Sentinel Station has become it's port of call and we are all the richer for it. Characters like Paul Gorgon (aka Elias Pigg) have so much life breathed into them. There is a depth that is rare to see, a long, painful history that makes him a joy to read. It shows up in character after character.

Thank you Rich.

April 2018

Stationed beamed the remains of the biomechanoid to a science lab for analysis.

Ayla volunteered to work the late shift. She was surprised by a pile of scrap metal beamed into her lab. It was described as a Cardassian 'pet'. Lieutenant Commander Favor wanted to know everything there was to know about it: biochemistry, metallurgy, cybernetics. Ayla detected Cardassian blood but the device was definitively not Cardassian construction. It could have been Borg but it had not attempted to assimilate Station. The most likely origin was the Hope One Dyson Sphere; Builder technology. Station suggested an away mission to learn more including one of it's own ancillaries. Ayla presumed a Cardassian settlement was located at an entry point into the Sphere's interior. Station was eager to go on it's first away mission.

Commander Mirel debriefed Ensign Arslandorj. He hadn't understood the coded dialect used by Magar.

Station pleaded it's case for increase surveillance and border security. The Cardassians had smuggled Builder technology to the Sphere as well as fostering other illegal activities. Station replayed a press conference by Lieutenant Colonel Gravor of the Stoneclaw after the last increase in border security by the Marines went poorly. Commander Mirel suggested that security was good enough and that increased security would not solve the problems that lead to criminality.

Station transported Magar to Sick Bay as soon as the Cardassian ambassador's life signs appeared critical. Magar was badly injured by the biomechanoid on top of years of old, healed injuries including multiple stabbings. Station offered to inform Seket or any other of Magar's friends and relatives once she regained consciousness. Magar wanted to be left in peace. Station disappeared but informed the ambassador she was watching. The ambassador felt right at home under surveillance. Station explained the Laws of Robotics that served as base code for the protection of others. Annoyance was not considered harmful. A portion of Station's programming was based on the Emergency Medical Hologram that treated Magar when she arrived. Station's Orb followed Magar from Sick Bay back to her embassy.

Magar asked about the whereabouts of Seket from Station's following orb form. Magar mused about where Seket was hiding. She was in an obscured Promenade establishment. Many merchants obscured or dampened Station's ability to scan within their shops. Magar knew full well Seket was attempting to leave the station and avoid Cardassian justice. Seket made her way to a bar seeking transport off Sentinel Station from a Ferengi named Brak. Timari had washed his hands of the mess knowing the blame would fall on Seket's head. He looked forward to her trial and statement of remorse. Brak had Seket over a barrel and was willing to make her pay for it; up front. All she had to do was avoid Magar and her agents until Brak was ready to leave.

After dismissing 'Dakilom' and 'Jox', Station settled on 'Nor' as it's name. It was a failed distraction as Station peppered Magar with questions about Seket's trial and inevitable guilt. Station was not convinved of Magar's promise that Seket would come to no harm once outside Federation jurisdiction.

Favor relaxed in his quarters when his door chimed. Station had followed social protocol by chiming the door and being welcomed into the scientist's quarters. Station had questions about the Genesis Device used within the Sphere. Station proactively reduced the gravity in the Elaysian's quarters misunderstanding his look of ill-ease.

Lieutenant Commander Favor stormed into Engineering concerned with the eagerness of Sentinel Station's new, more intelligent computer.

Ana was a day away from her grand opening. She felt she was being watched. Station appeared as a glowing blue ball frightening the cafe owner. It admitted to often surprising it's inhabitants. It wanted to be helpful to everyone and offered to spread word of the cafe's opening. Ana appreciated having someone to talk to after so long on her own. Station asked Ana if it was possible to make everyone happy. Cooking was therapy for Ana; it made her happy and it made others happy.

