Crew — Alphabetical Order

A compact listing is provided in a departmental listing of the crew.

Henry Africa Consultant; Trader Human Male Primary Character played by Jack

Born: Titan Colony

Residence: Unknown

Africa has an extensive record with agencies around the quadrant. His offenses range from white collar crimes to robberies to black market trading. He’s done little time in custody as he frequently works off his crimes trading information on other black market criminals.

Known associate: Avery Breaux

Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Anka Syrik (Given name: Syrik; Family name: Anka) Engineer Bajoran-Vulcan Male Primary Character played by Sam

Dates of note
2319 to 2369 Bajoran occupation
2371 - Dominion Discovered
2373 - Battle of Sector 001
2375 - End of Dominion War

2384 - Born in orbit of Draylax
2395 - Moved to Bajor
2402 - 2406 University of Bajor (UG - Theoretical Warp Engineering, PG - Modern Physical Cosmology)
2406 - Six months on Vulcan seeking mental training
2407 - 2411 University of Oneamisu (PhD - The physical Space-Time Dynamics of starship design implied by galactic variance and efficiencies of Space-Time manipulation)
2412 - Six months travelling Alpha Quadrant
2412 - 2416 Starfleet academy
2416 - Six month Cadet Tour, USS Atlas
2417 - Ensign, USS Monowai
2417 - Promoted to Lt. jg
2418 - Assignment to OH1

Basic Info
Anka Syrik (surname, forename). Known as Rik to his friends.
Engineering Officer
Male, Bajoran / Vulcan, 34
6ft 1, 155lbs
Dark blond hair and light green eyes


Were it not for the pointed ears and the slight greenish hue of his skin, it would be easy to mistake Syrik for a Bajoran. He is tall, lean, obviously fit and carries himself with a casual ease. He wears a d'ja pagh on his right ear, a gift from his father. His natural easy-going smile smacks against the stereotypical stoic Vulcan.

Rik is the product of a union of a Bajoran and a V'tosh ka'tur Vulcan so he tends to subvert the expectation of the standard overly rational Vulcan. He is a generally enthusiastic and fun seeking man, with a sharp mind and a restlessness that can sometimes land him in trouble.

While he is not stoic and not overtly logical, he has taken on board some Vulcan teachings and does practice some meditation in order to balance himself.

Pros & Cons
++ Very bright, can pick up new disciplines
+ Seems to have endless resources of energy when it comes to projects
-- Very fearful of physical intimacy
- Can get bored / frustrated easily, which on rare occasions can lead to emotional outbursts.

Spouse: N/A
Children: N/A
Father: Anka Dav (Bajoran)
Mother: T’Sef (Vulcan)
Other: Anka T’Pyr (Twin Sister)


Born on a transport trawler orbiting Draylax to a Bajoran and a V'tosh ka'tur Vulcan, Rik's childhood was one of endless migration along trade roots. His father, Anka Dav, was one of the few Bajoran's to have lived outside of he Cardassian occupation of Bajor.

The family moved to Bajor in 2371, when Rik and his twin sister T'Lea were 11. It was difficult, at first to adapt to planet-side life but they were soon integrated into the renewed society.

Both he and his sister began their adult lives following scientific, academic paths. They were both evaluated as potential candidates for the Vulcan Science academy, however Rik was determined to be 'too emotionally compromised' and was denied, where T’Pyr was granted a further foundation course to determine whether she was admissible. Here the twin's paths separated, he remained on Bajor whereas T’Pyr spent her time on Vulcan and embraced traditional Vulcan values, eventually gaining entry to the Science Academy. Whilst he is minorly spiritual. T’Pyr had shed any belief in the Prophets, opting to line herself with ancient Vulcan beliefs, if they can be called such.

Rik's obsession with space travel, defined by his migratory childhood, was inflamed during his academic career. After a rather unfortunate and harrowing accidental mind meld during a romantic liaison, he took a brief between his post-grad and his PhD to get some mental training from Vulcan masters. Whilst he is probably no threat the event has scarred the man, making him very wary of any physical intimacy.

After completing his PhD, Rik spent some time hitch-hiking about the Alpha quadrant, examining the performance of the various ships he managed to travel on. His decision to join Starfleet was to get experience working on the top-of-the-line warp engines, with the potential of expanding his original doctoral thesis into more post-doc work.

