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Captain's Log

May 2017

Marines monitored passengers and crews boarding Sentinel Station. Gavin questioned a Marine about the increased security and reluctantly presenting his identification and his right hand, palm-up. A flash and smoke filled the corridor. Gavin dropped to the ground, a blade in his hand. Pleg came along side and offered a way past the checkpoint. Marines looked through the space with tachyon emitters to look for personal cloaking devices. Gavin questioned Pleg's motives who was hoping to earn a favour from the traveller.

While speaking with Varg, several ships of Cronin design entered USS Daystrom's sensor range. Trensu questioned Varg's motives who swore he was the only chance for a peaceful resolution. Favor registerd a ping on sensors and wondered if the ships were engaged in a search operation. Doctor Theophilus reported an innoculant to counter the boryan radiation permeating the ship. Daystrom's captain ordered the helm to reach what appeared to be an escape pod ahead of the Cronin ships. USS Arbalest was dispatched to assist but was still an hour away. The pod was small, short-range and carried a single occupant. As soon as the pod was in range, it was beamed into the cargo hold and it's occupant directly to Sickbay. Daystrom then set a course at it's maximum speed for Sentinel Station. The captain realized the Cronin would pursue them even more that they had a survivor aboard. Varg hurled an insult at the retreating USS Daystrom.

The occupant of the escape pod materialized in Sick Bay. Ariana recognized the species as Loukassan. He had spent days in a pod depleted of breathable air. Campada awoke with a start and recognized his doctor and Ensign Serota as human. Doctor Theophilus reassured him he was safe and that she was actively countering the effect of borayon radiation. Campada stated that his planet had been occupied by a faction of Cronin who were a generally chaotic species. The Campada were compelled to maintain Cronin ships captured from the time they rebelled against the Solimenti.

Delmo moved from storefront to storefront engaging their owners in conversation. Seket noticed the Bolian and decided to tag along. Delmo tried to ignore the Cardassian woman at first. He was adamant he had an invitation for her as well and would prefer to hand deliver them. Seket offered to introduce the shopkeeper around the Promenade. In one interaction with a spice-and-oil dealer, Seket took it upon herself to speculate on the Promenade's future of higher rents and corruption. The Cardassian offered to distribute Delmo's pamplets for him.

Husar stepped into Pleg's shop while Gral was stocking fake Gatrubbian statuettes. Lirka was unaware of her husband's venture but played her part as good Ferengi wife. Pleg had learned that Governor Kal-Nar was invited to an evening meeting with Promenade shopkeepers at Delmo's invitation. Pleg assumed Husar was prepared to order Delmo's execution. Her links to the Scravvan families gave her almost as much power as the Obsidian order. Another option was to frame him for smuggling on behalf of the Kharians including a few sloppily coded communications. A couple of expendable lackeys would be caught with biogenic weapons. It was not going to go well for Delmo.

Groud and Durk stopped to check the heavy crate they were carrying matched their instructions. They had been told to pick up the box on dock two. Durk had second thoughts about not using a grav sled and was reminded by Groud that spoonheads were as cheap as Ferengi. Durk speculated the contents were valuable contraband. Their curiousity got the better of them. Seket watched the pair over a security camera. As Durk reached into the crate, Groud slammed the lid and ran for his life. He yelled over his shoulder he was going to pick up a grav sled but was already on his way to the next freighter leaving the station. Durk wandered away. The partially opened crate was left in the open with Delmo's name on the shipping manifest.

Husar inspected the Sushi Bar before the guests arrived. She wore a dress that sent a statement of wealth and power. She asked a number of clipped questions without allowing Gaspar to answer any of them fully. She told the restauranteur that Pleg was footing the bill. The Ferengi entrepreneur and his wife arrived first. The lady Lirka wore a diaphanous dress that barely covered her.

Special Inspector Ashton-Milyo met with Admiral Leval to hear his opinion on Commander Mirel. The Vulcan admiral found her to be a competant and dedicated administrator. He also met with Judge Advocate Melinda Michaels to discuss any open investigations against the station commander.

Governor Kal-Nar took a break from the pile of padds on his desk. He found Delmo waiting in a back corridor and pressed a silent alarm. Delmo began politicking and the governor agreed to a town hall that evening. It was an incredible opportunity for the Bolian.

Charles Goodwin entered the smoke-filled 'Pit and Dagger Cantina'. He placed a few bars of latinum on the counter and asked for the Dream. He found her in a back room with her feet on the table. She dismissed the well-dressed man. He responded with double her usual rate. He was looking for a woman named Valeria. She had stolen something from his family. Dream asked if he needed time to gather the funds. Charles tried to keep the offense out of his voice; money wasn't an issue. Dream admitted that she was Valeria. Charles doubted her claim. Dream offered her bottle for a genetic comparison aginst whatever Charles had of Valeria. Dream remembered what she had stolen: engine schematics; the elder Goodwin's life's work. Dream kicked up the table she had been resting her feet on and shot Charles and his two bodyguards with a heavy stun. She collected the reward of finding Valeria from Charles' pockets, tossed the bartender a few bars for his trouble and disappeared. Again.

