Crew — Alphabetical Order

A compact listing is provided in a departmental listing of the crew.

Governor Ashon-Milyo Civilian Governor, Sentinel Station Grazerite Male Primary Character played by Richard

Lieutenant Theodore Bear Intelligence Officer Anthropomorphized Orsine Male Android Primary Character played by Doug

Chief Petty Officer (Eiwan) la ui ki ewe la wiwui'e shepenan Engineering Operations Officer Himpanwei Female Primary Character played by Richard

Eiwan is one of very few Himpanwei to leave their home world. Her name means 'wanderer', a name she earned as a child exploring the forests around her home colony. She works constantly and always has a padd at her fingertips.

Lieutenant Commander Lionin Favor Science Department Logistics Coordinator (SDLC) Elaysian Male Primary Character played by Rich

Ana Ferguson Owner of Second Chances Café Human Female Primary Character played by Mary

Gaspar Head Chef of Sushi Bar Human Male Primary Character played by Anna-Maria

Acting Ensign Hondrick Bridge Officer Benzite Male Secondary Character played by Richard

Katowal Husar Shopkeeper of Namche Bazaar Cardassian Female Member of the Scravvan Families Primary Character played by Anna-Maria

Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Gero Ib Science Officer Specialty in Astronomy Bajoran Male Primary Character played by Kevin

Gero Ib joined Starfleet Academy at the age of 18. He specialized as a a science officer. As a believer in the prophets, Gero Ib specialized in spacial anomolies and astronomy in order to study wormholes. While in the Academy, Gero also studied a bit of xenobiology. After serving a few years in the Alpha Quadrant, Gero found his way to the Delta Quadrant in order to study the Gerosh wormhole. His goal for studying the wormhole is to figure out if the wormholes are all conduits which are used by the prophets.

It could be a part of his duties along with studying the star, maybe comets every now and then and the wormhole itself. Would you prefer him getting quarters with a view of the wormhole by begging at the Quartermasters office, winning it in a card game, having a girlfriend whose quarters have a view or practically living in a bar with the view? I'd like to give him an intro that shows his motivation, gives other players time to join so that I can populate a storyline with this character.

Komara Imtaren Proprietor of Pilgrimage Cafe and Books Gatrubbian Male Secondary Character played by Kevin

Only there can a traveler find the perfect mix of hot beverages and stories. Oh and don't forget to pet the local furry felinesque creature who inhabits the store.

Kal; "Four of Six" Kazon Male Primary Character played by Tabitha

Age: 27 Years
Height: 5 Ft 11
Birthdate: 9th December 2390
Birthplace: Gamma V
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Gray
Skin Colour: Orange – Brown

Distinguishing Features:
Kal is around average height, his skin is the usual Kazon orangebrown and his ridges are very distinct. The usual clumping hair is frequently shaved in order to look more like the Borg but it grows back so quickly that he usually has clumps surrounded by bald patches. He has a scar down his face caused by a drone that had tossed him against a wall during one of his assimilation attempts.

Kal, or Four of Six, is driven by worship for the Borg and an unsatisfied desire to be “worthy” of assimilation. His life has been filled with loss and he therefore tends to avoid getting close to anyone for fear of losing them, he fears he will be hurt again, he therefore tends to be quiet and isolated though he feels a constant, agonising loneliness and a longing for the connection with other people that he denies himself. Kal’s only real desire in life is to serve the Borg collective, this desire has, over several years of failure developed into a mania. Kal possesses the recklessness that so often comes with desperation, he is unstable, dangerous and single minded. He thinks little as to how his actions may have consequences for other people, he is jealous of those people the Borg consider worthy of assimilation and does not understand why they resist the only thing that he wants, the sheer fact that Kal cannot be assimilated inducing him to want it all the more. He believes the Borg are perfect and is perhaps more delusional than the Collective itself in his belief that others should add to that perfection weather they want to or not.

Kal was orphaned at the age of 11 during one of the many civil wars frequent throughout Kazon space. He was taken care of by his older sister, Terra at first however she died in a bomb raid when Kal was 16. Grief stricken he left the system, as a stowaway on a Federation ship that had docked on Gamma V, attempting to negotiate a peace.

Once arriving in federation space Kal he trained as a xenobiologist. His research lead him to the Borg and he slowly became obsessed, he had lost everyone that he had ever cared about and had spent most of his life grieving and alone, the idea of the Collective of trillions thus appealed to his deep loneliness.

