Canon Races

Many races from Star Trek Voyager are expanded for the Star Trek: Borderlands universe. A brief description of each is provided outling.. .


Garan The Garan race is a caste based society, as with many similar systems the elite "educated" class sits at the top (theoretically). The second class are the rulers and warrior class, with the merchant class next, then the labor class, and finally those listed as untouchables. Women in Garan society are allowed to select mates below their station. Men choose from within their own, unless they have gained a higher woman's interest. The idea being that a child in the womb is entitled to the same class as it's mother. As such, the women have predominant control of the class system, through selection. Lower classes have risen up throughout Garan history, sometimes effectively and other times not. A successful uprising occurs when the merchant and labor classes manage to sway a significant number of the warrior class to join them in a revolt against the elite class. This does not change the class system, but manages to provide a valued checks and balances to both religious and secular policy. Lower classes have developed a fighting style called Gartun, which is an unarmed combat style. It is a self-defense style which emphasizes the retaliatory strike for the purpose of incapacitating the attacker. This style is allowed and even encouraged by the upper classes as (1) it de-emphasizes armed combat and (2) it provides the lower classes with a means of managing its own affairs in many instances. It can be quite violent, even causing death or permanent harm to the attacker, but this is considered acceptable. Its moves are quick and efficient in design and usually target the genitals, throat, eyes, neck, and solar plexus of the attacker. It's defensive moves are usually designed to set up the counter-strike. It bears much similarity to a style from Earth called Grav Maga. Situational awareness is key. In the early 2400's, the merchant class began pushing policy regarding the Alpha Quadrant incursion of the Delta Quadrant. Many members of the merchant class conscripted members of the labor class as a second tier military and introduced them to the Devore concept of Nal'gaharay (No Strangers). Lowborn Garan have found this to be a way out of their lifestyle and led them into off-world activity against the likes of the Federation, the Cardassians, the Klingons and other Alpha Quadrant species residing in the Delta Quadrant. This is not sanctioned by the elites or warrior/ruling class, and so far they have been able to stay clear of direct reprisals from an outside source, through diplomacy and a stance of protectionism. Legally, Garan members of the Nal'gaharay are criminals, but since they are paid for their "work" by the merchant class, more and more members of the lower classes have joined with each successive year. The primary Garan religion, Hiernma, centers around the right to live. There is no teaching on an afterlife. The emphasis is on living in harmony with one another regardless of situation in order to have a longer and more fulfilling life. Caring for the well-being of others is strongly promoted, especially within ones own and higher castes. Self defense is completely acceptable within the constraints of religious teaching. Admittedly, practitioners of Hiernma tend to limit their aggressiveness more so than others.


Supporting Organizations Nal'Gaharay Delta Freedom Alliance