Admiral Leval walked into Sickbay weak and with a headache that would down a sehlat. Doctor Butler dropped what she was doing and began examining the sector commander. The growth in the admiral's brain was found quickly. He was concerned with recuperation time given all that was happening in and around the station. He was typical of all Starfleet officers, hard to get into Sickbay and nearly impossible to keep there. She gave Leval a hypospray to temporarily alleviate the symptons. His next visit would be an overnight stay while nanites removed the growth.

Bresa was called to the Gatrubbian settlement within the sphere. He was the center of attention as he walked through the spaceport. Egira invited the time traveller to the opening of a new temple attended by several prominent Readers. What he most wanted was to see Ligshuk again. She and her father had a home on the outskirts of the settlement. When Bresa had finished his meeting, Ligshuk was waiting for him in the lobby of the government building. They decided to attend the Readings. It had been a long time since Bresa set foot in a temple. Kalana welcomed them and told Bresa he had heard many stories of the last of the Voci family to live on Gatrubbe. Kalana was a direct descendant of Bana Voci, Bresa's brother.

Dvir told Elias he was leaving Seiklon Axel as soon as the ship docked with Sentinel Station.

Captain Pigg would justify the actions of Quidano and Toraith by their success. It was more than he had done himself. He reported Chelsea's kidnapping to a marine desk sergeant. They also reported the theft of the Cyclone. The group were referred to Lieutenant Colonel Stoneclaw, task force commander. Johnson provided a statement beginning with aiding Axel during an attack. His ship was then stolen by two members of Axel's crew. The colonel did not deem the theft as a general threat to travel and trade. Captain Johnson reserved his right to press charges on the condition of his ship when it was returned. He understood the motivation for stealing the ship and could not fault it. Pigg described the attack and kidnapping. Stoneclaw needed more than the Elias' accusations to pursue things further. Elias presented evidence that showed planetary bombardment by retired, and presumed stolen, Starfleet ships against the planet Thela. Elias himself was a target to be returned for a mock tral in front of the Setlin Commerce Guild. The Marine CO agreed to dispatch a squadron to intercept Eugene and recover Reed's ship. He agreed with Elias' decision to not further risk his entire crew to save a single individual and, instead, ask the Marines for help. Both Bresa and Reed gave reassuring getures to the guilt-stricken captain.

Duke Faritha thanked Captain Pigg for taking care of his son and offered a generous payment to take the two back to the Gorn home world. Pigg was determined to repair his ship and pursue Chelsea's captor. Xin and Imgres hoped to repair the ship well enough to reach Sentinel Station under it's own power. The crew dreaded the idea of being towed. Noluk also declined the Duke's offer. Reed Johnson barged into Pigg's quarters demanding answers about his stolen ship. The Cyclone was capable of warp 8.5. Elias winced knowing neither his ship nor Albatross would catch it. The captain said he would declare the ship stolen if Toraith and Quidano didn't return it undamaged. The Duke apoligized for his son; not on behalf of his son, for his son.

With Chelsea rescued and aboard the Cyclone, Serosian raiders decided to move in. Chelsea came to, to find Quidano and Toraith standing over her. When the raiders boarded, they offered the Axel crew free passage if they laid down their weapons. Toraith believed they were sent my Eugene to recapture his ship. Toraith grabbed a fire extinguisher intending it as a blunt, improvised weapon before Quidano told him what it really was. Toraith stalled by asking the raiders about their culture. As soon as the Serosians started their attack, Toraith moved in and bit down on the lead raider. Quidano came out of a side compartment and engaged the raiders from the side. He knocked one down before taking a disruptor blast to the chest. Toraith was shot as well before Chelsea, in her drugged state, fired a phaser at it's highest setting against the last Serosian. In the end, the Axel crew were the ones left standing.

The crew of the Serosian raider began to worry when their boarding party did not check in. Toraith beamed onto the raider and quickly dismembered the remaining two pirates. With it's crew dead, the ship self-triggered a self-destruct forcing the Gorn to escape back to the Cyclone.

Vaquero Flight arrived and offered assistance to the damaged Cyclone. A recovery team beamed aboard Cyclone. The lead marine asked Quidano and Toraith to identify themselves and then placed them under arrest. When Toraith threatened the Marines, he was shot with a heavy stun.

Elias surveyed the Axel shuttle bay. It had an occupation-era Bajoran raider, a grav truck and a Kobali shuttle. He liked the pair of versatile workbees that could be endlessly configured. He needed a proper shuttle. Seiklon Axel's new Chief Officer moved the two workbees to the shuttle bay and brought a third aboard.

Elias was perusing small craft at 'The Motorpool' and immediately liked the Clydesdale-class shuttle. They had been workhorses of the Federation for decades according to Lieutenant Caspin Mudd, great grandson of Harry Mudd. The interior was configured for eight seats along with a replicator and lavatory. The control board was covered in scores of buttons; not like modern shuttles with endless submenus. Elias regretted that he had sunk his funds into a 2332 Bajoran raider. It was perfect for a history buff. Those shuttles were collectors items. Mudd wondered aloud about selling to a Cardassian collector and accepted a straight up swap.