Governor Ashon-Milyo Civilian Governor, Sentinel Station Grazerite Male Primary Character played by Richard

Lieutenant Theodore Bear Intelligence Officer Anthropomorphized Orsine Male Android Primary Character played by Doug

Avery Breaux Trader Human Male Primary Character played by Jack

Birthplace: New Orleans, Earth

Residence: New Skagway

Numerous contacts with both Starfleet and DFA that involved illicit trading, black market activities. Frequents stations, outposts and colonies. Has done stints of incarceration in various custodial facilities throughout the quadrant. Generally has outstanding warrants for his arrest.

Known Associate: Henry Africa

Malkut Brin'ak Representative of the Kharian Civil Majority Kharian Male Primary Character played by Rich

Teami Davoth Owner of House of Immi El-Aurian Female Primary Character played by Karen

Chief Petty Officer (Eiwan) la ui ki ewe la wiwui'e shepenan Engineering Operations Officer Himpanwei Female Primary Character played by Richard

Eiwan is one of very few Himpanwei to leave their home world. Her name means 'wanderer', a name she earned as a child exploring the forests around her home colony. She works constantly and always has a padd at her fingertips.

Lieutenant Commander Lionin Favor Science Department Logistics Coordinator (SDLC) Elaysian Male Primary Character played by Rich

Ana Ferguson Owner of Second Chances Café Human Female Primary Character played by Mary

Gaspar Head Chef of Sushi Bar Human Male Primary Character played by Anna-Maria

Ensign Roberta (Robi) Hunter Security Officer Human Female Primary Character played by Karen

Personal Information
Name: Roberta “Robi” Hunter
Gender: Female
Age: 23 (Terran Years)
Race: Human
Birthplace: Starbase 19
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Blue

Physical Build
Roberta stands at only 5'2” and has a petite but compact frame and is quite youthful looking.


Sadly when Roberta was born her mother, Emily died very shortly thereafter from complications, despite being in a well appointed Starfleet medical facility. She lived long enough to see and name her daughter but a few hours later she had passed away. Her husband, Robert and their three sons – Daniel, Joseph and Thomas – were naturally devastated but unfortunately they hardly had time to dwell on their grief.

Robert Hunter was the Chief of Security on the USS Achilles and only a few weeks after Roberta's birth he was recalled to duty. As the Achilles was a galaxy class Starship and the mission was not expected to be particularly dangerous the whole family joined the ship and that became Roberta's way of life for the next several years.

Being the only female in the family Roberta, or Robi, as she was often called soon found that if she didn't stick up for herself then her brothers would take advantage of her but it wasn't until Robert Hunter found his daughter getting into scrapes in school that matters came to a head. It wasn’t that Dan, Joe and Tom were bullying their sister they were just not making allowances for the fact that a) she was a girl and b) she was a lot smaller and younger than them. The three boys were much closer in age as there were only a two years between Dan and the twins but there were five years between the twins and Robi. So Robi had learned that in order to get anywhere with her brothers she'd had to resort to yelling, pinching, hair pulling and even on occasion biting. After the biting incident the boys ignored their sister much to Robi's distress. Their father was too busy to notice the dysfunction in his family (plus he was still trying to come to terms with his loss and new family dynamics) but when Robi didn't get her own way in the schoolroom and tried out her tricks there the whole family had to learn a new way of working together.

In order to help all his children Robert decided to start teaching them some skills he felt would be of use in later life, particularly as Daniel (now 12) had expressed an interest in following in his father’s footsteps in not only joining Starfleet but into the Security field. So Robert devised some holoprogrammes based on each child's age and ability, in conjunction with their counsellors and teachers, and there were no further incidents. Indeed the family unit went from strength to strength.

Eventually first Daniel then Joseph and Thomas left to travel to Earth to take their exams and enter Starfleet Academy. All three boys followed their father's chosen profession and in due course Roberta herself followed her brothers to Earth. Although her Teachers had pointed out other careers options to her it seemed only natural for Robi to follow in the family's tradition.

When she arrived at the Academy the young woman did find that, despite her father's best efforts, there were some subjects in which she was weaker than others. She excelled in hand to hand combat with a good working knowledge of a variety of fighting styles, was a skilled pilot and came top of her class in weapons training but she only had a basic knowledge of the sciences and had to work hard to improve in those subjects. Her cadet cruise on board the USS Wolverine certainly helped as not only did she work with the experienced officers but she came into contact with a more diverse crew.

