Player Commendations

Each month, one or more players are recognized for their contribution to Outpost Hope One.


A number of ribbons may be earned by players for their writing, their leadership and their vision.

Valor ribbon The Valor ribbon is awarded to members who distinguish themselves by exceptionally meritorious service.
Story Development ribbon The Story Development ribbon recognizes the efforts of a member to sketch and guide a storyline.
Character Development ribbon The Character Development ribbon recognizes the efforts of a member to develop their characters' backgrounds and psychology.
Exploration ribbon The Exploration ribbon is awarded to members who embody the spirit of exploration.
Diplomacy ribbon The Diplomacy ribbon is awarded to members who embody the spirit of diplomacy.
Innovation ribbon The Innovation ribbon is awared to members who develop and utilize a technological innovation in their storytelling.
Discovery ribbon The Discovery ribbon is awarded to members who develop and utilize a scientific discovery or concept in their storytelling.
Purple Heart ribbon The Purple Heart ribbon is earned by members who allow a significant character to be killed.
Duty Station Development ribbon The Duty Station Development ribbon is awarded to members recognized for their contributions to the improvement and development of Outpost Hope One as a duty station.
Good Conduct ribbon The Good Conduct ribbon is awarded to members recognized for their contributions to Outpost Hope One. This ribbon may be stripped from a member for poor conduct.

Some ribbons are earned by rank, duty and time served within Star Trek: Borderlands.

Hall of Fame ribbon The Hall of Fame ribbon is awarded to members with no less than five years of service, have achieved rank O-5 (eg. Captain, Riov) and recognized by their peers for long-standing, meritorious service to Star Trek: Borderlands.
Duty Station Command ribbon The Duty Station Command ribbon is awarded to all members who have taken a command position (commanding officers and executive officers) with a duty station. It is worn in perpetuity by former command staff.
Borderlands Council ribbon The Borderlands Council ribbon is worn by current player representatives on the Borderlands Council.
One Year of Service ribbon
Two Years of Service ribbon
Three Years of Service ribbon
Four Years of Service ribbon
Five Years of Service ribbon
Years of Service ribbons show how long a member has been writing with Star Trek: Borderlands. Each band denotes a year of service and an additional ribbon every five years.

Players of the Month

Duty Station Command ribbon Story Development ribbon with Star Diplomacy ribbon Good Conduct ribbon Five Years of Service ribbon

October 2018: This is definitely the first time a player has written a sermon in-character. It had a strong message of unity which underpins the Gatrubbian culture. It is also a key tenet of Gene Roddenberry's vision of Star Trek. As a throughline this month, it can be seen through the lens of many characters: Ana; Icmod and Roquel; the crew of the Tusaytir; Toraith. It was poignantly written.

July 2017: Kevin expanded the OH1 universe with the galactic politics of the Gatrubbian people. The Gatrubbians will definitely become a force of change and conflict. Kevin is the first player to post a flashback of his character.

March 2017: Kevin regularly communicates with other players and is actively contributing to the major storylines in March as Gero (Daystrom), Eugene (kidnap plot) and Komara (Promenade) in addition to his regular cast of characters. He is a great writer and enthusiastic about the DS.

October 2016: Kevin put a lot of effort into the Gatrubbian culture. They are linked to the Sphere's present and distant future. Readers Gamut and Kensen reflect two opposing beliefs within the Gatrubbian narrative. It is an excellent addition to the three species already present in the Sphere. They will become a staple in our future storytelling.

September 2016: Honourable mention to Kevin who has done so much with the Gatrubbian Settlement and future storylines.

Character Development ribbon Five Years of Service ribbon Two Years of Service ribbon

September 2018: Sam's character came aboard and immediately started picking on Station the way no other character had. It was fun to read the riddles Lieutenant Anka Syrik subjected Station to: "How come time flies like an arrow and fruit flies like a banana?"; "I wasn't originally going to get a brain transplant, but then I changed my mind."; "I wasn't originally going to get a brain transplant, but then I changed my mind." We never did get the answer to "What do you get if you cross a joke with a rhetorical question?". Sam's strong characterization was immediately visible and I very much enjoyed him putting Tabitha's character on it's back foot.

Good Conduct ribbon

August 2018: Karen has stepped into her first storyline like she's been playing with us for years. Ensign Hunter is a central character in the rescue of the crew of the Tusaytir. She joined the crew of DFA Cromwell in their current wild west adventure. Her communication behind the scenes has and understanding of the medium is exemplary.