While working in Axel's shuttlebay trying to accomodate the new shuttle and the existing workbees, Elias received word that the Cyclone had been recovered. Chelsea was aboard a Starfleet ship, safe and sound. Imgres received the same message and offered his Chief Officer a thumbs up. Elias realized he as an ineffective leader and didn't belong in the captain's chair. Elias had earlier spent 30 minutes conveying his condolences to Chelsea's parents. Without preamble, he announced his resignation as Captain of Seiklon Axel to Bresa and Xin. Bresa would be the ship's new captain and Elias would retire to a home with a white picket fence. In the short term, Elias would stay aboard as a mentor.

Chelsea stopped by Elias' quarters. He saw the faded bruising and apologized. She knew the Arvonians would not give up until they had Elias in prison. He openly cried at his own failures; he could not have done what Toraith and Quidano did. Chelsea was shocked that Elias gave up what he loved: being a captain. Elias didn't say that he loved Chelsea more than being captain.

Bresa decided to adjust the titles and responsibilities of the crew. Elias would become it's Chief Officer in charge of deck operations. Bresa offered Xin the position of Second Officer with bridge duties. Elias liked his new captain's ideas. Bresa also wanted to add a Third Officer. Elias mused about who could fill the roll when Bresa threw a curve ball and suggested Toraith. Bresa appreciated the Gorn's drive to save Chelsea. Elias suggested Quidano but Bresa disagreed. When informed, Toraith immediately asked for a sash. Xin stepped into the role immediately offering to have crew evaluations on the captain's desk the following morning.

Reed Johnson had been in the same situation as Elias Pigg. The latter captain would recover in time. Reed decided not to press charges. The Cyclone was in bad shape. Elias offered his own share of Seiklon Axel's profits until the damage was repaired. And the share of a crew member as well. Elias didn't feel right collecting his fee on a mission where he lost Chelsea. With Reed's ship needing repairs, he could tag along with Axel's crew in the meantime. Axel had a good reputation os earning enough for 'gas'. Captain Pigg enjoyed the adventure all the more. Toraith was brought into the shuttle bay restrained and muzzled. The Duke removed the muzzle so that Toraith could apologize.

With Bresa taking command of Seiklon Axel and a crew shuffle, the ship was left without a pilot. Reed Johnson was willing to fill that role. The indepedent captain had expected to remain aboard Sentinel Station while his ship was repaired. He had been on Cyclone alone for eight years. He knew every position. Chelsea would show Johnson to his new quarters. It meant a lot to the new pilot to be a part of a crew again.

The crew of Albatross beamed down to the colony on New Enterprise. It was a boom town of pre-fab structures and a physical wall separating it from the outside wilderness. Icmod seemed to appreciate it whereas everyone else was surprised at it's rustic style. Pelira welcomed the crew to his home. He invited the crew to the Raeldra busting competition that evening. Raeldra were a native horned animal described as projecting and indomitable spirit. Icmod asked about the colony's relationship with the native species. Pelira brushed aside the question. Raeldra were hunted and used for sport. The beasts were worn down and bled upon a field as a public spectacle. Zoss and Roquel reacted with disgust. Icmod played the diplomat and Jillido was indifferent.

Before the Albatross crew could settle in, the colony was attacked by the native Vegones. Locals unholstered weapons and ran towards the site of the attack. Zoss and Zal joined the defenders while the rest of the crew took shelter. The walls of the settlement looked they would collapse momentarily. There was no organized defence. The Human and Akritirian colonists fired their low-powered phaser rifles until the locals 'skedaddled'. The pair of Jem'Hadar vapourized a tree sending several natives running. They became defacto commanders of the settlement's defence and ordered the colonists to deny the natives cover. The vegetation was shredded and the Vegones ran off. Several were picked off for sport by the colonists. Zoss informed Icmod that the locals were intelligent beings.

Icmod and the Albatross crew say on wooden benches surrounding the raeldra fighting arena. It looked like the ancient rodeos once held on Earth. Jillido saw New Enterprise as a money-making venture for his old Orion Syndicate bosses. Shenara braced for the fight wishing she could face one of the fearsome creatures in face-to-face combat. Roquel was conflicted. She did not like the idea of blood sport but this was the mission she picked on behalf of Captain Noluk. An Akritirian walked to the center of the ring welcoming the distinguished guests from Albatross. Three colonists entered the ring claiming to be able to wrangle even the wildest beasts. Roquel felt physically uncomfortable as a raeldra fought against it's handlers. It knew it was going to die in the ring. The Akritirian spectators whooped and hollered and beat the heals of their boots in a steady rhythm-the drumbeat of death. Jillido wished he had placed bets on the contest. The raeldra avoided the people in the ring and tore for the fences looking for an escape. Icmod recommended they leave but Roquel was glued to her seat. She spoke in words that didn't seem her own, distant, in a sing-song voice. Roquel slipped to the ground speaking for the raeldra, pleading for help. The crowd roared as the beast was speared multiple times. One of the fighters was gored and ground into the dirt. The pain of the raeldra, through Roquel, was beginning to wash over Icmod as well. Roquel fell to the ground and spotted one of the planet's natives beneath the stands. They were sharing the same experience. Roquel coughed up blood as the raeldra was raking along it's side with a lance.