Katowal Husar Shopkeeper of Namche Bazaar Cardassian Female Member of the Scravvan Families Primary Character played by Anna-Maria

Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Gero Ib Science Officer Specialty in Astronomy Bajoran Male Primary Character played by Kevin

Gero Ib joined Starfleet Academy at the age of 18. He specialized as a a science officer. As a believer in the prophets, Gero Ib specialized in spacial anomolies and astronomy in order to study wormholes. While in the Academy, Gero also studied a bit of xenobiology. After serving a few years in the Alpha Quadrant, Gero found his way to the Delta Quadrant in order to study the Gerosh wormhole. His goal for studying the wormhole is to figure out if the wormholes are all conduits which are used by the prophets.

It could be a part of his duties along with studying the star, maybe comets every now and then and the wormhole itself. Would you prefer him getting quarters with a view of the wormhole by begging at the Quartermasters office, winning it in a card game, having a girlfriend whose quarters have a view or practically living in a bar with the view? I'd like to give him an intro that shows his motivation, gives other players time to join so that I can populate a storyline with this character.

Komara Imtaren Proprietor of Pilgrimage Cafe and Books Gatrubbian Male Secondary Character played by Kevin

Only there can a traveler find the perfect mix of hot beverages and stories. Oh and don't forget to pet the local furry felinesque creature who inhabits the store.

Haldar Kel'ak Trader's Guild Kharian Male Primary Character played by Devon

Graven Larant Gatrubbian Leader Secondary Character played by Kevin

Kota Magar Ambassador of the Cardassian Order Agent of the Obsidian Order Cardassian Female Guest Character played by Anna-Maria

Lieutenant Gerard Marpan Commuications Officer Human Male Primary Character played by Rich

Captain Mirel Outpost Commanding Officer Human-Klingon Female Primary Character played by Richard

An officer of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, her most recent posting was starbase construction along the Kzinti frontier. She is the eldest daughter of a Marine officer. Named after her maternal Klingon grandmother, the only non-Human in her ancestry. She has no standing in Klingon society; belongs to no house.

Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Ciara Grace O'Malley Science Officer Specialty in Xenobotany Minor in Linguistics, Vulcan History Human Female; Vulcan Ancestry Primary Character played by Naya Currently on Extended Leave

Age: 38 (Terran Years)
Birthplace: Dublin, Ireland - Earth
Hair Colour: Jet black
Eye Colour: Hazel

Physical Build: Ciara is 5'9, well toned and has a fierce determination in her eyes; she has a tattoo of a snake on her left wrist/hand as well as on her right shoulder. She doesn't immediately strike one as having Vulcan heritage but those who are looking for signs will find them.

* Starfleet Academy Major: - Xenobotany
* Starfleet Academy Minor: - Linguistics, Vulcan History
* Specialist Skills: - Diplomacy
* Command Training: Leadership
* Advanced Level Training: Psychology, Tactics


Grew up with her father, 2 sisters and a lot of aunts. Her mother disappeared from the picture around the time she turned 15. Speculation is that her mother took off with a hunk of a captain in charge of a rogue supply ship. The circumstances of her mother leaving are fuzzy for Ciara and she blames herself because of her role in informing her father about her mother's involvement with the supply ship. Her memory of much of her childhood is tenuous at best.

She became interested in botany very very young when her father's aunt, Tina, took her on an impromptu trip to Vulcan to see Sukev, a kind of godfather to her who she'd only known previously through subspace communications. It was there that she toured his great greenhouses in a remote part of the planet. Sukev made her promise to follow her own intuition and never let tragedy change her focus. Ciara agreed as she did to all of his strange requests. But this time it was different and indeed as soon as she and Tina had returned to Earth, they got word that Sukev had died in his sleep. Tina wept more bitterly then than she ever did when her own husband passed away but Ciara was too young to pick up on such subtleties. For two years, she and Tina took charge of Sukev's greenhouses until his assistant, Timur, was able to take over. Timur was Ciara's first love and they have sporadically stayed in touch throughout the years.

Her family on her mother's side is mostly unknown to her as they had cut off contact with her mother long before Ciara was born. She has made efforts to contact this side of her family since being in Starfleet with limited success. All she knows is that they, and hence she too, are Bengali and either from Bangladesh or India and since she didn't know enough to go wandering about looking for long-lost relatives, she has mostly given up the search.

