Crew — Alphabetical Order

A compact listing is provided in a departmental listing of the crew.

1st Lieutenant Mahlon "Farmer" Avinbruch Flight Officer Human Male Secondary Character played by Richard

Lieutenant Theodore Bear Intelligence Officer Anthropomorphized Orsine Male Android Primary Character played by Doug

Doctor Laura Butler Chief Medical Officer Human Female Primary Character played by Debby

Jon Dewitt Medic Primary Character played by Katy

Chief Petty Officer (Eiwan) la ui ki ewe la wiwui'e shepenan Engineering Operations Officer Himpanwei Female Primary Character played by Richard

Eiwan is one of very few Himpanwei to leave their home world. Her name means 'wanderer', a name she earned as a child exploring the forests around her home colony. She works constantly and always has a padd at her fingertips.

Lieutenant Commander Lionin Favor Science Department Logistics Coordinator (SDLC) Elaysian Male Primary Character played by Rich

Gaspar Head Chef of Sushi Bar Human Male Guest Character played by Anna-Maria

Emporer Altus Fivaernus Livilnus Gret'ak IV Kharian Rex Gret'ak Primary Character played by Tim

Ensign Keryneia (Kery) Hind Science Officer Specialty in Ecology Betazoid Female Secondary Character played by Richard

Acting Ensign Hondrick Bridge Officer Benzite Male Secondary Character played by Richard

Katowal Husar Shopkeeper of Namche Bazaar Cardassian Female Member of the Scravvan Families Primary Character played by Anna-Maria

Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Gero Ib Science Officer Specialty in Astronomy Bajoran Male Primary Character played by Kevin

Gero Ib joined Starfleet Academy at the age of 18. He specialized as a a science officer. As a believer in the prophets, Gero Ib specialized in spacial anomolies and astronomy in order to study wormholes. While in the Academy, Gero also studied a bit of xenobiology. After serving a few years in the Alpha Quadrant, Gero found his way to the Delta Quadrant in order to study the Gerosh wormhole. His goal for studying the wormhole is to figure out if the wormholes are all conduits which are used by the prophets.

It could be a part of his duties along with studying the star, maybe comets every now and then and the wormhole itself. Would you prefer him getting quarters with a view of the wormhole by begging at the Quartermasters office, winning it in a card game, having a girlfriend whose quarters have a view or practically living in a bar with the view? I'd like to give him an intro that shows his motivation, gives other players time to join so that I can populate a storyline with this character.

Komara Imtaren Proprietor of Pilgrimage Cafe and Books Gatrubbian Male Secondary Character played by Kevin

Only there can a traveler find the perfect mix of hot beverages and stories. Oh and don't forget to pet the local furry felinesque creature who inhabits the store.

Governor Kal-Nar Governor of Sentinel Station Dauphin Male Secondary Character played by Roger
Physical Characteristics
Height: 6ft
Weight: 190 lb
Eye color: His eyes are of a light color gray
Hair color: Dark brown
Skin tone: tan
Physical description: For the most part he looks human. He is of medium stature and muscular.
Distinguishing mark(s): none


Kal-Nar traveled on many Star Ships he learned more about the races of the alpha and delta quadrant with his experience he was known quickly for his abilities on ships during diplomacy and business missions. This is where he got his real experience about getting to know the alpha and delta quadrant. He was on a mission when the ship he was on was attack. Kal-Nar and others were held as prisoners some say he held his position outnumbered and injured, Kal-Nar negotiated and resolved the situation. The ships Captain put a letter of recommendation for his actions.

After his actions he was hired to head business operations of a Orion and Frangi business. He had to proving himself loyal to the business. With everything done and in the end He was found a new position head of Company Operations. Being assigned to the head of all business and shipping negotiations. The tour did not have its problems as well he at times was a little overbearing when dealing with some races. He wanted more from life. After an application as a Governor he was accepted to a Vulcan Academy for Interplanetary Affairs and Interplanetary business and taking other course to help his career He graduated with honors. After leaving the Academy he was promotion and assigned to Federation out post. On one of the missions the team was lead in to a trap his actions allowed the team to be released. He was the only one captured he was held for six months until he was rescued. After a stay He recovered and was sent to Federation Academy for Training in Interplanetary Affairs and Interplanetary business earning a Masters and doctorate graduating with honors he spent some time on Vacation and then assigned to Hope1 as Representative for the civilian population to the Federation. He awaits to see what it has in store for him.

He dose have his own small business a shipping company with ships and ware houses all over the alpha and delta quadrant.