At a distance, Zoss felt a physical reaction to the fight in the ring. His body responded as if it was in the fight: sweating, twitching extremities, visceral rage. Zoss and Zal had no sense of love, fear, compassion or sadness and could only feel the death struggle of the raeldra. Zoss armed himself ready to shoot every single colonist in the area. He aimed the reticle squarely on the thrashing raeldra and took aim. A single bright lance struck the raeldra on the forehead. It lasted only a millisecond and the beast fell forward, dead. The Akritirians, deprived of psychic, endorphin-inducing stimulus fell the ground in agony before mania and panic set in.


Randy scaled back his writing duties to just three duty stations (from five). Rich and I and everyone within OH1 and the Axelverse appreciate his contributions. He's going to miss us.

Pamela returned to Borderlands from too long an absence.

Guillaume joined OH1; brand new to Borderlands. His security officer will try to bring order to a very disorderly station.

Callib, currently writing for USS Discovery, joined OH1 and will lead a cruise of acting ensigns.

As a group, we wrote 39,700 words.

Player of the Month

Rich put so much into his writings in May. The character of Elias Pigg (formerly Paul Gorgon) has been evolving and this month had a turning point after the abduction of Chelsea. He had a crisis of identity and stepped back from the captaincy of Seiklon Axel to take on a new role with enthusiasm and a sense of purpose. He expressed such pain through Roquel's psychic connection to the raeldra. The reader is experiencing far more than a play-by-play in the arena. I have written with Rich since I joined Borderlands and am amazed at his skill.

Subject Line of the Month

2417.05.14.03 CYC - Quidano "Explosions Come To Those Who Wait"

Creepy Post of the Month

The Akritirians in the stands started whooping and hollering for the spectacle that was about to commence. Many of them removed a boot and used the heal of it to pound on the the rail before them or the bench at either side. After 20 - 30 seconds those who had done so settled into a steady rhythm - the drumbeat of death.
—as described by Rich

April 2017

Pleg was the first customer through the doors at Pilgrimage Cafe and Books' grand opening. He met with Husar. After a bit of mutual distrust, they settled down to business over a bottle of kanar. They both depended on trade goods of questionable provenance. They began to hatch a plan to organize businesses on the promenade. Pleg maneuouvred himself next to the station commander in an attempt to improve his public profile. He threw Husar's name into the ring as leader of a business organization. Mirel was uncomfortable with a Ferengi and a Cardassian working together.

Gavin Darklighter reached Sentinel Station is a cleanskin starship. Pleg noticed the man immediately as someone who was hiding something. Darklighter was weary of the marines scanning everyone who came aboard. The marines were distracted by smoke. A Lechian skilled in pyrotechnics provided the distraction. The Ferengi introduced himself as a leading citizen of the Sentinel Station Business Organization. By Ferengi calculus, Darklighter now owed Pleg a favor. Delmo joined in the conversation as a leading citizen of the Sentinel Station Chamber of Commerce. Gavin tried to part ways with the two and find a dive bar. Pleg knew just the place. Delmo was out of his depth with this character. Gavin thanked Pleg and promised to come by Whims and Favors. Delmo continued to campaign for public support. They traded insults before parting ways.

Husar brought a few extra Earth items in her delivery to Athena Theophlius. Athena was unconvinced by the plight of Grouds imaginary children.

Chelsea awoke in a cell aboard Eugene's ship. He was sure to tell her about the damage he inflicted upon Axel and that they were in no position to mount a rescue.

Axel was saved by Captain Johnson of the Cyclone, a willful peacekeeper. The captain then agreed to beam to Axel is assist in repairs. As Captain Pigg left the bridge, Quidano and Dvir expressed their concerns to each other about his netal fitness. In engineering, Bresa, Imgres and Xin worked to repair the ship. Johnson joined in a bit of banter with Dvir as he admired the patchworked systems.

Aboard Albatross, Quidano informed Toraith of Chelsea's kidnapping. They rendezvoused with Axel, further delaying Toraith's return to Gorn space to fight charges of tax evasion. Toraith was determined to save his human friend. His father, Duke Faritha, was unimpressed with yet another delay. Quidano and Toraith did not wait to meet with Captain Pigg. Seeing the Cutlass through a window, they decided to comandeer the vessel that saved Elias. They beamed aboard and flew away with the ship in under a minute. Neither had thought past the immediate plan of stealing a ship. They'd worry about the Syndicate when they reached Setlin. They chased after Eugene with loud Gorn music on the speaker system. Eugene reported in to his employer. He was going to deliver half of his contract. Knowing that Paul Gorgon was now Elias Pigg was worth something to his employer. It would make Elias easier to trail and capture. Quidano and Toraith found Eugene quickly in the Cutlass. Toraith opened with a friendly hail and fired weapons almost immediately out of boredom. Eugene threatened to suffocate Chelsea. Quidano was unsure if Toraith was wise to Eugene's empty threat or just careless. Eugene returned Chelsea and escaped. He forfeited his bounty and all future contracts from the Syndicate. He asked K'livin to empty his accounts and place a bounty on Seiklon Axel.