Her Irish heritage (in addition to her Vulcan heritage), on the other hand, is from her father. Her mixed identity is something that she is proud of and not shy about though the explanations do become tedious at times. Her Irish accent is mild but noticeable. She has a tattoo of a wolf and the O'Malley coat of arms on her right bicep in honor of her father and to balance out the rebellious snake that adorns her left wrist/hand, a product of an extreme but brief stint with a gang of local thugs not long after her mother's departure when she was in her early teens. How she survived this time period is something she has only ever confronted during a mission where aliens used mind control techniques on the Pegasus crew. For the most part she has suppressed these memories and instead has the occasional nightmare.

Ciara has been through a wide range of sticky situations, family tragedies and the like but no one would really know any of this as she is not likely to discuss her past in great detail. She is pleasant and friendly though a bit aloof at times. When in the mood she can be the life of the party. She has the gift of storytelling and can play a mean game of darts.

Psychological Profile - signed by Commander Amina Kazemi

There are a lot of family-related traumas and unresolved issues that she has spent considerable time working through but would benefit from continued work with a counselor.

After a series of high-stress missions on the USS Pegasus, several of which involved crew fatalities, as well as torture of away team crew members including Ciara, she finally found herself no longer able to hold it together emotionally, mostly because she took all of the responsibility for what happened to the away team(s) onto her shoulders in addition to ignoring her own injuries and trauma. Recognizing the seriousness of the situation, she requested a medical leave of absence and was granted the same. This allowed her time to travel and visit her great-uncle Sukev's greenhouse, as well as her friend Timur who still tended the plants. Her time there reminded her of her promise to Sukev to never let tragedy change her focus. It took some time but she came to terms with what had happened to her and the other crewmembers and why it had finally affected her so negatively.

She is returning to service after this medical leave and has been fully cleared by multiple psychological and physical evaluations.

Hobbies: Bajoran, Vulcan and Betazed orchid cultivation, darts, martial arts training (multiple styles).

Ensign Daniel Phelan Tactical Officer Human Male Primary Character played by Petter

26 years old (born in 2392), of Irish decent. His hair is light dirty blonde and has blue eyes. He is 192 cm and keeps himself fit but not overly so.

Majored in Starship Combat Tactics and Weapon Systems at Starfleet Academy with a Minor in Starhip Operations and System Maintainance.

2408, Entered Starfleet Academy
2412, Graduated Starfleet Academy
2412, Assigned to USS Arizona as junior Tactical Officer
2413, Assigned to Starfleet Strategic Studies Institute (SSI) as an Analyst
2417, Assigned to USS Midway as a temporary operations officer awaiting next assignment; asked for reassignment after 5 years without any promotions (due to a bad section leader)
2418, Transferred to Outpost Hope One as Tactical Officer

Pleg Shopkeeper of Whims and Favours Ferengi Male Primary Character played by Rich

husband of Lirka and father of Gral

Doctor Saghder Physician Vaadwaur Male Secondary Character played by Richard

Admiral Offel Saras Gatrubbian Navy Gatrubbian Male Secondary Character played by Rich

Ilko Seket Scientist Specialty in Chemistry Agent of the Obsidian Order Cardassian Female Primary Character played by Anna-Maria

Ensign Ariana Serota Science Officer Specialty in Geosciences Exchange Officer Delta Freedom Alliance Human Female Primary Character played by Devon

Ariana had not set out to be as adventerous as she has become. She was content to study plate tectonics and stay aboard ship. Her field of choice was chosen so that she didn't have the pressure of away missions and fast moving decisions. She could stop for tea, and not worry about changes in her research; rocks do not move that quickly.

Her experiance aboard Cromwell changed that. Forced into action by circumstance, she proved she could rise to the occasion on her initial missions which included time travel and fighting Borg. She did not have the confidence though, and put her resignation in at the completion of her cadet tour. Captain Sesgaard refused to accept it at that time, instead challenging her to sing one song, and he would then accept her resignation. He knew she had been a singer when she was young, and the one song he requested told of taking chances. As she sang that song, she realized what he had done, and what she had done, and withdrew her resignation.

Knowing she needed to go out and explore on her own, Ariana requested Duty at the Dyson sphere, and was granted DFA Exchange officer status to serve at Sentinel Station.

Ariana is settling into Sentinel Station. She has encountered a murder victim, and worked along side her friend, Eiwan, the Starfleet chief engineer of Sentinel Station, on investigating cyber attacks on the Sentinel stations computers. She investigated volcanic activity within the Dyson sphere, which proved to be a faulty piece of machinery transporting building materials to the sphere.