Vulcan Academy: Interplanetary Affairs, Interplanetary business
Federation Academy: Dr. Interplanetary Affairs, Interplanetary business, Masters in Interplanetary Business Law

Kal-Nar is the all-around man in charge. He’s the responsible person who, even if he isn’t the leader, thinks like one. He’s always thinking about the team’s goals and how to implement them, the safety of his friends, the strategy of the Business, and so forth. Kal-Nar is happy to be the leader-type, or may be a reluctant leader at times either way, his friends look to him for direction. Naturally, if Kal-Nar is to make the effort to do all that thinking and planning, and are willing for him to be responsible for others and business.

In Combat Situation , Kal-Nar whether he wants to or not, is always thinking in combat and trying to direct his allies’ activities. He makes sure that there’s a good mix of Intelligence and diplomatic strategics, that everything they need they have. When a friend falls there’s someone to drag him behind the lines and another to take his place.

Kal-Nar is a very responsible person, but beyond that, there is no limitation on the way he should deal in situations. He may be grim or humorous, straightforward or deceitful, arrogant or modest, he acts as needed. Kal-Nar is often be the negotiator for the group, but this isn’t required of him.

General Overview

He has become Governor and wanted to be. He has serve in the best of the office. Kal-Nar strives to be the best He can. He tends to make sure that everything He does, He dose for a reason; Kal-Nar has a lot to learn about the Federation. He tends to go carefully into all situations. If he is in disagreement with someone diplomacy is his answer. He hates incompetents, it was his parents that motivated him in to want to be The Representative. traveling around the galaxy has had an awe-inspiring effect on Him. He knows that he has a long road ahead of him.

Likes: Fresh fruit and Martial Arts
Dislikes: Close mined people
Strength(s): Talent for sensing people lining, an uncanny sense of calm in a tenses situation.
Limitation(s): Tends to ask to many questions when dealing with people and their problems.
Special ability: His mental strength is extraordinary and other thought reading has been less than effective or even blocked at times.
Quirk(s): He has had an outburst of hatred towards the people that are close mined, likes to yell at them He works hard to keep his feelings in check it has made him lowed in the past.
Hobbie(s)/Interest(s): Martial Arts especially ones from other races, collecting ancient weapons.
Motto: “Peace thought Diplomacy”

Medical Profile

Internally, Kal-nar anatomy is markedly different from that of Humans. He can take more punishment than others races. This allowed Kal-nar to survive . Having a highly efficient respiratory system to extract the oxygen they need from thin atmospheres. His eyes are of a light color his sight is better than normal humans and can see in to the uv and infrared spectrum.

Surprisingly Kal-nar has extremely acute hearing, sensitive enough to tell a person's species and gender. Has high acid content in his blood which gives them a silver glow allowing him to have resistance to toxins, poisons and the Borg Nano’s.

Senator Burgess Larking Johvan Male Secondary Character played by Richard

Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Leval Fleet Commanding Officer Vulcan Male Guest Character played by Rich

Lieutenant Commander Melinda Michaels Investigator, Office of the Judge Advocate General (JAG) Human Female Primary Character played by Charlotte

Commander Mirel Outpost Commanding Officer Human-Klingon Female Primary Character played by Richard

An officer of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, her most recent posting was starbase construction along the Kzinti frontier. She is the eldest daughter of a Marine officer. Named after her maternal Klingon grandmother, the only non-Human in her ancestry. She has no standing in Klingon society; belongs to no house.

Mirok Employee of Stellar Communications Tal Shiar Operative Alleged Vulcan Male Secondary Character played by Katy

Having been raised on Romulus prior to the Hobus incident, Mirok is harsh and critical, much like his father's people. His immersion in the Romulan culture has prevented him from taking the no emotions approach of the Vulcans, and he tends to lash out in anger, both physically and vocally.

Strengths & Weaknesses
+His combination heritage makes it much easier for him to gain the trust of either side.
+Knowledge of Tal Shiar tactics and technology
-Being raised Romulan has turned him into a more hateful and violent individual

Sergeant, 1st Class, Donovan "Animal" Mitchell 1st Platoon Human Male Secondary Character played by Tim

Pleg Shopkeeper of Whims and Favours Ferengi Male husband of Lirka and father of Gral Primary Character played by Rich

Ilko Seket Scientist Specialty in Chemistry Agent of the Obsidian Order Cardassian Female Primary Character played by Anna-Maria

Ensign Ariana Serota Science Officer Specialty in Geosciences Exchange Officer Delta Freedom Alliance Human Female Primary Character played by Devon

Ariana had not set out to be as adventerous as she has become. She was content to study plate tectonics and stay aboard ship. Her field of choice was chosen so that she didn't have the pressure of away missions and fast moving decisions. She could stop for tea, and not worry about changes in her research; rocks do not move that quickly.

