Supporting Installations

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is a communications relay and navigational beacon near the Delta Quadrant terminus of the Geroch Wormhole. While the wormhole is in a "closed" state only low-fidelity data may be transmitted between it and it's sister relay in the Alpha Quadrant. Data is cached and transmitted in burst signals when the wormhole is in an "open" state as ships transit through it. The relay is operated by a four-person team drawn from Sentinel Station on 30-day rotations.

Relay defenses are significant due to it's open-space position, key link in inter-quadrant communications and conveyance of highly secure communications. Multiple circumferential phaser arrays are the only offensive weapons platforms and operated by a tactical officer embedded in each team rotation. An overpowered fusion reactor can supply significant power to shield generators with overlapping field geometry. A hardened duranium hull encloses the control deck and memory core.

It's communications capability can cut through most jamming techniques and technologies.

Crossroads Station

Crossroads Station derives its name from its location inside the quadrant. The station lies at the intersection of Romulan, Cardassian, and Federation space. The station itself is is not owned by either of the three governments but is instead owned and operated by Exemplar Nova, a group who originated inside the Setlin Commerce Guild. The station's origins are mysterious to say the least. The station appeared in the year 2414 after being brought 900 years back in time by the crew of the SS Albatross. Thus the station merely exists within a time loop never being created nor destroyed.

The station orbits the planet Carroll within the star system given Setlin Commerce Guild designation SG386. The station itself rivals in size to the larger of the Federation's stations. The station consists of 440 levels. Although massive, the station's lower bulb is hollow and used for docking of smaller freighters and vessels. The outer ring is reserved for larger ships which cannot fit within the bulb. These docks make up decks 281 through 440 with the docking port on the ring being located on deck 408. Decks 161 though 280 are reserved for civilian and commercial use. These decks consist of housing, shops, walking paths, and other amenities. The remaining decks 1 through 160 are reserved for station operations and personnel. Some of the higher executives of Exemplar Nova are situated within these levels and use the station as a base of operations for the organization's goals.

Omicron Fleet Yards

Ship construction and refit is based at the Omicron Fleet Yards in the Kuvari system . It's commanding officer is Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Hash Dularek. Founded shortly after the United Federation of Planets established an exploration fleet within the Delta Quadrant.

Decomissioned and derelict ships are stored in the vicinity of Omicron. The retired Oberth-class ship USS Hyperion (re-christened USS Daystrom) was returned to active service in 2416 by Commander Casey Jeyan and assigned to Outpost Hope One. See Supporting Vessels.

Previous Supporting Installations

Copernicus Station

A civilian station operated by Copernicus Corporation located on the interior surface of the Dyson Sphere. The corporation occupies a large section of the Terranium central tower from which it coordinates a broad trade network. It's chief executive is Tobin Al'Rasgal, son of former chief executive Thasin Al'Rasgal.

Pynchon Reach

A settlement near the Johvan capital composed of Federation citizens. Camp Gor'Vosh began as a Marine detachment within the Reach. Over time, the Marine facility grew into a self-contained base and the Federation civilian population dissipated and largely relocated to Sentinel Station.