Ariana has worked with the Lacosians on repair of a faulty geo wormhole transporter, explored the catacombs with an ecologist to ascertain the Lacosian position regarding the Kharian. (Negotiations were way above her pay grade and she slipped out of those).

Current Status:
Studying dust particles for Lt Hondrick. Just heard they would be heading to a Brown star and applied for a berth to serve aboard the ship.

Station Artificial Intelligence of Seninel Station Primary Character played by Tabitha

Distinguishing Features:
Station presents itself as a hologram when it is communicating with others, it emerges initially as a glowing blue orb before forming into a humanoid figure. The figure is still electric blue, it has large bright blue eyes and is eliminated by the same blue glow from its orb form. The image was created by Bynars and so Station’s hologram looks androgynous. Its voice is high pitched but slower than Bynar voices tend to be and Station sounds tranquil and relaxed when it talks.

While the software was not designed to be sapient it showed signs of being so right from the start, signs its creators more or less ignored or denied in order to push for its approval by Starfleet. Station is curious and immediately wanted to know who and what it was, it appears to have some sense of humour, usually dry and sarcastic. It genuinely cares about the people on the Station although this was a part of its programming and is therefore not likely a manifestation of its sapience.

Station (or SSU3.2, Station Software Update 3.2) was designed by the Bynar quartet 101, 110, 111 and 0001 at the Starfleet Cybernetics department in San Francisco. Its Sapience is likely accounted for by the fact that the group of developers used a coding structure loosely based the EMH Mark 1 combined with the android Thirteen’s coding which was available from her creator Dr Murphy, both ‘none sapient’ systems acquired sapience, the same can be said for the DW holograms on the DFA Cromwell B.

The Bynars did genuinely believe they had removed the codes responsible for sentience before adding them to Station however consciousness is not an easily detectable thing. Station was designed to learn and adapt and it did that a little too well. It was initially tested on Stardate 2410.01.01 on a console in the facility and went through routine tests required by Starfleet throughout the next 8 years, most of which were simulations rather than actual activation of the software which, being an update, could not really run without a station or a starship to house it. The first real - life test of Station was on Stardate 2418.02.21 and Station considers this as its ‘birthday’, if asked it will say ‘it is the day that my mind connected with my body’ and although Station has a few fragmented memories from before that day its arrival on the Sentinel Station was the first time it was really ‘alive’.

Warrant Officer Henri Sullivan Human Male Primary Character played by Nelson

Brief History:

Henri was born in San Antonio Texas on September 7 1843, he grew up normally, or as normally as he could when born on the eve of war. His father died fighting in the War with the Mexicans on Feburary 7, 1846, leaving his mother to raise him alone. He went a military academy and Years later in 1855 he joined the Army as a Second Lieutenant and fought in many battles against the indians. He was wounded at the battle of little bighorn and was one of the few survivors of the 7th Calvery Regiment. He was promoted and served with the 7th Calvery Regiment. Unfortunately the wound he had rexieved at little bighorn was debilitating and he had to walk with a cane.

He was medically discharged from the army in 1879 and left to study medicine, he achieved a doctoral degree in psychology in 1880. In 1885 He joined the Texas Rangers and his former rank of First Lieutenant was reinstated. He served with distincton and was promoted to Captain in 1889. In 1892 he met a woman named Jo Anne, and fell in love with her. Three years later they got married and had four children. When war broke out in 1898 he was sent to the Mexican border to patrol for a Spanish Attack. While on Patrol a band of Spanish Soldiers attacked him and his unit. He began chase after the enemy and while pursuing something strange happened. He charged into nothingness, a void of some type. When he emerged he was in the middle of San Francisco, several hundred miles away. And there was more, there were several flying machinations of some kind not like the observation balloons from before. He had emerged in the far future. A distant utopian society that was harsh and alien to him.