Her experiance aboard Cromwell changed that. Forced into action by circumstance, she proved she could rise to the occasion on her initial missions which included time travel and fighting Borg. She did not have the confidence though, and put her resignation in at the completion of her cadet tour. Captain Sesgaard refused to accept it at that time, instead challenging her to sing one song, and he would then accept her resignation. He knew she had been a singer when she was young, and the one song he requested told of taking chances. As she sang that song, she realized what he had done, and what she had done, and withdrew her resignation.

Knowing she needed to go out and explore on her own, Ariana requested Duty at the Dyson sphere, and was granted DFA Exchange officer status to serve at Sentinel Station.

Ariana is settling into Sentinel Station. She has encountered a murder victim, and worked along side her friend, Eiwan, the Starfleet chief engineer of Sentinel Station, on investigating cyber attacks on the Sentinel stations computers. She investigated volcanic activity within the Dyson sphere, which proved to be a faulty piece of machinery transporting building materials to the sphere.

Ariana has worked with the Lacosians on repair of a faulty geo wormhole transporter, explored the catacombs with an ecologist to ascertain the Lacosian position regarding the Kharian. (Negotiations were way above her pay grade and she slipped out of those).

Current Status:
Studying dust particles for Lt Hondrick. Just heard they would be heading to a Brown star and applied for a berth to serve aboard the ship.

Lieutenant Colonel Gravor of the Stoneclaw "Liberator Six" Commanding Officer 21st Marine Expeditionary Force Caitian Male Primary Character played by Tim

Distinguishing Features: Gravor sports an impressive mane which he sometimes decorates with feathers, beads, and other ornaments during formal occasions. His face is covered in tribal tattoos that represent milestones in his life. Only those well-versed in Caitian pictographic language can make sense of them.

Characteristics: Gravor is quiet and reserved, but speaks with the authority of a being who possesses two decades of expeditionary and combat experience. He is loyal to a fault towards those who have earned his trust, but cold and unaffectionate towards strangers. He reserves a special place in his heart for fellow Federation Marines and will readily accept them as friends over other beings. He has a habit of flicking his tail back and forth while staring intensely into the distance when he is deep in thought. This behavior unnerves some of his aides who may inadvertently find themselves the subject of his gaze.

The Stoneclaw clan arose in the early days of Caitian history as miners and jewelers who decorated their claws with radiant jewels and valuable metals mined from the Caitian homeworld (hence their namesake). They eventually branched out to become merchants and diplomats, sharing the wonders of Caitian metalworking and jewelry with the rest of the galaxy. Gravor was born into a wealthy merchant family offshoot of the Stoneclaw clan plying their wares on Earth. He quickly grew enamored with the thought of life as a Starfleet Officer and joined as soon as he was able. He excelled at all things physical (a natural gift of his Caitian physiology) and selected the Marine career track at the academy. He graduated as an average student but received numerous accolades for his physical and strategic prowess.

As a Second Lieutenant “Butterbar” at his first unit, he received a fair amount of ridicule and teasing from his non-commissioned officers, but soon proved himself as their leader after several skirmishes against the Rebellion. He would go on to serve ten more years with that unit, finally ending up in command of the company he first joined as a Second Lieutenant.

He was reassigned to regional command in keeping with his normal career progression, but was soon sent back to the front during the outbreak of the second Cardassian War. His most notable action was his participation in the liberation of Starbase Phoenix.

Gravor spent all of his years as Major working with a classified subdivision of the Federation Marine Corps. Little is known about his work between 2408-2414, but most quickly deduce that he did not leave on good terms with his command.

He is now taking his first field-grade command as commander of the 21st Marine Expeditionary Force based out of Outpost Hope One.

1st Lieutenant Rota Thaalnok Flight Commander, Vaquero Squadron Andorian Male Secondary Character played by Tim

Lieutenant Commander Athena Theophilus Chief Operations Officer Human-Titan Female Primary Character played by Debby

The Theophilus sisters belong to a huge network of humanoids who descend from those aliens (Titans) that lived on Earth during the Ancient Greek age. many are the results of the "gods" mating with the men and women of that era. Many of these decedents like Athena and Althea are ageless. Having lived over 2500 years. Until fairly recently most kept their unique heritage secret. The fact that long lived federation members were accepted allowed some to be comfortable allowing their longevity be known. Members of this unique group call themselves the Clan. Their grandmother was Athena the goddess of Wisdom. She enjoys a good joke and the company of her fellow crewmembers.