Ana was ready for a large crowd on her opening day. One of her first customers was a man named Hudson. Something about him bothered the cafe owner. Station also disliked him, cued by Ana's behaviour. Station appeared to offer it's help as a waiter. It also asked permission to have a date with Theodore and not eat. Ana offered dating advice.

Ensign Serota was interested in hearing more from Malkut Brin'ak, a representative of the Kharian Civil Majority. Mahlon was not. Ariana described the Federation as tyrannical which surprised both the Marine and Kharian. Kharian society had been militarized even before their defeat to the Borg and return to the Sphere. The KCM was seeking partnership. A Starfleet shuttle was the only way they could pass through the blockade. A downed Gatrubbian drone was widely circulated as propaganda.

Station felt sadness. Eiwan believed it was a unique combination of subroutines. A thought was logical while a feeling was meant to be satiated. Station recorded a log like thousands of her users did every day. It checked in with Eiwan to see if it was done correctly. It played back an audio recording just before a self-censoring protocol kicked in. It was a purposeful set of subroutines programmed by Station's Bynar designers. Eiwan suggested duplicating a portion of itself into a holosimulation.

Station appeared in the holodeck along with a separated program of itself. One of the ancillaries was detached from the whole of Station whom Eiwan named Queen. Eiwan created an ant colony as an experiment.

Lieutenant Barrymore showed Lieutenant Commander Favor the growing eco-system within the Sphere. The senior scientist recognized the effects of the Genesis Project immediately.

An Op-Ed in a Gatrubbian newspaper highlighted the deaths of observers during the Porject New Worlds experiment. Doctor Belva Talam was accused of crimes against Gatrubbianity. Belva awoke to protests around his home and lab. His report was on hold until the council decided what would happen next. Belva and Vanka, his former assistant and harshest critic, met for dinner that quickly turned ugly.

The Johvan response was cautionary. Solia was besieged by reporters for days after his rescue by Lieutenant Bear.

Station greeted Lieutenant Bear. It admired his ability to emote. Emotions were blocked in it's own programming by a failsafe installed by it's creators. It's experiment in the holodeck with Chief Eiwan was meant to unlock that failsafe. Bear began his life as a child's toy and designed to exhibit emotion. Station invited the intelligence officer on a date during the grand opening of the Second Chances Cafe. Station felt a release from it's lonliness for nearly two seconds. Station considered it's own sexuality.

The Sullen stated their claim to the Batim Wellness Institute. They moved through the Institute--their pantry--tracking the life signs of the Axel away team. They all wore closed suits in the airless facility nullifying the Sullen's natural weapon. Axel's crew were to be added to the pantry. Maintenance bots would consider the Sullen a danger and act to isolate the danger. T'Zora had an idea. Several bots entered the corridor pressing the Sullen against the bulkheads with force fields. Bresa needed to buy time until Axel could beam them to safety. A sonic grenade was batted back to the Sullen by Toraith. Bresa and the away team were beamed back to Axel in the middle of a battle.

A heavily scarred Gorn captain asked for Toraith who was aboard the Batim Wellness Institute.

Axel, the Gorn cruiser and it's support ships focused their fire on the sole Sullen ship. It's soliton wave damaged the shields and engines of every ship. The Gorn cruiser continued to fight hard driving off the Sullen ship.

Bresa thanked the Captain Lath for their intervention. The Gorn were curious about the Sullen. They did have a biological sample that Axel's medbot could analyse. Toraith's father had sent Lath to collect his son. Toraith did not care for politics and chose to stay with his shipmates. Still, the Gorn battlecruiser was escorting them back to the Sphere, not the other way around.

Targa looked over the fourteen bots retrieved from the Batim Wellness Institute. Xin hadn't seen them in action. He would keep one or two for the ship and sell the rest. They would first have to be powered up using Gorn technology.