Duke Faritha grew impatient and spoke directly with captains Elias and Noluk. Axel needed significant repairs and Noluk was hesitant to indulge the Gorn aristocrat. Their summit was interrupted by Captain Johnson who accused the Duke of planning to steal his ship. Cyclone could reach Warp 8.5 to the surprise of Elias. Neither Axel nor Albatross could maintain that speed. Reed was stuck on Axel until it could hobble back to Sentinel Station.

A Serosian Raider waited the outcome of the fight between Cutlass and Cyclone. With some battle damage, it would be easy to board the ship, kill the crew and claim salvage. As Chelsea came around, Quidano and Toraith reassured her she was safe. Six armed Serosians boarded the ship and asked the ecclectic crew of Cyclone to surrender. Toraith stalled by asking questions about Serosian culture and proposing a friend request.

Roquel, Albatross' pilot, was tasked with choosing their next mission. SHe chose a livestock-shipping mission from a planet called New Enterprise. Roquel did not want to visit Axel herself. She distrusted Paul Gorgon regardless of what he now called himself. She was content to wait aboard Albatross until Captain Noluk's return. With Duke Faritha safely deposited into Bresa's hands, they departed for New Enterprise. Pelira, an Akritirian, offered the hospitality of his colony as shoreleave for the crew. It was a frontier town with a dusty, industrial look and a high perimeter wall to keep out the wildlife.

Emporer Gret'ak toured the perimeter wall that had once barricaded his people. Negotiations with the Federation and trade with Cardassia had turned them into a fortified defensive structure that protected the Kharian people from outside aggression. He was a leader of a sancutary for the Kharian people.

USS Daystrom investigated a pair of cone-shaped debris fields. Chief Eiwan kept the ship's engines at the ready for a quick egress. Ensign Serota excluded the brown dwarf star and Threshold Station itself as the cause of the debris fields. They were not the result of combat. Taking a clue from Lieutenant Bear's question of borayon particles, the most probably cause was a catastrophic accident involving transwarp conduits. The facility's research was highly secret. Favor expanded the sensor parameters to include tachyons and chronotons as Daystrom approached the destroyed moon that once held Threshold Station. Eiwan could not determine the origin of the ships destroyed. Bear named a handful of species known to use transwarp technology and several that were interested in developing it. Bear, ever the conspiracy theorist, believed sabotage was the only answer. Three Cronin ships approached Daystrom from using conventional warp engines. Their hull composition matched very closely to the debris fields. Cronin are an aggressive, clan-based culture.

Favor and Theophilus expressed concern at how the borayon radiation was affected the crew. The crew was receiving an unhealthy dose but not immediately fatal. Captain Trensu was willing to let the Cronin ships destroy themselves in a star system torn apart from failed transwarp research. After admonishment by Lieutenant Commander Favor, Captain Trensu warned off the Cronin ships. The captain opened a dialogue with Varg, the senior Cronin officer.


Gavin joined OH1.

Tim returned from a his leave of absence after travelling the world.

Rich kicked off a renewed interest in Promenade characters with Pleg as civil organizer.

We wrote 24,000 words as a group covering a number of storylines including the big two: the kidnap and rescue of Chelsea, and, the exploration by USS Daystrom.

Player of the Month

Doug is prolific and tireless. He keeps everyone guessing what his characters will do next. His multiple references to Holobook were hilarious. Toraith was willing to shoot at Eugene's ship and still ask the bounty hunter to make sure Chelsea was ok.

Banter of the Month

"Did you hear what happened?" the Garan inquired.

Toraith glad he brought this up "I might if you accept my friend request on holobook"
—well-played Doug

Subject Line of the Month

2417.04.18.03 CYC Quidano "And We Will Chase Them Round The Rings of Regula"

March 2017

Captain Patch lead a briefing of the crew of USS Daystrom. Despite decades of previous experience, it was his first command as a Starfleet officer. He spent every waking hour since his assignment by Commander Mirel to prepare. His ship would carry a full science complement as well as the station's intelligence officer.

Axel's crew was involved in a dicey trade of cargo on Thela. Captain Elias kept an eye on the two warring parties from the cockpit of his old Bajoran raider. T'Nan demanded their surrender amid sporadic shelling. She and the captain had history. Pigg cut a deal with T'Nan nonetheless, leaving his cargo shipment for her rather than completing delivery to Griffen. The whole incident rattled Captain Elias. He sat down with Chelsea. They had both changed their names to avoid past entanglements.

Toraith and his father were found hugging by Roquel. Gorn family counselling involved cuts, bruises and hugs. Duke Faritha thanked Albatross' Klingon doctor for deborging him. The duke was determined to clear his son's name on tax evasion charges and retake his own place within the Gorn Hegemony. He requested use of the Albatross. Noluk was already enroute to return Toraith to Axel when Axel's distress call was recieved. Icmod went about repairing the damage by the pair of Gorn.

Icmod and Roquel had their own heart-to-heart. They were both seeking distance from their pasts and the freedom of open space. And they found each other, walking off hand-in-hand.