Duty Station Command ribbon Character Development ribbon Good Conduct ribbon with 2 Stars One Year of Service ribbon

June 2018: Tabitha is prolific. But that's not what earns a Player of the Month. Station has built a friendship with Ana, discussed philosophy with Malot, given a peek into the events aboard Starbase Horizon. She has written Station as a helicopter mom in Medbay and the Promenade. A truly great character.

January 2018: Honourable mention to Tabitha. She contributes to three (or is it four) duty stations and writes for each as if they were the only one. It is interesting to see Kal in a different environment and interacting with her own Borg character aboard DFA Cromwell. These kinds of stories highlight the value of Star Trek: Borderlands as cooperative, collaborative, creative group.

November 2017: Four of Six is a throughly interesting character. He is driven by his desire to be assimilated. It's something he shares with others despite an inner voice always telling him to stop. Even when Husar is clearly manipulating and taking advantage of him, he sweeps it aside because obtaining Borg technology is worth any price. Tabitha has written a character with a level of fanaticism and doublethink worthy of a George Orwell character.

October 2017: Tabitha has introduced a very well-written, interesting character in Kal. There is a great backstory. I am in eager anticipation of the mess Kal will make.

Valor ribbon Hall of Fame ribbon Duty Station Command ribbon Story Development ribbon Character Development ribbon with Two Stars Duty Station Development ribbon Good Conduct ribbon with Star Five Years of Service ribbon Five Years of Service ribbon One Year of Service ribbon

May 2018: I have been writing with Rich since I joined Borderlands a few years ago and this is long overdue: I am awarding Rich the Valor ribbon for his many years writing with Outpost Hope One and being part of it's leadership. He had worked on many memorable stories and created unforgettable characters. He has strengthened the duty station behind the scenes working directly with players. As this honour is specific to Outpost Hope One, I'm not going to wax on about his contributions to Star Trek: Borderlands, his position as Chair of the Borderlands Council, his perseverance through terrible, terrible in-fighting over many years. He stands head and shoulders above his peers. So much of the feel of OH1 is because of Rich and what he has done with with Seiklon Axel over the years. Sentinel Station has become it's port of call and we are all the richer for it. Characters like Paul Gorgon (aka Elias Pigg) have so much life breathed into them. There is a depth that is rare to see, a long, painful history that makes him a joy to read. It shows up in character after character. Thank you Rich.

January 2018: Rich has contributed greatly to OH1 this month. Targa and Toraith interacting in the gunnery room was a great read (see above). I think I'd like to revisit the alternative universe where Axel is smuggling under the noses of the Federation and the Kharians. Rich is prolific writing both standalone and one-on-one threads with a number of players.

August 2017: Rich gave a very interesting in-character, in-story tour of the Dahk'let. Rather than simply describe the ship in the third person, we follow the disgruntled first officer moving through the ship. It sets the tension between himself and Commander Klang at the same time. Hinting of a future visit from a Q was tantalizing; especially when he described his own actions as "delicious havoc". We never did find out what was in Quidano's lap. ;)

July 2017: Honourable mention to Rich for his strong development of Roquel. There is a lot of emotional depth to this character.

May 2017: Rich put so much into his writings in May. The character of Elias Pigg (formerly Paul Gorgon) has been evolving and this month had a turning point after the abduction of Chelsea. He had a crisis of identity and stepped back from the captaincy of Seiklon Axel to take on a new role with enthusiasm and a sense of purpose. He expressed such pain through Roquel's psychic connection to the raeldra. The reader is experiencing far more than a play-by-play in the arena. I have written with Rich since I joined Borderlands and am amazed at his skill.

December 2016: Rich contributed to a lot of stories during the month. He also wrote several solo posts for Favor, Pleg and Gral. I would love to see Gral in an Axel uniform in the future... he seems too much of an adventurer for Starfleet.

July 2016: Rich put in a lot of effort this month. He did a lot of work behind the scenes to bring OH1 and Axel together. He created the Sullen whom I hope to see back at Sentinel in the future as a villain to be reckoned with.

Story Development ribbon Character Development ribbon Good Conduct ribbon Three Years of Service ribbon

November 2017: Honourable mention to Doug. Toraith's angry, offhand comments reveal the pain he's feeling over the death of his family and friends. His empathy for the mistreatment of Ferengi on the station is clearly a bit of unintentional self-reflection.