Lieutenant Commander Althea Theophilus Medical Officer Human-Titan Female Primary Character played by Debby

Acting Ensign Talo Thrace Acting Captain USS Daystrom Kobali Male Primary Character played by Callib

Talo Thrace is only one of a handful of Kobali seen outside his peoples' society. Within the Kobali he is called a Kursaul, roughly translated a wander. Thile the Kobali never look down on one another, nor would they banish their own kind for those familiar with the culture know that the Kursaul are seen in a differnt light among their people.

It is not known exactly why he left his people and according to those that have had contact with other Kobali, that are familiar with Talo, he adapted well to life after rebirth, though it was no secret that he was interested in teh universe around him.

Talo took an interest in engineering and flight school, when in Starfleet Academy. He was also an adrenaline junkie and loved sub-orbital skydiving, extreme sports and pushing the envelope during training exercises, wich included pushing the crew and ship during command simulations.

Lieutenant Ahkhsu "Patch" Trensu Tactical Officer El-Aurian Male Primary Character played by Roger
Physical Characteristics
Height: 6’ 2’ feet (2.1 m)
Weight: 270 pounds (124.7 kg)
Eye color: Green
Hair color: black
Skin tone: white
Date born: 2181

Physical description: He looks like a body builder and appears 30. For the most part he looks human. He is of large stature and muscular. His is 6'2", weight 270 lb, and tone tan skin.

Distinguishing marks: He has multiple scars. One on his left wrist 4 inches long, right upper leg 6 inches, rear of upper back 5 inches long and left side of his head 3 inches long.


Patch was found by a Federation ship in 2265 and settled on a federation planet. In 2406 he applied to Star Fleet Academy he was almost denied entry because of his genetic engineering. After extensive testing and court hearings they accepted him. His lack of choice regarding his genetically engineered nature was ultimately what caused Star Fleet to decide to allow him to join. He excelled in his classes at the Academy testing out of most of his classes He is eager to learn more and advance his education and knowledge of his art of War. His home planet, under constant assault from the Borg, had no choice but to manufacture genetically superior elite warriors to preserve their race from assimilation He had volunteered for war.

His main occupation was a Professor at El-Aurian military academy, his title: Master at war. He had been teaching military sciences for hundreds of years. Watching the wars and conflicts of hundreds of races. He has had the opportunity to lecture at many universities and academies throughout the federation and delta quadrant. With the space as we know it changing rapidly he knew it was time to get out and educate himself and others to the changes that face everyone.

As cadet assigned to a planet defense as and security of a new Colony. He distinguished himself. The report stated the Colony was being attack. While seriously wounded risked his own life to rescue the sector Ambassador who was wounded and had to be carried by him. He got him to safety and to medical help. He has work hard for the great reputation he has for bravery, and the call to duty. Trensu has always got good reports from his Commanders. He now looks forward to his next assignment hope it was his Actions that he got commissioned.

Service Record:
2231 - 2240 Primary & Secondary Education Privet schooling
2240 - 2406 Professor at military academy and Officer Trainer title: Master at war
2406 - 2410 Joined Star Fleet Academy
2410 Cadet Mission
2410 Commissioned
2410 Ensign Assignment Station Hope 1
Primary & Secondary Education Privet schooling
Tertiary Education Privet schooling
Doctorates in Military Science
Masters in Military technology and equipment,
Military strategy and doctrine,
Military law
Bachelors in Federation Law,
Military organization,
Military history,
Military education and training
Star Fleet Academy
General Security and Tactical Courses

Quote: To him being "heroic" means being honorable and having integrity.

Pach PIn'a lives and loves to out power his opponents, Persuading people to help him against their better sensibilities, and so forth. He is a good friend of the rest of his men and so mostly turns his talents on NPCs. He is a lawful follower respect for the rights of others; but, again, with a good enough justification provided he might bend the law. He will engage enemies in melee. He doesn’t mind long range either. But he’d real likes to do anything that will demonstrate his superiority over the enemy.

He can be hard to read, concealing his true thoughts and emotions behind the mask he thinks is most appealing to the other character. It’s very hard to find out what he is actually thinking or feeling. He works hard to keep his feelings in check it is hard when he sees someone show fear. His talent for sensing trouble and fast thinking, an uncanny sense of calm had got him through varies hard situations so far in his career. He likes to read from time to time keeping up on the different governments. His favorite pastimes are Martial Arts especially ones from other races, Fresh meet and collecting ancient firearms. His eye and hand coordination is exceptional and has a reputation being ambidextrous. His mental strength is extraordinary mind.

