Supporting Vessels

Fjord-class Runabouts

image courtesy https://www.deviantart.com/hummakavuula/

Runabouts provide long-range, light-duty capability to Sentinel Station.

The overall dimensions are 45m long and 30m wide. The deflector manifold and warp core are an integrated unit along the dorsal spine.

The runabout's interior is 20m by 20m in a single deck. An engineering crawlspace is located above the ceiling. The bridge is located below the deflector manifold. It can operate with a minimum crew of 4; maximum capacity is 36.

Technical specifications are comparable to Danube-class runabouts. See Daystrom Institute Technical Library.

USS Skaði USS Liberación USS Magni

USS Daystom

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USS Daystrom is an Oberth-class ship assigned to Outpost Hope One for full-scale scientific applications. It carries an operational crew of 20 and up to 60 additional research personnel. The class has been in active service since 2290 and has undergone several revisions; currently it is an Oberth-Brahms variant. It's shuttle bay is modified to carry a pair of Danube-class runabouts . It's tactical capability is geared to defense and evasion. Research is coordinated from the Science and Research Operations (SRO) Centre on deck four.

Technical specifications; see Daystrom Institute Technical Library.

SS Seiklon Axel

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A civilian cargo transport ship capable of planetary landing. It carries a complement of workbee cargo management units. The ability to hold a tractor beam and extend it's warp field allow transport of large objects at low warp; a unique capability amongst transport vessels.

Seiklon Axel is privately operated. Employed in the vicinity of Outpost Hope One, it's crew spends time aboard Sentinel Station. Seiklon Axel and her crew are occassionally employed by Starfleet to perform a variety of tasks unsuitable to a ship-of-the-line.

See their website for details.

Previous Supporting Vessels

USS Francis Drake

CO: Commander John Harrison Intrepid-class

It was boarded and captured by the Breen in 2412. After a successful rescue of it's captain, the ship was re-captured by Starfleet Marines. It was deemed irrepairable and scuttled.

USS Hunter

CO: Lieutenant Colonel Gravor of the Stoneclaw Nebula-class

Reassigned to Starbase Phoenix as part of a reorganizatin of 21st Marine Expeditionary Force.