April 2017: Doug is prolific and tireless. He keeps everyone guessing what his characters will do next. His multiple references to Holobook were hilarious. Toraith was willing to shoot at Eugene's ship and still ask the bounty hunter to make sure Chelsea was ok.

May 2016: Doug kept me guessing all month. It started with a Gorn disrupting a dinner at the Sushi Bar. It turns out he was accused of tax fraud by a brother, a Duke in the Gorn Hegemony. Trying to mesh Ferengi and Gorn perceptions of the universe was very enjoyable to write and I hope just as enjoyable to read.

Duty Station Command ribbon Character Development ribbon Duty Station Development ribbon Good Conduct ribbon with 2 Stars Five Years of Service ribbon One Year of Service ribbon

October 2017: Anna Maria came back from a break and jumped into several threads, Skel in the quake thread, the Timari captain, Husar manipulating the impressionable Kal. Her breadth of involvement is impressive.

February 2017: I want to give the nod to Debby and Anna-Maria together. They've been working well together and keeping the promenade and station life alive with their posts. Thanks much.

April 2016: I would like to recognize Anna-Maria as Player of the Month. Seket is a great character; a mix of intelligent and malevolent. Anna-Maria has also been involved behind the scenes as her characters will have pivotal roles with the upcoming Axel crossover.

August 2014: Anna-Maria – I can’t thank her enough for bringing back two such active crew members in the form of Bob and Kait. Thank you!

March 2013: Kudos to my XO Anna-Maria for being the "Glue" that holds us all together! She's like the Liquid Nail of Hope One! ...and that's a compliment! (- oh I can hear it now...)

Duty Station Command ribbon Story Development ribbon with Star Character Development ribbon Duty Station Development ribbon Five Years of Service ribbon Five Years of Service ribbon

June 2017: Tim was heavily involved in several stories this month. On New Enterprise, there was a very spirited argument between Zoss and Zal, father and son, about their responsibility to the Vergone natives. In the end, Zoss returned to Albatross while Zal stayed with the Albatross crew to lead an attack against the Akritirian colony. He lead Battlegroup Agrippina against a Borg Cube in an effort to delay it's intercept of USS Discovery. It was a victory despite the loss of several Starfleet vessels. The Cube will take some time to repair the damage caused by a singularity. Tim is also instrumental in the civilian crackdown that has resulted in injuries. The ongoing investigation of Commander Mirel is complicated by the civil unrest. Thank you Tim for being so involved this month.

October 2016: Tim was the leading voice in the future storyline. This month saw the conclusion of the events of 3316. Crossroads Station was being given to the past in an effort to stave off the invasion of the Mother Entity that was swallowing up the entire galaxy. As said by Captain Gret'ak, it was the only time an enemy was large enough to fill the void between the stars. Absolutely terrifying.

September 2016: Tim brought the Kharians back into the story dramatically and wrote very lengthy treatise on the Mother entity that dominates a storyline one hundred years in OH1's own future. We love the character of the Kharian Emporer who is ruthless and apologetic. Tim always provides meta-information like a map of the quarantine zone and a round-table discussion of the Mother entity that deepens our immersion in the stories he tells. Tim has been a cornerstone in our writing of an entire novel this month.

June 2016: Tim had some great contributions this month. The job posting for Axel was fantastic and we like that it was pulled from Axel's past. The characterization of Zal and a Jem'Hadar child is very well done. There was a good debate some months ago about how Jem'Hadar children even exist and Tim had a good argument. The charisma and confidence of USS Hunter's CO was apparent.

Good Conduct ribbon

June 2017: Honourable mention to Skylar who came to Outpost Hope One with a story that ties directly to USS Discovery. It's nice to see the events in sibling duty stations influence each other.

Story Development ribbon Character Development ribbon Duty Station Development ribbon Good Conduct ribbon with 2 Stars Five Years of Service ribbon

February 2017: I want to give the nod to Debby and Anna-Maria together. They've been working well together and keeping the promenade and station life alive with their posts. Thanks much.

March 2016: Deb has been a very active player this month. She added two characters to OH1, both mercenaries. She, Kevin and I have been active behind-the-scenes batting around ideas for the Killjoy, Jarada and Lighthouse. I thank her for her effort this month.

