Non-Canon Races

Several races present on Outpost Hope One are original. A brief description of each is provided for new players and those in need of a refresher.

Daignault Williams Photonic

Daignault was the name given to the first engineering hologram by the Chief of Engineering on DFA Cromwell at the time. With scores of Daignaults running around, a numbering system was utilized to differentiate them for delegation of duties. In researching the problem of too many Daignaults, they found references to the old Terran empire of Britain using numbering for their army of Williams, which they had too many of. Williams was adopted as a 'last name'; DW.


The Gatrubbians are a humanoid race who originally resided in the Gatrubbe system. Their culture is probably best known for their devotion to their gods, the Writers, which they claim continually write the universe into existence. After several decades of working with sublight engines, the Gatrubbians had built up a system wide network of colonies. Further research brought about the invention of a zero point energy drive which allowed for faster than light travel. Armed with this new technology the Gatrubbian Space Command developed their first and only interstellar vessel, the GSC Sojourn. The ship launched with the intent of surveying nearby celestial bodies but was ultimately doomed to crash upon an icy world where it lay untouched for several years if not centuries. Meanwhile not long after the launch of the Sojourn, a rift within the government led to a cataclysmic civil war which ended when the use of thermonuclear weapons turned the once inhabitable world into a ball of molten rock. The outlying colonies and ships packed up and set out for the stars. Over the years the ships have acquired warp capability and have grown in number as the population continues to increase.

A short treatise on the Gatrubbian language is also available.


A hominid species similar to the Terran chimpanzee. They stand 60 to 110 centimetres in height. They are dextrous and considered to have four hands (ie. hands on lower limbs rather than feet) and long limbs. They are highly social and, amongst themselves, organize into close-knit colonies.