Likes: Fresh fruit and collecting ancient firearms.
Dislikes: hates disobedience, disrespect of rank and cowards. He has a habit of trying to beat them.
Strength(s): Talent for sensing trouble, an uncanny sense of calm.
Limitation(s): Tends to be cold at times when dealing with people and their problems.
Special ability: His eye and hand coordination is exceptional and has a reputation being ambidextrous. His mental strength is extraordinary and other thought reading has been less than effective or even block at times.
Quirk(s): He has had an outburst of hatred towards the people that disrespect rank, disobedience to orders and cowards He works hard to keep his feelings in check it has made him violent in the past.
Hobbies/Interest(s): Martial Arts especially ones from other races, collecting ancient firearms.
Motto: “First to Respond!”

Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Vos Eddors Security Officer Bajoran Male Primary Character played by Guillaume

HEIGHT : 189 cm
WEIGHT : 92 kg

FATHER : Unknown
MOTHER : Vos Kara

Starfleet Academy class of 14 Major Criminology Minor: Earth Classical Literature
Starfleet Bridge operation school, Vulcan, graduate of 15, (Tactical, Operations and Conn)
2415-2415 USS De Gaulle OIC Security team alpha (training cruise)
2415-2416 USS Kulik, Intern/Investigator for internal affairs (training cruise)
2416-USS Marshall, Ensign, Brig Warden and Juniior Interrogation Technician (training cruise)

Vos Edors was born in the idependant colony of M'Gia in the furthest reaches of unclaimed territory in the former neutral zone. The colony was founded about 100 years ago by a group of dissident bajorans. Vos' mother is  a prominent member of the house of Lords M'Gia.

Vos' upbrigging was sheltered until he chose to become a part of the colony constabulary at age 18 where he served until the USS Pasteur visited the colony 8 years later. Vos was immediatly fascinated by the federation officers and upon visitng earth a few months later chose to join starfleet. He graduated three years ago and has been working on becoming an investigator ever since.

He can be shy and introverted when a situation calls for intimacy or familiarity. He's not that comfortable in regular social interractions, but he's very dedicated to his job,and is an observer of humanoid nature. Highly motivated and eager to serve in any capacity, he finds ways to get the job done. Noted literaryr and fitness buff. Favorite book is : The Never ending sacrifice.

Command Sergeant Major Weiliang (Jerry) "Liberator Five" Zhao Task Force Sergeant Major Human Male Secondary Character played by Tim

Jerry stands a full head shorter than most Humans, and is usually dwarfed by some of the taller races he encounters. He has a full head of jet-black hair, and keeps a scraggly moustache that barely stays within regulations.

He is a bit older-looking than men his age should look. The wrinkles on his face tell the tale of a man who loves to smile, but the creases on his forehead tell of many countless hours of worry and stress. Jerry carries an interesting collection of tattoos on his torso, but he makes a point of hiding them.

Jerry was born as a “coolie” in the slums of New Shantung. His parents saved to send him to school, but by the age of 15, he had succumbed to the pressures of ghetto life and embarked upon a dark path which took him away from his parents and into the arms of some unsavory characters.

While the details of what happened in the intervening years are unclear, he eventually enlisted in the Starfleet Marine Corps at the age of 21 and participated in the closing campaigns of the Federation/Romulan War. He saw extensive action right out of boot camp, and rose through the ranks rather quickly due to his uncanny ability to survive impossible situations.

Born an introvert, Jerry keeps his own council and involves very few in his personal life. Normally gregarious and cheerful, Jerry becomes another man entirely when something is unfortunate enough to draw out his wrath. His reputation for violent outbursts follows him to every assignment.

While his job as an NCO requires a fair bit of yelling at times, Jerry prefers to sit back and laugh with (or more often at) his marines. He is a complex man who hides his inner workings under a veil of simplicity and an easy smile.

Professionally, Jerry’s enigmatic personality results in seemingly eccentric behavior, but ultimately, Jerry is a marine NCO and lives the job down to the very fiber of his being.

Jerry is uncomfortable interacting with people of higher station or rank, and shies away from media attention or public praise of any kind.

Former Commanding Officers

Commander Louis Avery (LA) Ares played by AJ
Captain Rhianna Bard played by Treassa, OH1's first CO
Brigadier General John Henry Bearkiller played by A/C
Commander Pathera Du Lac played by Kristyn
Colonel Lars Dangar (Hutch) Hutchinson played by A/C
Captain Trento Kelo played by John
Lieutenant Colonel Ricar Liurai played by Tom
Lieutenant Commander Morris Northwood played by James
Lieutenant Commander Rhiarn Reyn played by Petter
Captain Daeriel Rho played by Tim


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