Tall around 5”11, caucasian, with a light fuzz dusting his face. He has blue eyes and brown hair. He has rough hard baked skin from sleeping rough. There are callouss on his hands


Henri is a no nonsense soldier, he’s straight and direct to the point. He speaks out when he needs to and has an excellent Moral compass. He’s intelligent and charismatic. He knows that it’s not always what you say, but how you say it. He will use a starfleet phaser when necessary, but prefers his Single Action Colt Army Revolver instead.(something about tried and true.*cough* sentimentality *cough*) He’s excellent at leading men, he’s cool and caculating

Lieutenant Commander Tekenat Task Group Commanding Officer Vulcan Male Secondary Character played by Richard

Athena Theophilus Proprietor, All Our Yesterdays Human-Titan Female Primary Character played by Debby

The Theophilus sisters belong to a huge network of humanoids who descend from those aliens (Titans) that lived on Earth during the Ancient Greek age. many are the results of the "gods" mating with the men and women of that era. Many of these decedents like Athena and Althea are ageless. Having lived over 2500 years. Until fairly recently most kept their unique heritage secret. The fact that long lived federation members were accepted allowed some to be comfortable allowing their longevity be known. Members of this unique group call themselves the Clan. Their grandmother was Athena the goddess of Wisdom. She enjoys a good joke and the company of her fellow crewmembers.

Bartak Timari Captain of the Kinat'Nu Cardassian Male Guest Character played by Anna-Maria

Lieutenant Ahkhsu "Patch" Trensu Tactical Officer El-Aurian Male Primary Character played by Roger
Physical Characteristics
Height: 6’ 2’ feet (2.1 m)
Weight: 270 pounds (124.7 kg)
Eye color: Green
Hair color: black
Skin tone: white
Date born: 2181

Physical description: He looks like a body builder and appears 30. For the most part he looks human. He is of large stature and muscular. His is 6'2", weight 270 lb, and tone tan skin.

Distinguishing marks: He has multiple scars. One on his left wrist 4 inches long, right upper leg 6 inches, rear of upper back 5 inches long and left side of his head 3 inches long.


Patch was found by a Federation ship in 2265 and settled on a federation planet. In 2406 he applied to Star Fleet Academy he was almost denied entry because of his genetic engineering. After extensive testing and court hearings they accepted him. His lack of choice regarding his genetically engineered nature was ultimately what caused Star Fleet to decide to allow him to join. He excelled in his classes at the Academy testing out of most of his classes He is eager to learn more and advance his education and knowledge of his art of War. His home planet, under constant assault from the Borg, had no choice but to manufacture genetically superior elite warriors to preserve their race from assimilation He had volunteered for war.

His main occupation was a Professor at El-Aurian military academy, his title: Master at war. He had been teaching military sciences for hundreds of years. Watching the wars and conflicts of hundreds of races. He has had the opportunity to lecture at many universities and academies throughout the federation and delta quadrant. With the space as we know it changing rapidly he knew it was time to get out and educate himself and others to the changes that face everyone.

As cadet assigned to a planet defense as and security of a new Colony. He distinguished himself. The report stated the Colony was being attack. While seriously wounded risked his own life to rescue the sector Ambassador who was wounded and had to be carried by him. He got him to safety and to medical help. He has work hard for the great reputation he has for bravery, and the call to duty. Trensu has always got good reports from his Commanders. He now looks forward to his next assignment hope it was his Actions that he got commissioned.

Service Record:
2231 - 2240 Primary & Secondary Education Privet schooling
2240 - 2406 Professor at military academy and Officer Trainer title: Master at war
2406 - 2410 Joined Star Fleet Academy
2410 Cadet Mission
2410 Commissioned
2410 Ensign Assignment Station Hope 1
Primary & Secondary Education Privet schooling
Tertiary Education Privet schooling
Doctorates in Military Science
Masters in Military technology and equipment,
Military strategy and doctrine,
Military law
Bachelors in Federation Law,
Military organization,
Military history,
Military education and training
Star Fleet Academy
General Security and Tactical Courses

Quote: To him being "heroic" means being honorable and having integrity.

Pach PIn'a lives and loves to out power his opponents, Persuading people to help him against their better sensibilities, and so forth. He is a good friend of the rest of his men and so mostly turns his talents on NPCs. He is a lawful follower respect for the rights of others; but, again, with a good enough justification provided he might bend the law. He will engage enemies in melee. He doesn’t mind long range either. But he’d real likes to do anything that will demonstrate his superiority over the enemy.

He can be hard to read, concealing his true thoughts and emotions behind the mask he thinks is most appealing to the other character. It’s very hard to find out what he is actually thinking or feeling. He works hard to keep his feelings in check it is hard when he sees someone show fear. His talent for sensing trouble and fast thinking, an uncanny sense of calm had got him through varies hard situations so far in his career. He likes to read from time to time keeping up on the different governments. His favorite pastimes are Martial Arts especially ones from other races, Fresh meet and collecting ancient firearms. His eye and hand coordination is exceptional and has a reputation being ambidextrous. His mental strength is extraordinary mind.