Roquel and Icmod shared an intimate moment. Icmod recommended they stay together and Shenara pilot Albatross. On her way back to her quarters she came across a bruised and bloodied Toraith. She touched on the touchy subject of Toraiths speech impediment: short 's' sounds.

Pleg chastised his son for removing collectable Maurauder Mo figures from their packaging to play. His anger was short-lived as Pleg sat down next to his son to play.

T'Nam hired Eugene to exact revenge aagainst Paul Gorgon (aka Elias Pigg).

Imgres and Xin examined the unusual activity of Seiklon Axel's warp core while underway. Along with Dvir, they tried to identify the slight power loss. It could have been the result of a faulty part.

Captain Pigg ran through his personal history with T'nan and the Arvorian Syndicate. He was hours away from Sentinel Station; plenty of time to think. Their arrival was further delayed by taking Axel out of warp to attempt a fix on their engine troble.

While travelling on impulse, a ship appeared and beamed Axel's steward away before the bridge crew could react. Imgres and Xin emitted a dispersal field to disrupt Eugene's transporter lock. Eugene regretted not beaming Elias aboard his ship first. Elias (Paul in a former life) demanded Chelsea (Christina in a former life) back. Captain Johnson of the Cyclone defended Axdel from a heavy barrage. The Cutlass escaped with Chelsea aboard.

Komara Imtaren readied for opening day of his new shop on Sentinel Station's Promenade: Pilgrimage Cafe and Books. Pleg was his first customer. The Ferengi had cornered the market on souvenirs (some fake) and was not keen on a real Gatrubbian merchant. His worry lasted only until his next scheme. Husar kept a watchful distance. Bear wondered what happened to the pet store. He was ever suspicious of Husar and Pleg. The idea of a business association formed while Husar, Imtaren and Pleg chatted in the cafe.

During a public demonstration Pleg roped Commander Mirel into the discussion.

Husar and two heavies delivered furniture to the quarters of Sentinel's Chief Operations Officer.

Captain Trensu outlined the mission to his hand-picked team. Communication with Threshold Station was lost. Preliminary astrometric readings showed a massive change in the structure of the brown dwarf system. Lieutenant Bear, OH1s intelligence officer, was also assigned to the mission for reasons known only to himself and the captain. Ensign Serota spoke with Lieutenant Bear in the corridor to ease some of the tension from the briefing room. The intelligence officer was well known for this paranoia and aggression but proved he had a sense of humour as well.

Daystrom's chief scientist held a briefing the ship's science and engineering contingent. They needed to re-establish communications with Threshold Station and understand the unusual readings from the moon upon which the station was built and the brown dwarf star it orbited. The team was working from scans and schematics provided by Threshold in their regular reports to Starfleet Science. Something had changed seemingly overnight.

USS Daystrom approached the brown dwarf system where Threshold Station was located. There were traces of chronotons and tachyons indicating a temporal anomoly. The star itself was in gravimetric flux with other planetary bodies strongly affected. The moon was destroyed along with the station. There were at least two other debris fields within the system. Lieutenant Bear recommended a scan for borayons on a hunch.


Devon was lured back to write with OH1 with the deployment of USS Daystrom. Skylar joined OH1.

We discussed a new, non-canon particle, borayons, related to the events at Threshold Station

Subject Line of the Month

2417.03.12.03 DYSTM Ariana "DFA is filled with go getters"
—A very eager Ensign Serota appearing after months of silence

Player of the Month

Kevin regularly communicates with other players and is actively contributing to the major storylines in March as Gero (Daystrom), Eugene (kidnap plot) and Komara (Promenade) in addition to his regular cast of characters. He is a great writer and enthusiastic about the DS.

February 2017

The Albatross crew returned to Crossroads Station following the fight between the Axel, the Gatrubbians, ships assigned to Sentinel Station and the Borg Scout Vessel. They bore two Borg. One of them was the father of a member of the Axel crew and entanglements with Starfleet were not wanted, so the idea was that they would be 'de-assimilated' at a non-Starfleet facility. While there the crew had some down time, but once the procedures were done, they set off for Sentinel Station again with Toraith and his father, a Gorn Duke still aboard. The procedures were in part done by Karbo, the Klingon nurse-practitioner aboard the Albatross, which went far to establish his ability level.

As the Albatross began its return some exchanges between Toraith and his father as well as between Roquel and Icmod showed just how complex relationships of all kinds could be.

The Axel underwent a detailed inspection by it's own engineer, Imgres and members of Sentinel's engineering team including Chief Petty Officer Eiwan and Ensign Annette Sinclair.

Following the inspection the Axel accepted a cargo from Pleg, which was to be delivered a planet in the Thela System. This cargo was predominantly weapons. Upon arrival they discovered the planet to be under siege by vessels which looked to be from Starfleet. It turned out that they were vessels operated by the Henderson Company, an mercenary entity that was helping the Arvonian Syndicate to crush Zarthizadek Griffen of Laitar once and for all.

