Short Fiction

These short novels are compilations of posts from the the Outpost Hope One Posting Group.

DW 179

It is available online and as a paperback-sized PDF document.

The communication video activated. A medical hologram appeared. Eiwan recognized the Engineering uniform.

"Chief Engineer Eiwan. I feel I was unable to answer all the questions you had at the time of my talk." began DW 179. At least she would have to presume it was the same DW 179. They truly all did look alike. "I would like to be assured that you have had your questions answered sufficiently and to your satisfaction."

"I appreciate the opportunity. I believe you are a sentient being." The fact that sentience of photonic beings was debated gave credence to the claim. "I don't know what sort of definitive proof there can be. The nature of evolution is still debated, centuries after the concept was introduced on my world."

"Evolution may be the best argument for being considered alive. Just as the definition of a species changes through time, with new features, and fits and starts, and dead ends, I think we may just be an evolutionary seedling which may or may not thrive in this galaxy at this time. It depends if others will let us grow, or pull us out by the roots." Said DW.


Across the Threshold

It is available online and as a paperback-sized PDF document.

Lionin Favor walked the floor of the science department's main lab slowly appraising everything he saw and he was disgusted.

He wasn't disgusted with the layout, which was well organized. This section of the ship was entirely dedicated to the science team and it was quite large for such a small ship. The layout gave a lot of space over to a central table and work area which was designed to provide a collaborative environment for the ships dedicated science team. Around that were several smaller satellite spaces for more small scale projects and more cautious discovery. It was truly brilliant.

He was also not disgusted with the way the ship as a whole had come together. With limited resources the engineers at Sentinel Station had managed to refurbish the old bird into a work of functional art! Of course, the Elaysian lieutenant commander had had no small part in the effort, so perhaps he was a little bit biased.

No, what he was truly disgusted by....flabbergasted by....was that the ship was still HERE docked at Sentinel Station like some poor dog on a leash even when it had a beautifully fenced in back yard to play in! Like that dog, the Daystrom had the ENTIRE SPHERE to investigate, but again like the dog, the powers that be didn't want it to piss in the wrong places for fear of making somebody mad. It was TRULY DISGUSTING.