A side-by-side listing of non-Starfleet ranks is available alongside Starfleet ranks for comparion.

Starfleet Marine Corps
Admiral General
Vice Admiral Lieutenant General
Rear Admiral Major General
Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Brigadier General
Captain Colonel
Commander Lieutenant Colonel
Lieutenant Commander Major
Lieutenant 1st Lieutenant
Lieutenant (Junior Grade) 2nd Lieutenant
Chief Warrant Officer  
Warrant Officer  
Chief Petty Officer Sergeant Major
Petty Officer Sergeant
Crewman Corporal
Crewman Apprentice Private


The contemporary combadge design is a delta shield in silver over vertical gold bars. Division symbols are inlaid in gold over the shield.


The uniform is tunic and trousers in heavy, flexible fabric. Commissioned officers wear solid black tunic with a shoulder bar in department colours. Rank pips are worn on the left breast inline with the shoulder bar. These uniforms return to a very recognizable Starfleet standard after decades of variation by duty station.

Flag officer uniforms are embroidered in metallic thread across all seams; gold over red for Fleet, silver over green for Marines.

Dress uniform incorporates a classical "tail" cut with a white tunic and collar and silver metallic seams.

All commbadge, rank and uniform images by Roman Gitlarz. These were designed for USS Discovery and subsequently adopted by Outpost Hope One. Additional Star Trek: Borderlands art can be found on his website, https://sites.google.com/site/romanartistry/home/uss-discovery.