Sentinel Station, Terrarium

Sentinel Station is a Watchtower-class design that has been employed on the periphery of the United Federation of Planets since Starbase 47, known as Vanguard, was built in 2263.

The saucer section of the station contains a four-level terrarium. It is an open-air greenspace containing natural turf parks and outdoor recreation. It's outer wall is a combination of natural vegetation and holography.

At the center of the terrarium is a circular, four-storey tower enclosing turbolifts and conduits linking the administrative spaces above deck 9 to the living, operational, docking and engineering spaces below deck 14. The tower houses civilian-use offices and accommodations. Non-emergency medical facilities are located on Deck 14.

The outside edge of the terranium houses civilian-use offices, accommodations, institutional spaces (eg. schools) and entertainment venues. These spaces face both inward onto the open-air greenspace and outward with views of space.


One quarter of the outside edge is dedicated to the Promenade, four levels of shopping, dining and entertainment spaces.

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Namche Bazaar
Proprietor: Husar
Sushi Bar and Karaoke
Head Chef: Gaspar
Second Chances Café
Proprietor: Ana Ferguson
Pilgrimage Cafe and Books
Proprietor: Komara Imtaren
All Our Yesterdays
Proprietor: Athena Theophilus

Genealogy research, pedigree charts, holovids and interactive programs.

Cardassian Cafe

Customer Reviews:

Cardassians don't believe in slogans or advertising as a rule but they are known for having fresh authentic Cardassian food. And if you don't want that then go away like the unappreciate non-Cardassians you are...