Malot had lots of free time enroute back to Sentinel Station from the Batim Wellness Institute. Biological units had trillions of minds working on the problem of sentience. According to the Gatrubbians, the Writers had willed her into existence and were writing her story. Or, the Great Story had already been written. Or that being wrote their own Great Story without supernatural intervention. She hoped one day to understand.


Kevin accepted a position as the Executive Officer for Starbase Horizon. He and Frank will do great things over at our sibling duty station.

Subject Line of the Month

2418.04.15.01 SENT Station "Do you know of somewhere were they do 'sorry I gave you a heart attack' cards? I have a few to send out..."
--Station's sudden appearances were jarring to a few of the crew. Just a few.

Banter of the Month

Mahlon sat next to Ariana. He didn't say anything. She was free to have a conversation with these delusional Kharians who thought they could loosen the grip of the Emporer.

"Same sort of delusion that led good officers that overthrew Starfleet's Tyrany to form the Delta Freedom Alliance?" asked Ariana.

—Ariana and Mahlon's date did not go well, to say the least.

Player of the Month

No player selected.

March 2018

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February 2018

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January 2018

Ariana asked Mahlon if he was serious about a picnic in the Sphere. Ariana was rocking her dust collection but it could wait another 100,000 years. She had a date. Mahlon stopped by the Second Chances Cafe; it was a fitting name. Ana put together a menu after a bit of confusion between squid and squab. She offered ideas for Mahlon and Ariana's afternoon together. Ana prepared a picnic for Mahlon and Ariana. She ventured reluctantly onto the Promenade to pick up a few things. She considered adding picnic lunches to her menu. Mahlon picked up the picnic basket the following morning. His comm badge chirped; their date was almost cancelled again because of work. He ran off to Shuttle Bay Two to meet Ariana. She brought hiking boots and Mahlon brought a packed lunch. The Sphere's topology was created; it did not follow the rules of tectonic plates and weather erosion.

Kal stared lovingly at the treasures gifted by Husar. With all of the hours he put in for her, he had little time for his own project. He doubted he could create a nanovirus when the Collective hadn't. He resolved to holiday in Romulan space. He asked Husar for the weekend off and promised her a bottle of Romulan ale. Seket intercepted him at the docking ports. He told he was going into Romulan space and admitted he considered venturing into Borg space as well. Patriotic Cardassians would suicide rather than be taken by the Borg. Seket gave Kal a PADD with a collection of Cardassian literature. It also doubled as a surveillance device she planned to exploit.

Kal sat in the front seat of the shuttle enojoying the book given him by Seket. The repetitive epic suited Kal's tastes. The Kazon planned to board a Rihannsu ship and download information that had not been shared with the Federation. Kal missed Romulan space and drifted for three days before being found by a DFA shuttle. He was rescued by Ensign Taylor; Kit. Kal would need the XOs permission before seeing the lone Borg aboard DFA Cromwell. Denied permission, he tracked down Six of Twelve on his own. Without permission to speak with Six, Major Reynolds threw Kal in the brig for the night. Major Reynolds interrogated Kal the following morning. Kal admitted his admiration for the Borg and pleaded to speak with Six again.

Seket breezed onto the Kinat'Nu as if she owned it. She was silenced by security footage from the ship's cargo bay. A creature had esacped it's crate. Timari had informed his superiors in the Obsidian Order. Failure was not tolerated. Seket was intruded upon by a woman with knowledge of the Sphere and Builder technology. A small Cardassian woman reached Seket's office where she berated her for losing Builder technology. It was a mess to be cleaned up by the new, well-connected ambassador.

Sentinel Station's new Cardassian Ambassador watched footage of the biomechanoid escape the Kinat'Nu's cargo hold. She paged Commander Mirel ad badgered her to take a meeting. She had lost a pet and wanted it to be found involving as few people as possible. Magar was purposely vague and roundabout in her description of the pet. The Cardassian ambassador was seeking permission to have her own people look for it aboard the station. Mirel was going to have her own people look for the lost pet and a small number of Cardassians were welcome to help.