The decision was made that they would go through with the delivery despite the odds. Eventually an arrangement was made for a meet on the planet between Griffen's people and the crew of Axel to exchange the weapons for money. That plan got derailed when T'nan the leader of the Arvonian Syndicate interceded. Elias, having no love for either Griffen or the Syndicate, made a deal to save his crew and to secure payment. They would leave the weapons for the Syndicate and NOT Griffen. The Axel left unharmed, but under the circumstance that the Syndicate now knew where the Axel was, they couldn't know how long they might have before they came under their sway again.

On the Sentinel Promenade, Althea Theophilus went shopping while considering whether or not to take a position aboard a starship to avoid boredom in her role as Operations Chief of a well run station. She and shop owner, Husar, discussed the value and quality of an assortment of merchandise as well as teased about Ferengi culture. The encounter didn't go all that well.

Later, Husar came to Althea's quarters to deliver some merchandise only to comment negatively about the starkness of the furnishings within. Althea was quickly realizing she didn't want to deal with the Cardassian. However, they did begin a discussion on decorating the space. Althea was particularly interested in finding pieces that would compliment a set of vases that she had. Federation standard became a bit of a problem for the two as Husar mistook Althea's desire for an overstuffed item to mean that she wanted a stuffed mammoth! She was really interested in a Victorian chair.

Lt. Commander Favor boarded the USS Daystrom and appraised the layout of the science department. He was satisfied with that, but not with the political pitfalls which had pretty much prevented the starship from being able to enter the Hope One Dyson Sphere.

Gero Ib spent two weeks with the Gatrubbians and experienced both their culture and religion first hand. He became convinced that the Bajoran Prophets and the Gatrubbian Writers were the same deities. He studied a good deal of astronomical data obtained during the Gatrubbian's Great Exodus. He spent much time in and around the Gatrubbians science building and got a chance to see the state of their facility. He got called back to Sentinel Station to help investigate a brown dwarf star as a member of the USS Daystrom science team.

Ensign Ahkhsu Trensu was given operational command of the USS Daystrom for its maiden mission by Commander Mirel. The Ensign was shocked at the possibility of captaining a vessel considering he had been previously told that such a thing would not be possible for at least three years. Trensu (a man out of time) hadn't commanded a vessel in over 100 years. In any case, it was becoming obvious that the Daystrom would no longer be hanging around the station. It had a mission!

Komara Imtaren opened a Cafe and Book Store on Sentinel Station's promenade. The grand opening was attended by Pleg, Husar, and Lt. Bear among others. Pleg was not particularly pleased that an outlet other than his own would be available to share Gatrubbian goods with the station's residents and visitors.


Roger has returned to the fold with the big job of bringing life to the USS Daystrom. Debby is also back! Alas Tim hasn't posted the latter half of the month because he's been away in China. (Having fun, Tim?) Many of us have been busy, but that hasn't kept a good number of us from taking the bull by the horns and forging on. Great going guys!

A couple ideas came up on how to put together a promenade association to build story lines around. That hasn't actually happened yet, though, but talk is important.

Quote of the Month

"OK so overstuffed - you don't mean what I think you mean." Husar scratched at her temple thoughtfully, "So what exactly do you mean? And how do you stuff this Victorian?"
—Husar, played by Anna Maria

Players of the Month

I want to give the nod to Debby and Anna-Maria together. They've been working well together and keeping the promenade and station life alive with their posts. Thanks much.

January 2017

Admiral Leval invited the Rex Gret'ak to meet with the Gatrubbians. During his oratory, the admiral waxed on about the intentions of the Builders to which the Emporer reacted quickly. He chastised the Federation admiral and leveled an accusation of arming the Gatrubbians. The Rex Gret'ak stepped back from the accusation by demanding consultation on all future colonization. Leval responded with calm agreement. The summit reached a conclusion of sorts with agreement "towards building a new home amidst a galactic community of nations".

Mirel felt she did not having the backing of her superior officer. Leval purposely kept Mirel in the dark about his leeway from the Federation Council to play “good cop” to the commander’s “bad cop”. Leval was prepared to offer concessions, gauge the timbre of the conversation. It would guide more formal talks. Leval equated the situation with a prison in which one prisoner is a leader among prisoners. Guards have power over prisoners but respect the lead prisoner nonetheless. Each level of authority is important for the entire system to run smoothly. Leval quoted an Ancient Earth saying, “trust, then verify”.

Eiwan and Sinclair chatted about their home planets, Pwane and Earth, while working on the defensive shield generators surrounding the Kharians. They completed their work and returned to Sentinel.

Chelsea sourced new communications devices for Axel's crew after the loss of their FLEX units. She returned with an armful of devices.

Elias and Bresa discussed plans for the Gatrubbian ambassadorship.

Athena Theophilus noticed Lieutenant Bear in a popular restaurant and approached the station’s Intelligence Officer. The android explained that he did not eat nor drink. He noticed immediately with Seket entered the establishment. Seket accepted the server’s recommendation. Theophilus and Bear sat with her and spoke of pets. They quickly turned to the substance of their conversation. They both suspected Seket of being a spy. Bear asked pointed questions about her involvement with the destruction of Winbal’s Pride. Seket offered to acquire information for the pair.