At the age of 22 Kal left federation space in a small research shuttle and headed for Borg space where he tried to get assimilated, unfortunately for him the shuttle was ignored, and in spite of sending several communications he too was ignored. He later learned that the Borg did not assimilate single individuals and so he made sure to find his way onto various ships headed into Borg space, hoping that one of them would be attacked. After several years of trying one of them was but the Borg left him! They assimilated what they wanted of the ship and most of the people, and then left him, alone in the empty ship. He would have died had it not been for the DFA ship that received his distress call because the Borg had left the ship without power.

Further research explained why Kal was left, the Kazon are considered by the Collective as “unworthy of assimilation”. In his years of attempted assimilation he had developed an attitude akin to worship for the Borg and he was desperate to serve them, and so this information devastated him, if indeed he was not already mad then this drove him into true insanity. From that day forward Kal stalked the Collective tirelessly, he fell into even deeper isolation as he wandered the quadrant in his shuttle, searching for something, for anything that would make the Collective consider him for assimilation. As the years went by and his attempts were met with constant failures Kal became more and more desperate and more and more driven. At the age of 27 Kal, now going by the Borg designation “Four of Six, which he had adopted for himself heard rumours of a cube in the vicinity of the Sentinel Station where he headed to investigate.

Graven Larant Gatrubbian Leader Secondary Character played by Kevin

Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Leval Fleet Commanding Officer Vulcan Male Guest Character played by Rich

Commander Mirel Outpost Commanding Officer Human-Klingon Female Primary Character played by Richard

An officer of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, her most recent posting was starbase construction along the Kzinti frontier. She is the eldest daughter of a Marine officer. Named after her maternal Klingon grandmother, the only non-Human in her ancestry. She has no standing in Klingon society; belongs to no house.

Pleg Shopkeeper of Whims and Favours Ferengi Male husband of Lirka and father of Gral Primary Character played by Rich

Ilko Seket Scientist Specialty in Chemistry Agent of the Obsidian Order Cardassian Female Primary Character played by Anna-Maria

Ensign Ariana Serota Science Officer Specialty in Geosciences Exchange Officer Delta Freedom Alliance Human Female Primary Character played by Devon

Ariana had not set out to be as adventerous as she has become. She was content to study plate tectonics and stay aboard ship. Her field of choice was chosen so that she didn't have the pressure of away missions and fast moving decisions. She could stop for tea, and not worry about changes in her research; rocks do not move that quickly.

Her experiance aboard Cromwell changed that. Forced into action by circumstance, she proved she could rise to the occasion on her initial missions which included time travel and fighting Borg. She did not have the confidence though, and put her resignation in at the completion of her cadet tour. Captain Sesgaard refused to accept it at that time, instead challenging her to sing one song, and he would then accept her resignation. He knew she had been a singer when she was young, and the one song he requested told of taking chances. As she sang that song, she realized what he had done, and what she had done, and withdrew her resignation.

Knowing she needed to go out and explore on her own, Ariana requested Duty at the Dyson sphere, and was granted DFA Exchange officer status to serve at Sentinel Station.

Ariana is settling into Sentinel Station. She has encountered a murder victim, and worked along side her friend, Eiwan, the Starfleet chief engineer of Sentinel Station, on investigating cyber attacks on the Sentinel stations computers. She investigated volcanic activity within the Dyson sphere, which proved to be a faulty piece of machinery transporting building materials to the sphere.

Ariana has worked with the Lacosians on repair of a faulty geo wormhole transporter, explored the catacombs with an ecologist to ascertain the Lacosian position regarding the Kharian. (Negotiations were way above her pay grade and she slipped out of those).

Current Status:
Studying dust particles for Lt Hondrick. Just heard they would be heading to a Brown star and applied for a berth to serve aboard the ship.

Former Commanding Officers

Commander Louis Avery (LA) Ares played by AJ
Captain Rhianna Bard played by Treassa, OH1's first CO
Brigadier General John Henry Bearkiller played by A/C
Commander Pathera Du Lac played by Kristyn
Commander John Harrison played by Liam
Captain Trento Kelo played by John
Lieutenant Colonel Ricar Liurai played by Tom
Major Jonathon Matthews played by Andy
Lieutenant Commander Morris Northwood played by James
Lieutenant Commander Rhiarn Reyn played by Petter
Captain Daeriel Rho played by Tim


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