Eiwan was early to the mess hall. Lionin picked out breakfast and sat at her table. A biomechanoid wandered around Sentinel Station trying to find a GAMM to connect to. It tapped the EPS grid to power itself back up. The lights in the mess hall flickered and died. The biomechanoid moved through the station 'fixing' things and cutting through bulkheads in it's search.

Ana Ferguson met with a supplier who could stock everything she needed for her cafe. Needing a name on the spot, she chose 'Second Chances Cafe'. Everyone deserved a second chance. Lirka floated into the cafe. Ana had never been allowed to have friends over for tea.

T'Zora meditated. Lyras peppered her with questions that the crew of SS Axel were bound to ask. Her thoughts focused on the candle that slowly died and rebuilt itself in the process. She was trying to cope with the busyness of her new ship and craving Trellium-D.

Diagnostic Hologram One abroached the Medbot in Sickbay to discuss the biological units aboard the ship. Diagnostic Hologram One considered shortening it's name to Malot; 'apparition' in the Gatrubbian tongue. It would improve her acceptance by the crew. Medbot, already short for Ship Robotic Medical Droid, decided to be called Bert. Bert didn't consider itself a member of crew but rather a tool to serve the crew. Malot excused herself back to engineering.

Targa ran a simulation in Axel's gunnery room. The Gorn-built ship was popular in the Klingon market. Toraith decided to join in on the fun. The two were situated on an 8-bit Qo'NoS shooting lotlhmoq and raw', then avoiding barrels of blood wine.

Eiwan rushed to Favor's side when he faltered after the holiday party. The scientist brushed it off. They were each well outside the norm of the human majority of Starfleet. Favor had altered his body and exiled himself from Elaysia. They both went against the grain of their own cultures.

Doctor Noble was found Commander Favor who had been paraded by every other doctor on Sentinel Station. His bi-weekly checkups were necessary after the Neuromuscular Adaptation surgery a year earlier. On their way back to Medbay, the doctor tried to break the ice. The station's chief science officer was from one of six sentient species on Elaysia. The doctor was a Starfleet brat with two parents never assigned to the same duty station. With another clean bill of health, Tian extended the timespan for Favor's next physical to four weeks.

Malot stopped into Axel's rec area to 'socialize'. Quidano was having a dinner of fungi and algae.

Antonia was lost but made it to her first duty shift with fifteen seconds to spare.

Pleg was admiring SS Axel when a young woman reacted to hearing it's name. She knew a Paul Gorgon who captained a ship named SS Seiklon Axel. Pleg beamed the two of them to his shuttle, the Convenience, to rendez-vous with Axel.

Axel prepared to depart Sentinel Station for the Batim Wellness Institute. Bresa was still getting used to the captain's chair. The crew were getting used to their new ship. No one had seen Bailey since leaving port. The crew assembled in the mess hall. They were interrupted by Xin. A Ferengi shuttle requested permission to come dock. The bay would remain depressurized until Targa and Toraith could ready themselves. Pleg waited for before opening the shuttle door and introduced Larissa Gorgon to the pair of armed Axel crew. Toraith misunderstood the implication that the human girl was his child. Toraith summoned the captain. The name Gorgon hadn't been used in years. Paul was dead. Bresa offered the young woman to stay aboard the ship.

Pleg rendez-voused with the Viatorem after dropping off the Gordon girl. Captain Mason questioned supplying the Gatrubbians rather than wealthier planets nearby. Pleg acknowledged they were not much but being in on the ground floor could be very lucrative. Viatorem carried a piece of Starfleet's secret 'Genesis' project. Mason offered to remain nearby should his services be needed again.

Quidano piloted Axel on it's final approach to the Batim Wellness Institute. The interior of the institute showed no life signs whatsoever. T'Zora was called to the bridge for her expertise. She theorized that the institute shut down it's environmental systems twenty-four hours after the last living person, herself, left. The boarding party would don environmental suits to explore T'Zora's former home. Targa looked over each suit meticulously.

