Sentinel Station

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Located at the Delta Quadrant terminus of the Geroch Wormhole, Sentinel Station is a science and engineering research facility. It is poised above an aperture of the Hope One Dyson Sphere. It is the center of operations for Outpost Hope One that includes several research stations scattered throughout the Dyson Sphere itself.

Sentinel Station is a Watchtower-class design that has been employed on the periphery of the United Federation of Planets since Starbase 47, known as Vanguard, was built in 2263.

The saucer section of the station, known colloquially as the "mushroom cap", contains a four-level terrestrial space (ie. terrarium). It is an open-air green-space containing natural turf parks and recreational spaces. One quarter of the outside edge of the terrarium is the Promenade; three levels of retail, dining and entertainment spaces.

The inspiration for Sentinel Station's design comes from the novel series Star Trek: Vanguard.

Sentinel Station can dock a maximum of twelve ships given optimal configuration. Docking struts are located circumferentially on the trunk of the station. Six capital ships (eg. Ambassador-class or larger) may be docked simultaneously; each obstructing both adjacent docking struts.

Station defences include six twinned torpedo launchers located on the edge of the saucer section. They are configured for Type-P "Photon" and Type-Q "Quantum" torpedoes. The station is not equipped with tri-cobalt devices by treaty. Multi-target phaser ring arrays are located at decks 5, 9, 37 and 48.

Deck Listing

Deck 1

Operations Centre (Ops), Senior officers offices, Briefing Room, Primary communications systems.

Decks 2-4

Station Operations offices, Security offices, Brig.

Decks 5, 6

Civilian Administration offices. Shuttle Bays 1 and 2 are located on deck 6.

Decks 7, 8

Civilian-use offices and recreation spaces.

Main Sickbay is located on deck 8. Additional medical spaces are located adjacent to the Brig, deck 14 for non-emergency civilian medical needs, deck 15 for VIPs and deck 40 for the special needs associated with that deck.

Decks 9-14

The Terrarium, an open-air terrestrial space.

In the center is a circular tower enclosing turbolifts and conduits surrounded by civilian-use offices and accommodations.

The outside edge of the space houses civilian-use offices, accommodations, institutional spaces (eg. schools) and entertainment venues facing both onto the terrestrial space and outward onto space.

One quarter of the outside edge of the terrestrial space is the Promenade. It is four levels of shopping, dining and entertainment spaces.

Torpedo emplacements are located on Deck 14 isolated from civilian spaces.

Decks 15, 16

Senior officers quarters.

Senior and flag officers also have exclusive access to the "Officer's Club" on deck 12 in the central tower.

Decks 17-19

Junior officers quarters, scientific staff quarters.

Decks 20-22

Non-commissioned officers quarters.

Marine barracks encompass a self-enclosed section with officers' quarters on the appropriate deck and barracks located on Deck 20.

Starfleet-exclusive fitness and recreational facilities located on Deck 22.

Decks 23-25

Crew quarters.

Decks 26, 27

Computer core.

Decks 28-33

Mechanical, chemical and electrical systems.

Engineering offices located on Deck 31.

The Emergency Operations Centre is located on Deck 28. It is utilized only in the event the primary Operations Centre is compromised.

Decks 34-36

Cargo holds.

Decks 37-39

Docking facilities.

Decks 40, 41

Offices and recreational facilities for crews unwilling or incapable of mixing with other station inhabitants. For example, species that require particular atmospheres.

Decks 42, 43

Repair facilities. Facilities are accessible by airlock for larger ship components. Repair Shops 1 and 2 also utilize portions of decks 40 and 41 for over-sized components.

Deck 44, 45

Marine training facilities (aka Camp Gor'Vosh) including an exclusive holodeck for company-scale maneouvres, Marine hanger.

Deck 46

Additional engineering spaces. Secondary communcations array.