Mirok asked to speak with Commander Mirel as soon as he came aboard the station. Disguised as a Vulcan he aimed to plant a listening device within Ops. He was thwarted by bureaucracy and referred to Lieutenant Commander Theophilus who had never heard of Stellar Communications, Mirok’s employer. Lieutenant Bear suspected Mirok of being Nal’Gaharay but had no evidence. His employer provided a glowing reference and Theophilus grudgingly approved his clearance.

Elias met with Pleg to pick up his newest acquisition: an Occupation-era Bajoran shuttle. Pleg immediately asked a favor for the captain’s whim. Pleg needed weapons delivered to a nearby planet. Elias didn’t haggle. He was familiar with gun-running.

Althea Theophilus browsed several shops on the Promenade. Husar noticed the sister to the station’s Chief Operations Officer admiring a cup and directed her to other human artifacts at the rear of her store. Husar expressed her concern for proper handling of ancient items and her own expertise at it. With a little prodding, Husar’s story of archaeological origin turned into a debt paid, a collector from Mars and finally to being won from betting on vole races. It fetched two bars of latinum. The original Minoan cup was a fake according to Althea. Husar was unphased. She would place it in a more prominent position in the window and sell it to an unsuspecting tourist. Husar offered to deliver the chosen item for free. It would give the shopkeeper a look inside the human’s quarters, identify other items she’d be willing to buy.

The Borg cargo were prepared for transport to Albatross by Shenara, Karbo and Imgres. Quidano performed a final inspection before their modules were loaded onto a work bee. Toraith expressed the importance of family in Gorn society. It was one of the things he learned from viewing pre-holographic Earth films about boxing. Seeing the sentimentality, offered to rig another module so Toraith could travel with his father. His assimilated father returned a blank expression. Aboard Albatross, the two modules were secured for transport for Crossroads station. Many in the crew were uneasy with transporting borg drones. Zoss offered to keep watch.

In Axel’s Med Bay, the Borg drones were affixed with neural inhibitors under the watch of several armed crew. Upon reaching Crossroads Station, the drones were transferred to the care of Doctor Preston. The process of extracting Borg components from the two drones would begin with Orion, then the Gorn duke.

The Borg cargo was transferred to Albatross enroute to Crossroads Station. Their on-station contact, Dana Ramona, liaised with Crossroads medical team lead by Doctor Preston. Albatross’ crew was given liberty to visit the station. There were few amenities aboard the station. Zeno directed the crew to the Zenophile Cantina where his future self stockpiled food and drink. Roquel was hoping for more of a party. Icmod asked her to find 34th-century pop music.

Doctors Preston and Karbo reviewed Starfleet medical records of two Borg drones successfully decoupled; Jean-Luc Picard and Annika Hansen. Dr. Preston received a lesson in Gorn physiology from his Klingon counterpart. The neurotransciever was the first component removed permanently breaking the two individuals’ link to the Collective. Prosthetic hands and eyes were prepared. Carl could not shake the feeling of replacing electronics with electronics.

Imgres had run numerous scans to confirm Axel was free of borg nanites and, more generally, significant damage. He wandered the Promenade before requesting assistance of Sentinel’s chief engineer. Eiwan responded to Imgres in writing rather than orally which surprised Axel’s engineer. In under twenty minutes, inspection crews were ready to go over Axel’s hull. Chief Eiwan and Ensign Sinclair met with Imgres in Axel’s modest engineering section. His priority was ensuring Axel could achieve it’s primary mission: hauling cargo and towing ships at warp speeds. After two days, Axel received a passing grade and was ready to embark on it’s next mission.

The Thela system had ten planets and a handful of large asteroids with radical orbits. Axel proceeded cautiously towards Thela 6.

A fat human male stumbled through busy city streets pursued by a Hirogen. As the Hirogen hunter raised his knife to strike his prey, he fell paralysed. The two men, both named Henderson, offered a deal. The Hirogen would claim his kill by taking a clone as a trophy. In exchange, his prey would be reported dead and safely spirited away across the galaxy. Upon completion of their mission, they receive their next: mercenaries in a civil war between the Arvonians and Laitarians.

A squadron of Henderson-branded ships reached Beta Outpost. ACS personnel were being sieged by a battalion-sized group. A massive blizzard covered the attack. The skies cleared abruptly. Golden phaser beams criss-crossed the insurgent lines followed by duranium flechette torpedoes. Steam rose from the battlefield from the sublimed snow. T’Nan had been lured to the planet with the prospect of eliminating a long-standing rival, Zarthizedek Griffen.

Griffen would no longer be welcomed by the Thela with that kind of firepower overhead. His own reinforcements of freighters and 6 Cronin squadrons were a day away. His aide, Caltro, was willing to fight for the rightful heir of the Laitarian Commonwealth.


OH1 started the new year with a cadre of great writers and plenty of active stories. 2016 was a good year and we look forward to 2017.

We discussed cursing within the Star Trek universe and our individual approaches.

Devon stepped back from writing with OH1. He has been great to write with. DFA Cromwell keeps him plenty busy.

Subject Line of the Month

2417.01.23.02 SEN Althea "How much is that cuppy in the window?"
—Althea (played by Debby) expressing interest in Husar's shop on the Promenade

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