Hope One Dyson Sphere Races

Hope One Dyson Sphere is an ancient construction enclosing Saepio, a white dwarf star. Three species are considered native to the sphere: Johvan, Kharian and Lacosian. All were native to planets now lost to time and presumed utilized in the construction of the sphere. The name Hope One was given by Dr. Gor'Vosh shortly after the sphere was discovered by USS Andromeda. The original Builders departed the sphere 2,500 years ago with no clear explanation in the historical record. Other species have since colonized the sphere.


Johvan are a reluctantly technological civilization. Traditional culture adheres to hard work, tepes (ie. not imposing on one another), thankfulness to Saepio and expression through art. Deeply help spiritual beliefs concern their place in the cosmos and within the Sphere. Some Johvan adopt some technology from space-faring cultures although such adoption is discrete and unobtrusive.

Saepio is the only diety. It is always directly overhead regardless of where one is standing upon on the interior surface of the sphere. The Builders are believed to have constructed the world to imprison Saepio. There is an underlying societal fear the Builders will return to sujugate the Johvan people and Saepio itself.

Outsiders have visited the sphere for centuries and some colonies have been founded. The relatively poor soil conditions and lack of concentrated resources have little attraction to expansionist species. Most of the Johvan population accept the existance and presence of advanced societies that adhere to their own social norms.



Taken from a world used as construction material for the Sphere, the Kharians trace their ancestry to teachers and overseers of the Johvan workforce. After the Builders abandoned the sphere during construction, they expanded through the sector utilizing that Builder technology was at hand. Without the ability to manufacture their own technology, Kharians have lost spacefaring capability.

Kharians still inhabit small, isolated settlements on the interior surface of the Hope One Dyson Sphere. Skin tone varies from burnished bronze to bronze-brown with tattoos across the forehead, neck and chest to denote clan and personal history.



Lacosians originate from a planet collected by the Builders as material for the dyson sphere's construction. Lacosians were prolific and easily conditioned through breeding and genetic engineering for use by the Builders. Telepathic ability was either nutured from early Lacosians or introduced by the Builders to operate telepathic machinery as caretakes of the sphere. Lacosian society is geriatocracy. The eldest Lacosians comprise a High Chorus. The Builders introduced a genetic condition called Rasp. It inhibits reproduction and is immune function causing premature disease and death. First contact occured between Starfleet officers and Lacosian workers in 2408. Finding a Lacosian within the trillions of metres of tunnels within the sphere's superstructure is a matter of luck.



The Gatrubbians are a humanoid race who originally resided in the Gatrubbe system. After several decades of working with sublight engines, the Gatrubbians had built up a system wide network of colonies. Further research brought about the invention of a zero point energy drive which allowed for faster than light travel. A rift within the government led to a cataclysmic civil war which ended when the use of thermonuclear weapons turned the once inhabitable world into a ball of molten rock. The outlying colonies and ships packed up and set out for the stars. Over the years the ships have acquired warp capability and have grown in number as the population continues to increase. In 2416, the Federation Council granted colonization rights to the Gatrubbians.

A treatise on the Gatrubbian language is available.

The short novel The End of a Story was written by Kevin Marshall for NaNoWriMo 2016 (National Novel Writers Month) and revolves around the Gatrubbians' first exploration of deep space.


Encyclopedic information on the sphere races can be requested of Outpost Hope One's Intelligence Officer pending appropriate security clearance.