Star Trek: Borderlands

Star Trek: Borderlands formed in 1993 and has been actively roleplaying for 25 years. Star Trek represents a rich backdrop with over five hundred hours of television and feature films and hundreds of novels. Players take on the role of characters in the story and write incrementally, building on the work of other players.


Affiliated Duty Stations

Star Trek: Borderlands comprises multiple stations and ships (ie. duty stations) that collaborate to create a broad tapestry of stories. In addition to Starfleet duty stations, players may board ships of the Delta Freedom Alliance or Romulan Star Empire. Players can find adventure aboard the civilian SS Axel. Unique among Star Trek simulations, Probe 815 is a Borg vessel.

DFA Cromwell

The spirit of the Federation had been lost... but there were those who swore that it would be regained. In 2401, two Starfleet officers rebelled. Time passed, and the rebel cause grew, attracting those who were dissatisfied with the Federation. In 2406, an historic pact was struck between Devu and the rebels... and the Delta Freedom Alliance was born.


USS Discovery

As the Flagship of the Delta Quadrant, Discovery was designed with the specific intent of furthering exploration in the Federation's newest frontier. The vessel represents all of the speed, power, and versatility of modern starship design. Being armed with the latest Starfleet technology, Discovery can tackle nearly any mission while operating independently, far in the frontier regions of the Federation's Delta Quadrant territories.


Starbase Horizon II

Nestled in that precarious portion of space that comprises the Neutral Zone, Starbase Horizon stands at the edge of major change in the Delta Quadrant. A shining light of progress it inhabits the space above Devu I and Devu II, protecting the sector and furthering the goals of the Prime Directive.


Probe 815 of Unimatrix 42

We are the Borg, you will be assimilated, your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own, your culture will adapt to service us, resistance is futile...


SES S'Task

The SES S'Task is a d'Deridex-B Class Warbird serving the Romulan Empire. Named after the student of Surak, the first leader of the Romulan race, the S'Task holds great value for all Romulans everywhere. The S'Task's main duty is to patrol the Delta Quadrant while trying to hold diplomatic ties with their fairly new Federation allies. This is not always easy as disagreements between the Empire and the Federation occur.


SS Seiklon Axel

Seiklon Axel is about civilians, not Starfleet personnel. Here you'll live a different kind of life. Hunted, the crew must do whatever it takes to survive and profit in the wilds of the Borderlands. It's rough, it's tough, and the Prime Directive definitely doesn't apply!


Former Duty Stations

USS Andromeda

The first Starfleet vessel to cross into the Delta Quadrant via the Geroch Wormhole. The Hope One Dyson Sphere was discovered by it's chief scientist, Dr. Shun'de Gor'Vosh II.

IKS BortaS

Sniveling petaQ! You think you are worthy enough to join the crew of the IKS BortaS? We challenge you to try! Only the bravest, most honorable warriors may earn a place to fight alongside us. If you have the true heart of a warrior, then accept the challenge and take the test of honor!

Starbase Phoenix

Starbase Phoenix is a significant military, political and trading hub of the Delta Quadrant. You can play a Starfleet or Delta Freedom Alliance officer, an ambassador, a shop owner, etc.; you decide! With such a diverse group of players and characters, we have very exciting adventures and stories playing.

USS Olmsted

"It's not just my duty, I'm here for the right reasons."

During renewed conflict between the United Federation of Planets and the Romulan Star Empire, USS Olmsted was a ship of peacemaking. Named in honour of US Army Major Andy Olmsted.