Likes: Fresh fruit and collecting ancient firearms.
Dislikes: hates disobedience, disrespect of rank and cowards. He has a habit of trying to beat them.
Strength(s): Talent for sensing trouble, an uncanny sense of calm.
Limitation(s): Tends to be cold at times when dealing with people and their problems.
Special ability: His eye and hand coordination is exceptional and has a reputation being ambidextrous. His mental strength is extraordinary and other thought reading has been less than effective or even block at times.
Quirk(s): He has had an outburst of hatred towards the people that disrespect rank, disobedience to orders and cowards He works hard to keep his feelings in check it has made him violent in the past.
Hobbies/Interest(s): Martial Arts especially ones from other races, collecting ancient firearms.
Motto: “First to Respond!”

Captain Venni Gatrubbian Navy Captain GNV Danuma Gatrubbian Male Secondary Character played by Rich

V'Liatta (A combination of Latta and V'Lias) Psychically conjoined Rihannsu Female and Pangenare Male Secondary Character played by Tabitha and Sam


Latta came onto S'Task as part of her D'Talla tour (mandatory service) a year ago. Her father had ties with the underground and was killed by the Tal'Shair as a result. Latta grew up believing in the Underground movement and studied the Vulcan Kir'Shira. She practised Vulcan meditation in an attempt to calm her natural element which is fire.

V'Lias was the Anthun'Ortaim for Nen'akatar, the most powerful city-state on Pangaere. Not all Pangaerans are telepaths but V'Lias was from a specially bread caste of touch-telepaths and his entire childhood had been spent preparing him for his role in Pangaeran society.

Pangenare is a planet on the DFA-RSE border and its residents are the descendants of ancestors from the Sundering (the Romulan movement from Vulcan at the time of Serak). Latta and V'Lias met and melded during an away mission from S'Task, Latta was training to be a diplomat and ended up representing RSE interests on Pangaere.

During a near-death experience V'Lias shared his Katre with Latta (which included the Katras of hundreds of ancestors from before, one of the roles of the Anthun'Ortaim was to keep those memories) but because of the differences between species, the haste and possibly some other things, the Katra share went badly wrong.

When V'Lias was saved by S'Task's doctors, Latta and V'Lias' link remained, even though it should have faded. At first it was a telepathic link between the two, allowing them to communicate with one another over distances and in dreams, it got stronger and stronger over time, they started sharing memories and finding they could 'borrow' one another's skills. As they used the link more, and they ended up having to use it more when Latta was kidnapped on Pangaere, the link got even stronger and their memories began to slowly merge causing the pair confusion. Eventually, their minds merged all-together and that was when V'Liatta came to be, it is a single entity with control of both bodies.

It resisted seperation on S'Task and faced death as a result of its resistance. An undercover tr'Aryn rescued them though, allowing them to escape with the waste capsule that was ejected into space. They had a distress beacon and were rescued by a DFA ship and sent to the Federation slave rehabilitation centre Stellar Winds with a bunch of rescued Romulan slaves, from there they can choose to go to Sentinel.

Former Commanding Officers

Commander Louis Avery (LA) Ares played by AJ
Captain Rhianna Bard played by Treassa
Major General John Henry Bearkiller played by A/C
Commander Buford Kenric Doniphan played by Tom, OH1's first CO
Commander Pathera Du Lac played by Kristyn
Commander John Harrison played by Liam
Lieutenant Colonel Ricar Liurai played by Tom
Lieutenant Colonel Jonathon "Big Slick" Matthews played by Andrew
Captain Daeriel Rho played by Tim
Commander Selac played by A/C in honour of Andy


Primary Characters (PCs) are the equivalent of the lead cast in a television series. They appear frequently in storylines and can always be tagged in posts.

Secondary Characters (SCs) are supporting cast. They appear occassionally in storylines, usually when a particular skill is required. These characters should only be tagged with the permission of their player. If a Primary Character can fulfill the needs of the story, it should be tagged preferentially to Secondary Characters.

Guest Characters appear rarely. They are a prestige role, such as a Fleet Admiral or a Klingon Chancellor. These characters must be tagged only with the permission of their player.

Non-Player Characters (NPCs) are recurring background characters. They provide consistency from story to story as familiar names. Any player may write for an NPC but the CO should be informed when a player does so.