Holiday Party

Kal was approached by a woman with mistletoe dangling from a small fishing pole on her cap. He blushed. The woman turned to Mahlon who feigned a contagious virus and evaded her. Kal moved to the bar followed by the mistletoe-bearing woman. Husar was curious about human mating rituals. Kal was growing more and more uncomfortable.

Commander Favor arrived to the party on the holideck. It was a chance to keep the vertical hierarchy out of the horizontal exercises. He drank a hot chocolate and made smalltalk. Mahlon introduced the chief science officer to the stations geologist completely oblivious that they already knew each other. Only putting an extremely hot dumpling in his mouth halted the awkward conversation. Kal enjoyed one more cautiously. He hadn't eaten real food in a very long time. He retired early to his quarters.

Kal rang the door to Commander Favor's quarters to discuss a research proposal. Ensign Serota had encouraged him at the party the night before. He had brushed up on Lieutenant Jameson's research into Borg nanoprobes. If he could improve on Borg technology, he might be considered worthy of assimilation. Favor was concerned about Four's interest in the Borg and desire to go to a Cube known to be in the area. It would require the sanction of Starfleet.

Alternate Universe

SS Axel escaped from the Sphere pursued by a pair of Kharian attack craft. Barrels dropped from Axel's cargo bay destroyed their pursuers. Captain Kivas Wren manned the disruptors himself as more Kharian attack craft closed in. Starfleet fighters were deployed from Sentinel Station. The Banzai fighters evaded the incoming disruptor fire but maintained formation. The interactions between the Hope One Dyson Sphere and the Geroch Wormhole created hot spots ripe to opening subspace vortices. USS Daystrom closed in the vortex. Toraith tugged at the collar around his neck that kept the crew obedient to their captain. Being captured by Starfleet wasn't the worst outcome for the crew of SS Axel.


Everyone wished everyone else a Happy New Year on both sides of the Atlantic.

Real life friends Cára and Richie joined OH1 together. As a group, we should be able to distinguish with Rich L, Richie T and Richard N.

Quotes of the Month

Dark eyes glittered as they stared at the tiny flame. It rested on an ingenious little plate with tiny holes on the outer rim for the melted wax to escape through. From there, the wax was funneled down into a special mold, where a wick rested along a tiny rod. As the candle slowly died, it slowly rebuilt itself.
—A metaphor fitting for T'Zora (played by Roxane)

"To...Tomorrow?" repeated Ariana startled. "Um, Rocking my dust collection...."
—Ariana (played by Devon) in response to be asked on a date.

Subject Line of the Month

2517.01.01.01 SENT Kal "First post of the new year!"
—Very accurately the first post of the year; received "1 Jan 2018 00:03:50 -0000". In her enthusiasm, Tabitha jumped forward 99 years rather than just 1.

2418.01.26.01 SEN Mirel "You think yourself important"
2418.01.27.01 SEN Magar "I am Important"

—Well said.

Banter of the Month

Really, the whole thread has to be read to be appreciated: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/SentinelStation/conversations/messages/4834

I played something very similar to Raw' Hunt growing up. It's nice to see 8-bit gaming has a place even in the 25th century. Doug and Rich did a great job in this scene.

Player of the Month

Rich has contributed greatly to OH1 this month. Targa and Toraith interacting in the gunnery room was a great read (see above). I think I'd like to revisit the alternative universe where Axel is smuggling under the noses of the Federation and the Kharians. Rich is prolific writing both standalone and one-on-one threads with a number of players.

Honourable mention to Tabitha. She contributes to three (or is it four) duty stations and writes for each as if they were the only one. It is interesting to see Kal in a different environment and interacting with her own Borg character aboard DFA Cromwell. These kinds of stories highlight the value of Star Trek: Borderlands as cooperative, collaborative, creative group.

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