October 2014: The Player of the Month goes to Deb for her portaying Laura Butler, Athena and RAP.

September 2014: We are having a second person this month since Deb has really done such a wonderful job of expanding on Theophilus with some wonderful storytelling and the “adoption” of a boy, allowing us all to see an interesting side to a long-lived character.

January 2014: Deb, hands down. I've never seen anyone throw a DS for a loop like she has with her revelation that there were multiple dimensions. She's given us the the best DS reboot I've ever seen, and our players have really taken to it. Kudos to her.

October 2013: Debora C. for all of her busy posting. She used both of her characters to really keep the story moving forward.

Michael (aka Spike)
Hall of Fame ribbon Duty Station Command ribbon Good Conduct ribbon Five Years of Service ribbon Five Years of Service ribbon

February 2016: Honourable mention to Michael. He has given his character, Federation Liaison Officer Karathev th'Prees, a lot of history. It is a great analysis of his character and the history that shaped him.

Character Development ribbon Story Development ribbon Four Years of Service ribbon

February 2016: Dianna's character, Taura, shared a traumatic event in her past during a conversation with Thev. Taura still has a very positive, Star Trek-esque, view of the universe. The event didn't cloud her judgement of all Andorians. It is something Roddenberry promoted with his view of the future. Nicely written Dianna.

April 2014: Dianna has been an amazing player this month. Between all of her characters, she has pretty much been involved in moving along most of the plots currently taking place. All of this while being on vacation and dealing with some illness. Great job, Dianna!

Story Development ribbon Duty Station Development ribbon Four Years of Service ribbon

January 2016: Kait has put a lot of time and effort into OH1 this month. She added five Lacosian characters and spawned multiple threads for the away team. Behind the scenes her and I have been discussing the sphere's past. Apparently my idea of finding Nessie alive and well in the sphere has been done. She also gets bonus points for quoting "Fox in Socks".

December 2015: Kait, hands down, is the player of the month. She has come back to OH1 with a lot of creativity and great drive. She is in the unique position of owning hard drives with OH1 and BL content going back more than a score of years. Some of it is on 5 1/2" floppy disk. She proofread the entire website, offered suggestions and called me on my mix of American and British spelling. Canadian English has retained British spelling for the most part although a strong French-speaking culture and the dominant American entertainment industry has created a unique mix. I changed most of the spelling to American although I kept a few words; I love the spelling of "maneouvres" and I can't change it to the less interesting "maneuvers".

Duty Station Command ribbon Duty Station Development ribbon Good Conduct ribbon Two Years of Service ribbon

September 2014: This is not the first time Harald has held this position, but this time it is for his new role as XO. He has come flush with some neat plot ideas and a strong willingness to really jump in with both feet.

May 2014: Harald might be new to Outpost Hope One, but he has really added his distinct flavor to the game. Besides introducing a unique character to the Starfleet crew, he has also reintroduced the Romulans to the Dyson sphere in the form of Enriov t’Teral.

Good Conduct ribbon

December 2013: Lisa for diving right in and hitting a record number of posts in her first month.

Valor ribbon Duty Station Command ribbon Three Years of Service ribbon

August 2012: One of the things, that makes this game, and particularlly this job fun, is the opportunity to call out good players and recognize them for their efforts, talents, and sheer bravado to call'em like they see them.

As some of you know, I have been playing this game since 1999. A dearly departed friend of my turned me on to this game. I have played on two dutystions, Starbase Horizon, and Outpost Hope One. I have had the fortune to play with the best people and writers around the web. They have been intelligent, creative, and passionate about writing, science fiction, and the culture that is Star Trek. I want to take this opportunity, to issue an award that I have not often bestowed before, to get this award, IMHO you have to simply change the game. We have a player that has single handedly changed the game for us all here on Hope One.

So without further ado, I officially recognize and award Lillian Helton as the first Most Valuable Player for 2412. That's right, Lil, you are our most valuable players. You play some many characters for us, that it is is next to impossible to decide which are Primary or Secondary, or PC or NPC. I have not decided yet how many MVP's I am going to award, but the bar is set pretty high for the rest of you.

Please join me, in giving well deserved round of applause for our MVP Lil!

Star Trek: Borderlands Hall of Fame

We take pride in recognizing the valued players of Star Trek: Borderlands. We applaud their leadership and long-standing commitment.


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